Another Cover Story Ruined by Stupid Pot Jokes

Paul Waldman points out the latest example of incredibly dumb marijuana reporting, courtesy of a cover story in National Journal:

The matter at hand is typically dearer to the stoner minds of the Grateful Dead "Truckin'" crowd: marijuana legalization -- as in the blissful freedom to light up a bowl in one's own home, purely for one's own pleasure (crank up the stereo and pass the chips, giggle, giggle), and to grow small amounts of the weed on one's own property, too. Says one dazed pot-head to another: Is this a great country, or what?

It's an unbelievable mouthful of lame clichés and stereotypes, rendered self-evidently frivolous by the fact that National Journal decided to run a cover story about this in the first place. If only a few wasted hippies cared about the issue, we wouldn’t be talking about it, would we? The modern debate over marijuana policy in America bears no resemblance to these ignorant characterizations, and anyone who still views the issue through that lens has nothing to add to the conversation.

If having to read such thoughtless crap is our punishment for driving this issue into the political mainstream, I suppose it's a small price to pay.

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Great Country

This was a great country until drug prohibition came along and corrupted our law enforcement and the criminal courts system. We can't seem to build our prisons fast enough to keep up. Let's not forget grandma's and grandpa's, children, parents, and even dogs killed by law enforcement on a tip by some spaced out informant.

The man who wrote this article needs to get out more!

It sure was

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.CanadaThe US before 1914 and Canada before 1907.Those dates were the beginnings of the drug war we see today.I can remember reading a Time Magazine(now gone)in the early 60's about the British heroin program and was disgusted and couldn't imagine what anyone could see in such a horrible existence.There were shots of people on IV heroin and sitting up in bed playing with a needle full of blood that they were pushing in and out,sick right?Little did I know that there would go 35 years of my life.It was about 5 years before the drug explosion that shook the 60's and the whole world.I have no one to blame for my addiction as I knew better.I lived with junkies for several years before I started.I blame prohibition for the way all drugs are illegal and the propaganda wars that go on have been centered more on marijuana than anything else.I got my introduction to opiates through illegal methadone.Once you get high on opiates you either make the decision that you don't give a fuck or you stop.I found myself in the former group.The fact is I am now on far more powerful opiates than heroin for severe pain and I am able to function as well as I did on any of the opiates,with the exception of being busted,which took 12 years of my life and would have taken more if I hadn't used a dirty needle and come down with the virus that took 4 vertebrae out of my spine.That,I find debilitating.

They might not seem to

They might not seem to approve of it, but they sure didn't have any problem putting dozens of cannabis plants on the cover to sell more magazines did they?

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