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About ~ our privacy is at risk and nobody seems to make heads or tails of this. Ongoing debate? i'm not sure this would even be considered a 'free country' if this were done.' ie: The new bill Lieberman has before the President. The Fail-Safe 'shut down' of all personal computers should a 'National Emergency' be deemed and subsequent collection of any and ALL information in one's private affairs. (see url below) It's already a nightmare of epic proportions. And with the size of ever-increasing hard drives, i don't believe they realize the fallout or the MAJOR & obvious violations of our human rights and civil liberties. IF (and i wouldn't believe it could) this bill does pass. AS an advocate/activist i am careful about such things. If computers did not exist, the closest scenario I could think of would be if such a 'state of emergency' were called - the likely scenario would be that anyone from a gov agency wanted would be no different than setting a curfew and going into folks homes/apartments to take all personal and other information from bills, to private notes/messages to lovers, friends, children, family, All of your pictures, scrapbooks, family albums and writings, art, poetry and music to try and find something.... it's a blatant invasion of privacy. I've wanted to post for a long time but now i'm more reluctant to do so. I will be making donations and as far as i'm able, willing to act and help. Much Gratitude~ and all my best to those who need it :)
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~ i'm new to posting here.

Please excuse my ignorance but the url didn't show up so i guess copy and paste

My apolgies

Thank you for your insight :)

~ beme444
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~' remain silent and indifferent is the biggest sin of all...'
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