Radley Balko Discusses Botched Drug Raids on FOX

John Stossel's new show on Fox Business Network is off to an impressive start with an hour-long assault on prohibition titled Drug War Disaster. Here's a segment featuring Radley Balko and Cheye Calvo:

You can (and should) watch the entire episode here. At the very least, check out the opening segment in which Stossel crushes Sean Hannity in a drug policy debate. It's truly priceless.
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Stop the War on the American People!

This war on the American people must stop! Judicial review should be required prior to leashing military actions by local police departments against the American people. The government's own figures suggest that police have a 1 in 350,000 chance of dying in one of these SWAT style raids on nonviolent drug offenders. Unfortunately, those targeted and their families and pets fare much worse. Even Hitler's SS storm troopers had a more highly evolved ethical system than that practiced by our Jack booted Thugs who behave as though they are hopped up on steroids or meth. Civilian review boards should be created to propose rules and enforce firing or insure prosecution of those in the police department who do not obey the rules. All SWAT raids need to be video taped and those tapes need to be available for public view. All Americans are innocent until proven guilty and deserve the respect of our public servants. Far too many families, individuals, and pets have suffered at the indescretion of a War on Drugs that has failed to achieve any of its initial goals over the last 45 years.

One trillion dollars, twenty million arrests, terrorization of the American public, and as a result drugs are more freely available to high school students than alcohol. We protect the poppy fields in Afganistan to insure bumper crops of opium to be refined into heroin to insure the world's supply and we terrorize the American people over marijuana which is far safer than alcohol or tobacco. This insanity must stop even if the only way to do so is to legalize all drugs.

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