Ethan Nadelmann Destroys Bill O'Reilly in Drug War Debate

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up:

As I've said in the past, we should be nothing short of thrilled that Bill O'Reilly is as big a drug war idiot as he is. Sure, he has his devotees, but an awful lot of people form their political identity around believing the opposite of anything he says. O'Reilly's recent obsession with trashing Sting and the Drug Policy Alliance is exposing his audience to ideas you won't often hear on primetime FOX News programming.

Hopefully, getting schooled by Ethan hasn't dampened O'Reilly's enthusiasm for ranting mindlessly about drugs.
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O'Moron is a hypocrite!

Alcohol is a factor in the following

* 73% of all felonies * 73% of child beating cases * 41% of rape cases * 80% of wife battering cases * 72% of stabbings * 83% of homicides

Does O’Moron therefore wish to return to the days of alcohol prohibition to protect all the victims of his drug of choice?

Child abuse?

How did O'Bigmouth come to those conclusions?

The only people I've seen beating and neglecting their kids were drunks.

I have to assume there are some hard drug users who do likewise. But as Nadelmann says, use the billions wasted on enforcement and incarceration to deal with child abuse and neglect.

Prohibitions have never worked.


Oreilly got pwnd.

Interesting fact

Hay! I'm an avid anti-Drug War believer and have followed this page for quite some time, I found a link that yall might like. In my other field of interest, Nutrition, I found this link:

Mike (the author) states Pharmaceutical drugs are more abused than cocaine, heroin, and Ex COMBINED. =D.

Oreily can EAT IT!

I'm very displeased with

I'm very displeased with most of these tv interview's. Between Mr O'reily's constant use of voodoo pharmacology and emotional appeals, Mr Nadelmann never really got a chance to articulate the finer points of legalization. Untill we get longer fairer interview's, i'm not convinced that these tv spots do any good.

The truth about child abuse . . .

I once watched a cop PRESS his gun in the FACE of a one-year-old child, then he charged the baby's mother with child abuse and me with endangerment.

Whenever children are present during a drug raid, all the adults (except those with the guns) are charged with child abuse or endangerment. So, you're sound asleep, your kids are asleep, and in storm a dozen ski-masked, riot-geared SOLDIERS, kicking and screaming, armed with weapons or war, and they find illegal drugs in the house, and that's child abuse. Not the guns, or the terror, or the violent destruction of a child's entire world, but the mere presence of drugs in the house. And THAT'S where those so-called "statistics" come from. From yet another "crime" CREATED by the dirty, ugly drug war.

Oh, yeah, and I lived for 4 years next door to a foster home, where young children of suspected drug users were protected from their bad ol' drug-using parents by being housed with teenaged sex offenders.


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.CanadaWe should call this the o"reilly factor.I've seen him do the drug thing several times and all he keeps saying is what about the 70% of children abused by alcohol and drug users.The next time someone goes on that show get the exact numbers and Bill will be lost.He looks pretty lame here but Ethan should have expected the 70% question.It's all O'reilly has in his bag.Any abuse that comes from druggies will be either because of prohibition or due to severe drug abuse which would be far better dealt with once prohibition is ended and the money saved can be put into treatment programs instead of taking kids away from their parents.I wonder if Bill knows the stats on the number of addicts that come from kids being put into the foster care system?I know that it's a major factor here and from what I've seen a child is better off with the parents no matter what the situation.The mentality that removes kids from their homes is the same as the mentality that supports the drug war.Both have unintended consequences far beyond the original problems.

i have to disagree with

i have to disagree with scott's post. dogmatic idiots like o'reilly and his 'chronic' (pun intended) listeners can't be schooled. not by reasoned argument, anyway. that's the big problem re. all the societal problems we face: there's so many dogmatic idiots, and way too many of them, like o'reilly, have public megaphones via corporate sponsored mass media. imo, it's better to just accept that quite a few people are unreachable, and instead, try to reach those who still have a modicum of intelligent open-mindedness.

the virgin terry

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