Reminder: Marijuana Already Exists

Via DrugWarRant, here's another concerned citizen who seems to think that marijuana was invented recently:

Al Martinez: Do we need one more drug to shield us from reality?

I predict that by the end of the year the sale of marijuana will become so common in L.A. that Mom will be able to say, "Timmy, run down to Vons and get me a quart of milk, a loaf of sourdough bread, a pound of tomatoes and two ounces of pot."

First of all, there has never been a point during the life of Al Martinez when there wasn't a phenomenal amount of marijuana available for purchase in Los Angeles. Also, no one is even advocating for marijuana to be sold in grocery stores, and that will never ever happen, not even if George Soros were put in charge of U.S. drug policy. No reform to marijuana policy can occur without significant public support, so please just spare yourself the anxiety of speculating about bizarre policy changes that aren't being considered by anyone anywhere.

This "do we need one more drug?" nonsense is embarrassingly stupid, yet manages somehow to gain popularity with the anti-pot crowd, due perhaps to the profound absence of more intelligent arguments such people might make.
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Al Martinez—Raving Drug Reporter

I decided one evening to eat a sugar cub [sic] soaked in LSD. But instead of rising into psychedelic space or trying to fly out a window, I remained in my own world, as bland and colorless as it was. I just sat there drinking beer, of all things, and waiting for my soul to soar. It never did..”—Al Martinez

First, never combine LSD with alcohol.

So Mr. Martinez  once popped some fake acid, and now he thinks LSD feels like the beer he drank.  And his one encounter with weed beyond an alleged contact high at a Berkeley political rally was a bowl of indica that put him to sleep.  BTW, cocaine users don’t ‘stumble’.  That’s alcohol.  Yes, indeed.  Al Martinez is a real drug expert.

In Al’s opine analysis of the drug culture, every drug experience can be summed up by the single beer he drank that day, totally alone, and it would seem, totally friendless.  Or it’s a Roman orgy.  Take your pick.

At this moment, Al Martinez remains in his own world, bland and colorless as it is.  The best plan for getting color into his life would be for him to score some decent LSD this time.  Even shrooms can work some magic.  Smoke sativa instead of indica.

It’s the only way the unfortunate Mr. Martinez can ever hope to overcome his bland musings about drugs.


It *may* indeed be sold in grocery stores

given that the individual states will be in control of regulating retail markets, in places like california where you can buy actual booze in a grocery store, it is not unreasonable to assume that you will be able to buy pot in those grocery stores too.

however, sales to *minors* will certainly not be going on when licensed regulated vendors are doing the sales -- as opposed to the situation we have now

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