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Two I-1068 signature hotspots need volunteers today and tomorrow.

Submitted by David Borden on
Two I-1068 signature hotspots need volunteers today and tomorrow. Redmond (near Seattle) on the 19th and Spokane (Riverfront Park Amphitheater) on the 20th. Be there or be somewhere! Not a Volunteer? Become one now and get busy in this crucial time period. The deadline is near for Sensible Washington to qualify I-1068 for the November election and every valid signature matters. 99 1/2% won't do. 241,153 valid signatures are needed. If you haven't helped or haven't signed yet because you haven't thought you could do enough to matter, think about the difference between 241,152 valid signatures and 241,153 valid signatures. If anyone knows or can locate more June events or signature gathering events anywhere in Washington that may have been overlooked, please give a heads up. Please spread the word about Sensible Washington, I-1068 and where to sign or volunteer everywhere you can. General public news media and general social/political advocacy web sites may be especially important. Volunteers, remember an event for you can be something as simple as sunshine and a local park or downtown area with public sidewalks and people. Yesterday was sunny and warm in my general area until rain started around twilight. I got about 70-75 signatures walking around with a sign in one hand ("Marijuana Reform Act -- Volunteer -- I-1068) and a petition board in the other hand. This was just in a downtown area with a few parks, wide sidewalks and a fortunate encounter with a supporter who showed me somewhere I wasn't aware of that got about 15-20 signatures in no more time than it took to pass two copies of the petition around in an outdoor smoking area of a bar during Happy Hour. If you can't get to a big event use whatever opportunities you do have.

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