Legal Marijuana Will Not Increase Crime. Please Stop Saying That.

The closer we get to legalization, the more people are talking about it, and the more people are talking about it, the greater the likelihood of hearing bizarre and incoherent viewpoints:

Those in favor also contend that if you remove the black market by making pot consumption legal — much of the marijuana-related crime would automatically go down.

That is where I have to respectfully disagree.

Money is legal, but criminals still rob banks to get it.

The more marijuana there is out there being grown, the more of it there will be to be stolen.

Criminals gravitate to wherever there is anything of value they can steal. [ ">Oakland Tribune]

Excuse me, but what the hell does that have to do with whether or not marijuana should be legal? Yeah, we're all familiar with the fact that people prefer to steal stuff that's worth money. What on earth is your point?

I think the author might actually be arguing that prohibition somehow devalues the marijuana supply, which would have to be the stupidest understanding of drug laws I've ever encountered. So let me respond in very simple terms: marijuana will not be worth as much money when it is legal. Marijuana sales will take place in secure facilities, and thugs will be put out of business, so you'll be less likely to see stories like this in the news:

Police said Arrington was selling marijuana to one of the victims in the back seat of a white Chevrolet Yukon when the two began arguing about the quality of the marijuana. Arrington allegedly pulled out a gun, shot the man with whom he was arguing, then shot two of the man's acquaintances, who were in the front seat. [Washington Post]

That shooting took place a week ago and only a mile from my home, so I take this very seriously. Marijuana laws are a matter of life and death, and anyone who walks around spouting off opinions without thinking is making the problem worse. If we don't want people getting shot over pot deals in the back of SUVs, then we need to put it somewhere safe. We put money in banks, and sometimes they get robbed, but no one ever argues that banks are a dangerous way to store and distribute money.

We don't need to prove that legalization is 100% perfect and invincible in every conceivable way in order to justify our position. We can easily show that it's the safest and best available option. If that's not enough for you, then you're either an obstructionist, an idiot, or both.
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marijuana legalization

should it really be anyone elses business what another person puts in therir body? the funny thing is more people are murdered and robbed in this country daily for things other than pot ,so according to the governments own statistics you are safer buying marijuana on the streets and have less chance of being a victim of violence buying pot on the streets than making a withdrawl at the atm.


Stop legalization of marijuana for it destroy lives because of addiction. Study shows that use of marijuana could bring mental disorder to users when prolonged use. Other say, marijuana can bring relaxation to them but they ask for more. My advice is simple; legalization of marijuana should be STOP.


Simple advice from a simple mind!

If you, really, want to protect the kids in our schools, you are going to have to figure out something better than prohibition. From the information available now, kids get drugs easier than alcohol or cigarettes! They can't keep drugs out of prisons, either! The war on drugs is an amazing failure, if you really look into it! More drugs, cheaper and stronger than they were, in the past, are available after over thirty years of the drug war! Not, really, working well, is it?

Cannabis is not physically addictive. Some scientific studies suggest that the cannabis is used by schizophrenics to relieve the symptoms. (self medication), not the cause of it!

You better do a little better research before you start ranting and blurting out statements that lack truth, or intelligence.

So alcohol is addictive and

So alcohol is addictive and legal, as well as prescribed pills, cigars, cigarettes, soda, & sugar in excess but your not boycotting MC Donald's, Wal-Mart, Hess, C.V.S., liquor stores, or wedding cakes... Seriously they are all bad for the body in excess but the point of REGULATION FOR ADULTS is that we ,as adults, are supposed to be free to make our own decisions and to choose what we do. Criminals will steal anything they can do, sell, or use whether it is a radio, prescription drugs, clothes, or pot... If you take away certain choices because you believe that it is addictive or physically harmful then you are trying to control others because their beliefs or choices just are not good enough to meet your standards...maybe you should live your life and stay out of everyone else business and maybe actually read scholarly sources before you start quoting what you read in us weekly or some stupid tabloid. Ignorance is contagious. And just because you don't like it or it is bad for the body or it causes addictions or whatever does not mean anyone (including YOU) has the right or the power to make anyone stop. If you start saying stuff about addiction or effects then you need to start elsewhere because marijuana is no where near as bad as excess of alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, plastic surgery, or pills. Why kill a fly when you are surrounded by wasps? Which one is really dangerous? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!


I am 52 and have no problems cognitively and have smoked it since my teens. I am not alone. If you buy into that reefer madness crap you are uninformed or have a mental disability of your own. My advise is simple. Get the facts!

I can only read reefer madness crap for so long

Then I smoke a joint and relax and think about what kind of mindset causes this. scary

LEAP_Speaker's picture

Legal Marijuana

the problem isn't if marijuana is legal, it's what it's worth. As long as marijuana is worth $300-$500 an ounce, criminals, and not the government will control the marijuana trade.

If it was $20 an ounce, it wouldn't be a problem. Truth is it costs no more to grow marijuana than corn......

E. Jay Fleming
LEAP Speaker
[email protected]
Mohave Valley, AZ

Alcohol causes violence and

Alcohol causes violence and marijuana causes peace and happiness. Alcohol causes you to swerve all over the place and drive through stop signs, while marijuana at MOST, DELAYS your reaction, but not nearly as bad as alcohol delays. We could go on and on about how marijuana is safer than alcohol or tobacco...

"Money is legal, but criminals still rob banks to get it."

So we should outlaw money? Should we outlaw everything in the world because the more there is of anything, the more people might steal it? What is this guy's logic? Bank robberies are extremely rare in comparison to drug robberies. Thousands of people steal and kill over drugs every year (not just in mexico; in america). You can go to the police for help if something legal gets stolen. You can't do that if it's illegal. When was the last time Budweiser stole a large shipment of beer from Coors and sold it?

ever heard of cyber terrorism?

Banks are robbed in some way every day, wether it be 6 guys walking in with AK-47s or some nerd sitting in his bedroom making legal transfers from an account that isn't his. His point is that if a criminal wants something he's going to get it, and making pot legal will cause the small time crimes on the streets to reduce in number, and if criminals want free weed they'll have to steal it from a public place where their chances of being caught increase 100x


Education is the REAL key to success here. Logically if everyone knew better, ignorant fools wouldn't spout off dumb opinions they righteously believe to be FACT. We need to educate people on the facts of marijuana constantly til we're blue in the face, then continue to do so even more!

The problem with today's society is that people are EXTREMELY ignorant and under-educated on why anti-marijuana laws are in effect in the first place. From the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, weed became illegal "because of it's effects on the degenerate races". Today people believe it attributes to crime, poverty, and unhealthy lifestyles, all of which have been propaganda from the government and drug companies (to include the FDA). Bet no one knows the AMA once advertised FOR the use of Camel brand cigarettes.

I honestly believe if people were to understand the history of anti-drug laws and how they got their stigma they have today, even the ignorant masses and "cattle" minded people would think more clearly. my paper on the subject (history of drugs and relation to race in the US)


The year alcohol prohibition ended violent crime fell 65%! ...End of conversation.

Do you have a source for that figure of 65%?

That sounds very high, no pun intended.


To learn more on why Marijuana should be legal read up on
Here there are medical polls and facts on what Marijuana dose to you compared with Nicotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, and Caffeine.
As the polls/studies indicate Marijuana is less addictive then the normal every day Caffeine.
People are brain washed from other people that Marijuana is addictive.
Why do they think that? Who said that in the first place?
Mom? Dad? Television? Tom that lives down the road?
We drink coffee every morning, and you may say "What? Im not addicted to coffee."
You may say "I don't need a cup right now" but don't you drink one anyway?
I don't drink coffee, but I drink soda i know its hard to not get another, and coffee has a lot more caffeine in it.
However i have never said, or thought "Boy, I need a puff right now."
I have never been addicted. Some people may disagree with this thought.
I wouldn't blame them. If I never did it I would to.
However thats not the point I smoked a lot in my teen years, and i stopped in a day never gave it a second thought.
If I was offered a puff I would take it. However I won't go hunting for a drug dealer.
The point of this is that you would have to smoke a hell of a lot to get addicted.
Also if there was a Weed and pizza store (because most of us know how good pizza tastes when your high) down the road people wouldn't be smoking a whole dime in a night. It would be a Hell of a lot cheaper as well =)

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