Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Well, you know what to expect from Ron Paul, but Sarah Palin's comments might surprise you (starts at 6:16):

Though unwilling to support legalization, Palin clearly has some sympathy for marijuana users on privacy grounds and sort of gets the fact that marijuana enforcement is a stupid distraction from important police work. But you can't have it both ways. As long as police and prosecutors hold the power to pursue and punish people for pot, they'll continue to do so, and they'll say they were just doing their job when some poor soul gets their dog shot over a dimebag. There exists a rather fundamental incompatibility between prohibition and politeness.

Still, Palin's comments are interesting in the context of the overall discussion. The whole point of the segment was to bring together representatives of the Tea Party movement and debate some sensitive issues. Listening to Ron Paul's opposition to marijuana laws and Palin's reluctance to defend them, you start to wonder if anyone in the right-wing activist movement still cares about fighting a war on marijuana.

Obama has been attacked viciously from the right for almost everything he's ever said or done, yet when his administration talks about scaling back the war on drugs, the backlash never comes.
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5 bucks says Palin's smoked up before

You can see in her awkward body language, clear as day. Parents who smoked up but now don't all look like that.

yeah she has

Yeah palin admitted to smoking pot quite some time ago. She also gave the bullshit "legalization would send the wrong message" defense of prohibition.

Cannabis prohibition sends message legal alcohol must be OK

Dangerous message. And when young people or anyone else find out that alcohol is more dangerous, then it sends another bad message: that adults lie to kids or give bad information and can't be trusted or relied on.
Palin is probably sniffing the political wind on this. It's not a big issue to her, her political shtick is hating and demonizing liberals.

government & pot and emails

i think that is the first time i, have heard Sarah Palin say something that made any sense. the cops has better thing to do then go around and bust peaceful people in there owen homes for smoking pot. she all so said they should not be looking into other peoples emails. what ever happened to the wright off privacy?


I think it's about time someone stand up and speak what 1000's of us have been saying for years. There is nothing wrong with someone smoking a joint in thier own home if they want to. Officials should be spending that time on alot of other things out there.

What is Reality Versus Spin

People need to give Sarah Palin a second look. She was very defamed in the media. She scares the Washington politicians. ALL of them. Why? Because she is truly for the individual and freedom. While I don't agree with her religious views, I respect people that have them. As long as they don't want to ram theirs down my throat. And she seems to feel that way to a large degree.

I'm 50 so I grew up at the tale end of the " '60 hippies revolution". While I didn't live in an old school bus I felt I was part of it. I still feel that way today. What I can't understand is everyone seems to be fight FOR exactly what I was fighting AGAINST back then. And that is freedom for individuals. It all seems backward.

Back then it was freedom from the man. The man was govt and corporate interests. Now it seems the fight is to give the same man ultimate control over our lives.

It confuses me. I'm extremely concerned about our country. While our country has made many mistakes, we have advanced human freedom more than anyone would have thought possible.

Take a second look at Palin. She is not the monster you have been told she is.


i think Sarah Palin needs to realize that were wasting are time and money on prosecuting those you enjoy a toke on the green once in awhile.

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