O'Reilly Attacks Sting Over Legalization Comments

This new DPA video featuring Sting was more than enough to drive Bill O'Reilly over the edge yet again:

As usual, every single "fact" presented here by O'Reilly is completely made up, as demonstrated in this fact-check from Jacob Sullum. But if Bill O'Reilly wants to spend his time on TV lying and complaining about drug policy reform in front of millions of people, I'm totally ok with it. Every stupid word he says about the drug war serves only to further legitimize the debate. People like O'Reilly are the reason we're winning, so the last thing we want from them is silence.
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O'Reilly misses the mark

William Aiken

The reason we have a drug war is to protect an individual from themselves. Bill O claims the reason is to protect us from those intoxicated. Just look at the drug arrests, Bill O! Almost a million annually with the vast majority for simple possession.

And O'Reilly would says he love to get Sting in the "no spin" zone? Well, the DPA should make that happen. What good is a celebrity sokesman if he dodges an appearance on the highest rated cable news show. Let the audience decide who's being fair and balanced and who's not.

As to Megan Kelly point of the drug war being racist, just look at the stats compiled by the Sentencing Project: SentencingProject.org.


70% of child abuse, mostly narcotics?
70% first time cocaine users become addicted and more for heroin?
Only 10% of alcohol users?
Wow they were just pulling crap straight outta their arses.


Oreily is just an ignorant far under-educated individual with a camera linked to many other imbeciles like himself via a national television network. I wonder if he even does ANY research on what he's talking about... I'm going with no on that one.

O’Reilly’s Tribal Contradictions

Bill O’Reilly could use the same sorry argument he uses against drugs and drug users (look at all the harm it causes) to condemn guns and gun ownership in America, but he doesn’t.

Instead, he identifies with his own tribe, the deregulation-prone gun lobby, with no seeming awareness of any contradiction his position creates with the drug war.

Using this same weapons comparison with drugs, cannabis would qualify as a squirt gun.


O'Reilly is a moron. There

O'Reilly is a moron. There is not a chance in hell that seventy percent of first time cocaine users become addicts. When are the main stream media actually going to need evidence to support their preposterous claims? Oh yeah, and of the seventy percent of child abuse attributed to narcotics I bet a large proportion of that is alcohol. Way to skew the statistics.

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