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I have posted before Anon. No longer. I am unafraid and sick (literally) of doctors, afraid of politicians and police, making my pain and the pain of those I love worse because of greed, social status or whatever other stupid reason they want to give for why they must protect us from Ourselves. It wasn't long ago when we could get anything we wanted in liquid form via catalogues, etc. In fact, in many states, not long ago you could still get liquid codeine in small doses by signing a form, etc. But, you know how pharmacies got around this? They stopped keeping it in stock. This is just the beginning of what I have to say. I want you to stay tuned to the stories I have to tell you.
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Starting Slow - Drugs & Alcohol Part One

I haven't posted by my real name prior to this but in one article where a doctor/nurse, husband and wife were arrested, I posted a couple responses that I wish I had posted here. It was hard to pick exactly WHERE to post, so I did my best to reach the audience I seek.

I am a libertarian at heart when it comes to most things. I am not a gov't overthrower, and I don't believe in anarchy either, but I definitely don't enjoy what is going on every single day in our jails and courtrooms where everyday citizens are now caught up in what use to be just an Urban problem, then a SubUrban problem, and now a Physician/Patient problem. This is where I am drawing the line. Hell, we cannot even confess to a priest anymore without fear of reprisal because of the government.

I always thought of the government and freedom to be oxymoronic if used in the same sentence. The former implies the lacking of the latter. There is no real freedom without laws in this country where in other "Western" countries, they tend to define it more on freedom is borne out of personal responsibility. Basically, in terms to understand for the layest of reader, on the Autobahn in Germany you can travel as fast as you'd like as long as you adhere to other driving rules and safety is number one. They are not allowed to drink and eat, play with the radio, take calls on their cell, etc., if they do, it's a hefty fine and they can lose their privelege to drive for life if needed. Over here, we cannot drive more than 70 in some states, most 55 to 65, if we drive over, even on an empty highway at night, we can go to jail for certain speeds, and definitely pay big fines if we break this speed limit. This is the difference. One says, do what you like as long as you do no harm and if you do harm, we aren't going to be nice about it. The other, our US way, says, we will tell you how to be safe by forcing you to drive the way we tell you and how fast regardless of the situation. Have you ever been at a long red light at a four way intersection at night and you look left and you look right and nothing is coming and yet you MUST sit and wait for the light to change knowing the whole time it is completely safe to cross at that moment without fear of danger, instead we have fear of law. So you sit. If it were my world, you would have the freedom to cross over if nothing is coming and as long as you didn't use reckless disregard, you would not be even pulled over, which usually leads to the more intrusive DUI inspections and "Do you mind if I search you car?" question which regardless of the answer, they will search it and if you say no, you are seen as guilty of something more than protecting your privacy and telling a cop they have no probably cause to search. So they bring out the dogs and look for probable cause. It is a foul thing what this country has become where cops have quotas and such a high percentage of our prisons are full (at OUR cost) to private companies who make more money the more inmates they have and keep. How can we trust them?

If I give you, the Sheriff of my county 1 million dollars this year to fight crime and you succeed, you will not get as much next year and the new people and new cars you have will be released and cut back to say, "Hey thanks for cleaning it up and now that it's clean, you don't need so much!". Who, if Sheriff, would really cut back crime so much as to cut their own throat and that of a fellow police officer? You wouldn't, so you ride that line and keep crime just at that edge to where you keep getting more money and more, and more.
All it creates is more fairly innocent people who were working and paying taxes who had a half joint, in jail now costing US money.

This is all for now. I have much more to say. I hope you will find it to your agreement but I look forward to a good debate as well.

I think the best point I would like argued is the difference in the way freedom is created - By Law or Personal Responsibility.

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