10 Things to Talk to the Police About...

10 Things to Talk to the Police About While Being Questioned for a Crime You Didn't Commit While You Wait for Your Lawyer to Show Up 1.) I'm particularly fond of the afro, in fact it may be my favorite haircut of the 1970's. What do you think? 2.) Why doesn't 7-11 sell Red Bull? Do you realize what a hassle it is to add Red Bull to my Icey? I have to buy the Icey at 7-11, then drive across the street to Conoco to get a Red Bull to pour into it. That is retarded. Red Bull Icey... Why isn't this a reality? 3.) I'm not a big fan of the new Cadillac front end design. I really liked the authoritative, square, chrome grill. This new cubist thing they are going for just doesn't look right to me. Though I do like the new rear end design, it's very muscle car-ish. Do you prefer the new Cadillac or the old? 4.) Suburbanization has created a social climate in which communities no longer have a center. Do you think that city planning should move in the direction of more effective public transportation from the suburbs to the city, or creating affordable homes downtown in order to reverse white flight and revitalize the down town area? 5.) Dog heaven... does it exist? 6.) I can't stand it when there are signs 500 yards before a lane ends, and people still zoom up to the front of the line and wait with their blinker on to be let in. Who do you hate more, people who cut in traffic lines or the people who let them in? 7.) I think that micro-breweries are ruining beer, not saving it. They all taste the same and cost twice as much as imported beer. It's like, "Look at us, we can make the same pale ale 50 times and give each one a clever name." Do you support micro-breweries, or were you happier when you could afford enough beer to get drunk off of it? 8.) I hate Starbucks. Really, I hate everything about the company. I hate the logo, I hate the generic world music collections they sell, I hate the names of the sizes of the drinks. But I love their coffee. Isn't that a bitch? 9.) Have you ever smelled your own morning breath and thought someone farted, only to realize that's your mouth that smells and you need to brush your teeth? Isn't that gross? 10.) How many hours a day is it safe to leave your aloe plants outside? I've heard that they like SOME direct sunlight, but then wiki-answers always says that direct sunlight will kill them and they need to be in a sunny place but never directly in the sun. What is your experience of this?
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This is weird. Its funny

This is weird. Its funny when I imagine myself sitting in an interrogation room and talking back to the cops when they ask me shit saying this crazy bullshit right here. Theyd probably beat your ass.

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