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Paul Armentano Talks Legalization on FOX News

Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch program continues to impress me. Paul does a great job, and the whole segment provides a good overview of the madness and hypocrisy of Obama's marijuana policy:

The fact that FOX has created a platform for these sorts of discussions is significant. I wouldn't have thought it possible even a couple years ago.
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Judge Napolitano is

Judge Napolitano is basically the only person on Fox that I have any respect for. Which is fine by me - maybe he's some sort of news psuedo-vampire that feeds on the integrity and/or credibility of the other hosts. Actually that WOULD explain a lot.... Hmm?

Seriously though this guy is awesome I've seen him display a degree of common sense that's completely absent from the rest of the network, I'm amazed they're giving him a show. I don't think my cable company has the Fox Business Channel - but seeing as his show is quite likely the only show on it that I'd watch (unless Fox has decided to ditch or seriously move away from their far-right craziness. I guess I'll just watch the Clips on youtube or wherever - when people point them out - like you did here.

so far only an online show, but now confirmed to come to TV!!!

This is going to hit the audience with the highest share of still-to-be-enlightened backward-thinkers. Awesome. I mean think about it, exposing Fox viewers to progressive drug policy thinking on a regular basis, ...could it get any better in terms of where to focus our conversion priorities?

"It’s Official! Freedom Watch Coming To TV!

After a little more than a year in existence Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano will be making the switch to television. We just received official word that this is happening.

The new show will air during a weekend prime time spot on the Fox Business Network. The exact debut date/time are not known at this time.

You have helped make this happen by supporting and watching the Judge’s show since it debuted on the Web in mid-February of last year. If you are feeling nostalgic you can listen to that first show here.

We have to continue supporting the Judge and the freedom message by spreading the word about the TV show once it begins airing on the Fox Business Network.

Let the ratings soar and make “Stay Free!” the mission statement of every American!"

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