Mall Security Freaks Out Over Guy Wearing Marijuana T-Shirt

This is impressively stupid:

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) ― A medical marijuana patient says wearing a pro-pot T-shirt got him banned from Town Center at Aurora.

Jake Gailey told CBS4 mall personnel approached him last weekend and told him his shirt was offensive to some customers. The shirt features a play on Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" campaign slogan and graphics but instead features the message "YES WE CANNABIS" and displays a marijuana leaf.

Sounds like Gailey handled it pretty well at first:

"I reminded him that (medical marijuana) was legal in our state, that I voted for it and I had a medical marijuana card as well," Gailey said.

Gailey, 28, was told to take the shirt off, turn it inside out or leave.

"I asked him if 'I buy a hat with a marijuana leaf in Spencer's, I can't wear it in the mall?' And he said 'No.'

"I said 'Well, how can the stores sell products you can't allow in the mall?' He said 'Well, we're trying to get everybody on the same page, and it hasn't worked.'"

Eventually, he got worked up and was arrested for being a nuisance, but the charges were dropped when he agreed not to go to the mall for a year. I'm sure Jake Gailey won't be the only marijuana activist avoiding the Town Center mall for a while.

According to this article, badass attorney Robert Corry is on the case, and there might be some interesting 1st Amendment questions here, despite the fact that it's a private mall.  Protests are being planned in the meantime, so you can bet there will soon be far more pot leaves on display in and around Town Center than there would have been if they'd just kept their prejudice to themselves.

Note to Corporate America: if you think you have anything to gain by discriminating against marijuana culture, you're dead wrong. If you screw with us, we will go completely ballistic and drive you crazy. If you don't believe me, ask these people.
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1st Amendment doesn't apply in privately owned businesses

just like government and voters shouldn't be allowed to pass laws that ban or mandate anything in a privately owned business, including 1st Amendment rights (for instance smoking bans all across this country).

However, a boycott of the mall by drug reform supporters will do the trick, no need for the courts to get involved. The mall owners and shops either stop their prejudicial activities or they go out of business.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

a pathetic exercise of

a pathetic exercise of power...

and someone should really take care of the spammers above me

borden's picture

The spam should pretty much

The spam should pretty much be history after our new site launches late this month. In the meanwhile we take care of it one or more times a day.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Spam and this site

"The spam should pretty much be history after our new site launches late this month. In the meanwhile we take care of it one or more times a day."

I have to call BS on this statement of yours Mr. Borden.

If it's not you would clean up some of the spam you use to generate revenue for this site like the Dell Computer ads

Dell, a company with one of the lousiest records for how they treat and pay their overseas employees. Dozens of their Asian workers have committed suicide because of the horrible conditions and minuscule remuneration that isn't enough to feed a single person much less a family.

All so Dell can stay afloat and all the North American sheeple can buy a cheap, crappy computer.

Shame on you for taking their money!


borden's picture

the appropriate way to contact an organization


As the vast majority of readers no doubt realize, but some few apparently don't, the appropriate way to express concern to an organization about the ads they take, or any other matter, is to contact them privately. Attacking an organization publicly, in this case on its own web site, may be effective for stroking one's own ego, but it comes at the cost of harming the organization and the cause for which it works. Those who use such tactics generally have not bothered to find out what the deal is, and should be greeted with suspicion. It's unlikely that a supporter of drug reform would make such a post on a drug reform group's site -- a supporter of drug reform would just write to us, at least at first.

On the subject of the ad in question, as I've explained here on the forums a number of times -- but as "TarBal" very foolishly did not bother to find out -- we have no control in advance of what ads Google will send to our site, and there is no list we can look at even to see what ads they've sent here previously. The ad that you see on a page is determined by Google's computers at the time that you request the page. This makes it impossible even in theory for us to know about every ad that shows up here. We can only keep a lookout, and wait for people to let us know if they think there is a problem. We have blocked dozens of different ads from appearing on the site -- mostly drug testing or criminal background check services -- and we'll consider blocking any other, if you let us know about an ad that you feel is cause for concern. WRITE TO US.

As far as Dell goes, TarBal's foolishness is demonstrated by how recently the negative information about Dell came out. I did a web search after reading the comment, and the only items I could find having anything to do with accusations that Dell uses sweatshop labor were from May 26, a mere ten days ago. The news was not widely discussed, and I had heard nothing about it before seeing it on this page. In order to have prevented Dell ads from running and deserve the "shame" that TarBal is trying to bring to us, we would have had to heard about it, predicted what domain they use to advertise (Dell may use any number of web domains), and proactively entered those into our Google ad control panel. Generally we would have to scour all of the business news, all of the time, to catch any possible corporate misbehavior in any type of business, in order to meet TarBal's standards. In other words, we would have to drop drug reform and become some kind of consumer group, until we had enough resources to do that and then to also do drug reform.

Also, as far as Dell goes, the reports may be accurate, but one brief report is not enough to draw a firm conclusion -- the report could be inaccurate, it could be accurate but be the result of a mistake on Dell's part rather than deliberate, it could be something they are working to fix. I don't know, and I'd bet money that TarBal doesn't either.

If anyone knows of a list of corporations that use sweatshop labor or engage in other unfortunate misbehaviors, and which includes the domain names under which they run Google ads, by all means let us know.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

March for Freedom—Give Drug Peace a Chance

A similar situation happened in 2003 in Guilderland, New York.  A lawyer wearing a T-shirt that protested the invasion of Iraq was charged with trespassing in a shopping mall.  A pro-T-shirt demonstration was staged with 100 peace protesters marching through the offending mall.  The publicity was huge.  The mall owners quickly dropped the trespassing charge and imposed no further restrictions on the lawyer or his son.


That's a good idea, too

Boycott and/or protest! Forget getting the courts involved. We don't need government to our job for us, it costs a bundle (complainant, defendant, and taxpayers) and just gives the government more power. One thing we absolutely do not need is a government with even more power than it has already usurped from the people.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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