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Are Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Getting Dumber?

The opposition to Prop. 19 in California would like you to believe that marijuana rots your brain. So it's just a bit ironic that the people writing their slogans couldn't pass a 3rd grade English class.

This one from Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana remained on their site for weeks after being mocked around the web:

Our children’s future are in your hands…

And this week, the anti-pot group Public Safety First launched a new ad campaign that had to be corrected immediately:

As California goes, do does the
rest of the country.

Hey, mistakes happen. Maybe it's a bit childish to focus on something so trivial when so much is at stake. But I can't help but indulge my amusement at the notion that growing support for legalization has left our opposition in the hands of a bunch of remedial grammar students.

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1. marijuana DEFICIENCY.

1. marijuana DEFICIENCY. rots their brains. (GOOGLE IT) 2. anyone who cam use their brain allready knows the truth, so they are getting to the "you betcha" level.

How could anyone oppose

How could anyone oppose legalization at this point?

To paraphrase Leary ...

To paraphrase Leary ... marijuana causes insane behavior in people who do not use it.

It's not only anti-legalization people who show a serious lack

I had the dubious pleasure of attending a misdemeanor DV trial in my locale, recently.  The prosecutor was woefully ignorant of proper usage of the English language (he couldn't spell, either), I know he went to college and law school, but he graduated both without a proper education.  

I see the same problem in newspapers, on TV (in both fictional entertainment and factual/news shows, and in movies.  I even see it in books (where it should NEVER happen due to the constant input of a supposedly educated and knowledgeable editor).  

The fault lies with our government indoctrination centers (public schools) which place a greater emphasis on training young minds to conform to the government/corporate ideal of becoming immature childlike adults, ignorant cogs in the machine, instead of teaching critical thinking skills, history, and "the 3 Rs".  It's a very sad commentary on America, today.

undrgrndgirl's picture


it's the sad truth...even sadder is that it seems "incompetence" is now a prerequisite for employment...which is why i am unemployed...

"Our children’s future

"Our children’s future are in your hands…"

MJ opposition also seems to increase the use of delinquent apostrophes, as well a ungood grammar.

To answer the question posed

To answer the question posed in the title of this post: it's not humanly possible.



has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


What? Lol...

Us cats has 1 day rulez the

Us cats has 1 day rulez the worldz wit ONLYZ catnipz n kibblez as legal dwugz.

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