How to Get Arrested for Marijuana in One Easy Step

do not consent to searches
If you'd like to get arrested for marijuana, just tell a police officer that you have some in your car:

The officer pulled Vento over at entrance 13 to Interstate 95. While talking to Vento, he appeared nervous, according to police. When asked why, Vento said he had been arrested in the past on drug charges, police said. The officer then asked if there was anything illegal in the car. Vento said he had a marijuana blunt.

Upon searching the car, police found two more blunts. All three tested positive for marijuana. Police also found a bag with a small amount of marijuana.

Vento posted a $250 bond and was released with a Monday, July 26, court date. [Darien Times]

As you can see, the police don't "go easier on you" just because you made things easier for them. If you admit to a crime, you'll be arrested for it. The constitution protects you against self-incrimination and unreasonable searches, so don't confess and never give police permission to search you or your belongings.

If you need more info on your rights during police encounters, watch 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. Then watch it again.

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Some people

Some people turn into gibbering idiots when accosted by an "officer of the law", even if they, usually, know better than to allow a search or to say anything incriminating. And the cops are all too willing to take advantage of that temporary disconnect.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Important Advice

This is very important advice that Scott is sharing. Police always -- always -- try to convince "suspects" (which can mean basically anybody) that "it will all be easier if you just cooperate." Of course, this is never actually true -- it's a ham-handed and painfully transparent ploy, which only works so often because most people are exceedingly nervous and flustered when confronted by an officer.

Don't. Say. Shit. Always the best course of action.

There's nothing that the

There's nothing that the officer could have done to arrest him. He could have walked away, by simply refusing to consent to any searches. Unless the blunts were visibly in the open (which might be the case, considering how dumb he acted with the cop), the cop had no probable cause.

Simply put, the cops always tell you to confess to every crime you've done, even if you don't legally have to. It's amazing how often people fall for it.

They're not trying to help you

Cops who have pulled you over are very plainly not working in your interests. So when they tell you "it'll be easier" if you cooperate, they mean easier for them, not for you. They are not there to do you any favors. They are there to score a bust. Don't help them do that!

A relative of mine was stopped once and the cops asked him if he had anything illegal in the car, to which he answered no. Then they asked if they could search his car to confirm that. He said no. They said they could get a warrant and do the search. He told them to get their warrant, he'd wait. They let him go at that point.

Cops don't pull people over to help them out; they pull people over because they've witnessed a violation (not a crime!) which gives them an opportunity to try to find some reason to bust the people. Don't give them a reason.

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