Diane Feinstein Wants to Continue Arresting Marijuana Users, and Other News

Paul Armentano calls out California Senator Diane Feinstein for opposing marijuana legalization and points out the flagrant dishonesty of her attack against Prop. 19.

spice packet
Valerie Vande Panne has an excellent piece in the Boston Phoenix on the rising popularity of synthetic marijuana products. This is some of the most thorough coverage I've seen on the issue. A must-read if you're following the Spice/K2 controversy.

Mark Kleiman says California can't legalize marijuana. Pete Guither says yes, it can.

Marijuana policy groups have issued a unified statement opposing Michele Leonhart's nomination to head the DEA. She embodies everything that's wrong with U.S. drug policy, and Obama's nomination makes a mockery of all the "new approach" rhetoric we've heard from his administration.

"The U.S. State Department has no effective way to measure the success of its billion-dollar program to help Mexico and Central America fight drug traffickers," according to a new report from the GAO. Well yeah, it's hard to measure success when you haven't had any. Sounds to me like the problem isn’t that success is hard to measure, but rather that failure is hard to admit.

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Obama is not our friend

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada[Sounds to me like the problem isn’t that success is hard to measure, but rather that failure is hard to admit.]And that one line sums up the hard line drug policies of the US and the UN.That anyone can still stand up for the failed drug policies of the US over the legalisation of marijuana,I just don't get it.And when other countries(Canada)want to legalise it we get threats that the border will be frozen and all trade will cease.End result;the DEA gets an office in Vancouver and one back east and Amerikan Law enforcement are allowed to pack heat even after crossing to our border.Our Prime Minister looks to Amerika for all his policies.He finds the border a nuisance and wishes he could make it disappear.We wish we could make him do the same.


As always, Diane, you're such a bore.

new look

I like the new rich text features for the comments section but the new look of the web page is not an improvement. It looks cluttered and is more difficult to read.


also the "save" button to replace the "post" button is confusing.

Feinstein’s Age

I Googled Dianne Feinstein.  Third on the popup list was ‘dianne feinstein age’. BTW, she was born on 22 June, 1933, the same year alcohol prohibition was abolished by the 21st Amendment.   Which makes her 77 as of this time 2010.

I can only conclude from the number-three ranking of her age in the pop-up that a lot of people are wondering when she’s going to kick off.

In view of her advancing years, doesn’t Dianne want to be remembered as a humanitarian?  She has the opportunity to alleviate untold suffering caused by the persecution of those attracted for whatever reason to a non-toxic if not beneficial herb and its chemical analogues. And yet she chooses to stick it to humanity.

Marijuana prohibition is going to end.  Whether it’s 2010, 2012, it doesn’t matter.  It will happen.  And when it does, prohibitionists will once again be held up to humanity as the villains, only this time the odium will stick.  If a politician can’t read the numbers, they don’t belong in politics.


Rebuttal to Mark Kleiman

There's an excellent rebuttal to Mark Kleiman's article here:


mo. sells pills to the dying thats made from marjuana

hi im mark and im pissed off my dad was dying of cancer and they gave him pills made from marjuana .so can we bust them .there selling it just in a another form . my wife is sick and see can;t get smoke for nothing        .we want to but we can go to jail .so hows putting it to use  and every one else in this world.

The prohibitionists are

The prohibitionists are building a business on the prohibition of POt.  It's a form of Embezzlement, like stealing public funding so that it can be used against society; Cops will always defend marihuana prohibition, otherwise they might have to get a regular job and "work" to put meat on the table, instead of pirating to put their kids through college; Politicians recieve loby gifts and they do have a price.  Pharmacies want to sell their synthetic drugs so to insure market potential; Doctors are obligated to recommend chemotherapy and not Hemp Oil to treat cancer; the DEA are "required" to lie in order to keep marihuana prohibitted, and people dying from cancer and other deseazes that can be cured with Hemp Oil will be allowed to die, just don't get convicted as atempted suiside.  People who support marihuana prohibition are either stupid, or they are a bunch of schemers.

Let 'em try

With every federal agency threatening to incarcerate every marijuana user/grower in California the cost is going to be huge-monetarily &socially.

90% of all pot busts are made and prosecuted under state law by state cops. These "offenders" are incarcerated in state prisons. If the state stops participating and stops incarcerating these people, then it is up to the Feds. Once it shifts to the Feds, everyone in the US will be paying to enforce laws in CA and incarcerate Californians. The public isn't going to like that.

Fairly quickly federal prisons will fill up with minor marijuana violators. Then the Feds have to ask everyone in the US to pay to incarcerate CA's offenders. The public isn't going to like that, either.

The social cost will hinge on the number of arrests made by the Feds. If you listen to the DEA, they will be cutting through CA like a tornado and arresting everyone they see. The no. of people arrested will, according to them, be huge. This will lead to a huge no. of wage earners being removed from families, increasing the welfare burden, etc. If the feds do what they claim, the impact on the economy will be marked Not to mention displaced families that will move to follow their incarcerated family members-shifting the costs for welfare to states other than CA.

The real reason the DEA and the cops oppose legalization is that it will marginalize them. They won't be as important as they like being. Their funding will evaporate. Staffing will be cut. In short their bureaucratic empires will shrink. No bureaucrat wants their empire to shrink. No cop wants to give up power over the citizenry. In other words they don't want to be marginalized. And they don't care who has to suffer to stop that. In fact, the more people who do suffer, the more powerful they feel.

as always diane your a stupid

as always diane your a stupid slut


Don't bother to run Diane You will loose.  The potheads have spoken

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