Medical Marijuana Raids Continue Despite Obama's Pledge

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Recent DEA raids in California are once again raising questions about the Obama Administration's commitment to respecting state laws:

San Diego, CA -- Federal agents raided at least three San Diego-area medical marijuana dispensaries [Friday] in the early morning hours. Sources say that Green Kross, Unified Collective and Kush Lounge were all served federal search warrants and were subjected to aggressive SWAT-style raids which resulted in the arrest of as many as 12 people and the seizure of money, medical marijuana and patient records. These raids come as the City of San Diego is deliberating an ordinance to regulate the local distribution of medical marijuana. [Americans for Safe Access]

It's possible, of course, that there were violations of state law taking place here, in which case the DEA's involvement would be consistent with Obama's policy. But it remains unclear why California police would need federal assistance enforcing their own laws. The cynical interpretation would be that the tendency of local juries to acquit medical marijuana defendants has led San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to have the feds do her dirty work.
Meanwhile in Mendocino:

A marijuana activist group on Friday protested a federal law enforcement raid on a Mendocino County pot farm, saying it was protected by the county’s new medical marijuana cultivation ordinance.

The Covelo farm owned by Joy Greenfield, 68, was registered with Mendocino County authorities under an ordinance that allows medical marijuana collectives to grow up to 99 plants.

Federal agents removed 99 plants and took a computer and cash, the group said. Greenfield wasn’t there at the time.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman confirmed Friday that the property owner had the proper paperwork and the marijuana was legal in the eyes of the county. [Press Democrat]

Once again, there could be more to the story, but it sure sounds like classic DEA craziness. The grower's relationship with local law-enforcement casts doubt on the possibility of impropriety, so we're left wondering what the hell is going on here.

Events like these are inevitable under a vague federal policy left to the whims of the DEA's bullying cowboy mentality. Only a change in federal law will bring an end to this, but for the time being, the Obama Administration would do well to eliminate all apparent departures from the well-received hands-off approach they've promised the American people. I don't see what's so hard about that. If circumstances emerge that absolutely necessitate DEA activity involving medical marijuana, then it shouldn’t be too hard to provide an explanation for why federal resources were needed. That's the very least you can do.

Obama's pledge to respect medical marijuana laws enjoys broader public support than almost anything else he's done since taking office. Screwing that up would be stupid, cruel and pointless.

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Another f-u from to

Another f-u from to government to the citizens of this country.

'change we can believe in',

'change we can believe in', my ass! when are 'progressives' going to wake up and smell the stench of corruption and hypocrisy emanating from elite democratic party pols like obama, the clintons, etc. etc.? when are people going to realize that real change will only come from deserting the illusion of 'choice' between democrats and republicans, and stop supporting these dogma addicted, lying, crazy bastards?

i wrote the comment above,

i wrote the comment above, but forgot to sign my pen name at the bottum. it's the same name that i use to sign in the 'your name' box that everyone who replies to this blog must fill out, but for some reason it still always comes up as 'anonymous'. i wonder why that is, considering some people, like 'giordano', don't have the same problem?

'the virgin terry'

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It's a bug. When the new

It's a bug. When the new site goes online (any day now), it should no longer be a problem. Due to limited resources we could not devote programmer time to fixing the bug on the old site, and have unfortunately just had to wait for the re-launch.

In the meanwhile, what's different with giordano and some others is that they have established accounts on the site and logged on with those accounts. The bug affects people who have entered names, but not logged on with accounts.

Sorry for this problem; we know it's annoying, to you and to us.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
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Can't we just get rid of the

Can't we just get rid of the DEA? That's the most useless waste of taxpayer spending in US history. Why are we, taxpayers, being forced to pay the salaries of those thugs? It feels like extortion to me. I don't like it. The USA's DEA is far worse than Hitler's SS. This country is going to piss off the rest of the world to a point which we won't be able to stem the tide of retaliation. What a day that will be!

they aren't just going to

they aren't just going to give up their jobs. the entire federal government will protect them at any cost.

corruption runs deep, and corrupt human scum protect other corrupt human scum, so long as they are in agreement.

E-mail this story to columnists for starters

William Aiken

There are some columnists like David Corn of Mother Jones and Froma Harrop of the Seattle Times who are sympathetic to the issue of Obama's indifference to marijuana. Readers should send those writers this story with a note urging them to do a column on the Obama adminastration permitting the raids of MM dispensararies. Being a hypocrit usually gets the attention of the media. But with so many other stories dominating the news, the media needs a little push to get started.

If that fails, you can always restore to letters to editor of your local paper. Occassionally reporters will pick the story from there. The Internet must be used to our full advantage and with all the material Scott provides, it's important that his research and reporting is utilized by DRCNet Members who spread the word to news sources that may be unfamiliar with this post.

Obama has provided reformers with plenty of ammunition. It's up to us to use his words against him when he ignores the issue or screws up by contradicting himself. During the 08 Presidential campaign, Obama thrilled reformers with statements like, "The drug war has been an absolute failure". Then President Obama stuck a knife in our back when he said he wouldn't consider legalization without explaining his change of heart or why he now feels that way. And of course the President should hear from us, too. He needs to see that drug reform has the science and evidence to support change in our apporiach to drug policy. At the same time, we have to debunk all the hysterical predictions of the prohibitionists which have no crystal ball to prove their fear mongering claims.

no way obama

will legalize pot he knows if he does some body in lawenforcement will kill him there is no way these despicable proffitteers in human misery are going to give up this huge money making scam .no way no how

Addicted to Cannabis Prohibition

Some medieval types just can’t break the thou-shalt-not habit leading to ye olde moral pogrom.

Maybe the DEA agents believe they can induce cowardice into the entire cannabis industry by randomly raiding a few medical outlets.  Maybe a few ambitious agents want to advance politically by making Obama seem powerless to stop the raids.  Maybe some agents need some kind of psychotherapy after having devoted their entire career to a dishonorable cause.

Whatever the agents’ motives, palace revolts usually fail.  Agents should concede that Obama may very well occupy the palace for another seven years.  A lot of nothing can happen with an agent’s career in that period of time.  The drug war can crumble and collapse in seven years.  Guess who gets laid off first….



what the hell is going on with our freedom's? what's going with the DEA? what's going on with people and their god damn agendas? what the F man?! see and they(DEA) want us t respect them? it was probably for a god damn reality show or the District Attorney is a straight up pussy! where is OBAMA? where is Eric Holder? What the hell is really going on? this is why police loose respect with people. no answers, no peace, no F-ing anything. i am so proud to be an American?

Afghan-CIA heroin

One Russian journalist quoted anonymous Afghan officials as saying, “85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by U.S. aviation.”[22] search "afghan heroin"
or Google: CIA heroin

Smack in the NE USA is down to a few dollars a hit. Put 2 & 2 together.

Mr Borden how about a blog??

I agree with Marry Juana

Let's hear more about how two faced and corrupt our prescious central government is. They keep lying to our faces about the horrible things they are doing, and they don't give a damn about us Americans. Obama is no different than Bush, or the next president. Hegemony is hegemony, and it will always wrap its tenticles around who ever steps into power anywhere in this country.

DEA raids

The local Sheriff should have arrested the DEA agents.  He has the right to prevent federal intervention in his county.  The Sheriff is the highest ranking legal authority within a county, period.  Seems the sheriffs in California need to grow some balls and do what the people of the state have voted they want. 

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