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A Scary New Drug Threatens Our Children: Nutmeg

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Just watch this news report and try not to laugh:

My favorite part is at the end when the anchor concludes, "Wow. Well, parents have a very real concern about the nutmeg, but so far there are no reports of deaths from nutmeg overdose." That is classic.

Here's the thing about nutmeg: it sucks. According to Erowid, its effects "are considered unpleasant by most who experience them." I've never heard it compared to marijuana before today. For thousands of years, nutmeg has disappointed people who were stupid enough to try getting high on it.

So, there's actually only one way that an epidemic of nutmeg abuse could ever occur, and that's if someone makes news reports about how you can get high on it, stirs parents into a panicked frenzy, and inadvertently puts the idea in teenagers' heads to go screw around with giant bottles of nutmeg. Nice going, FOX.

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pathetic as usual. as for a

pathetic as usual.

as for a "marijuana like high"? you gotta be kiddin'.
closest thing to marijuana is K2, and even that is being banned across the US.

people need to learn to accept the fact that there are a million things you can get high off of. most are legal, many are deadly, it is a fact of life, you cannot stop DEMAND. at the very least, legalize marijuana to allow people to use the safest herb there is.

drugs are here to stay. and organizations like Partnership for a Drug Free America need to realize that. if tightly guarded prisons have drugs, there is no way in hell you can stop it out in the open.


I love nutmeg as a spice. I also love the high from MDMA (XTC, ecstasy), which is an analog of MDA which is derived from nutmeg. But the thing about nutmeg that I've always been told is that the dosage to get high from it is almost identical to the lethal dosage. No way would I try to get high on nutmeg, nor would I suggest anyone else try it, either. I prefer to live, thank you very much.

re: Partnership for a Drug Free America

More honestly called the Partnership to Promote Alcohol Use. Maybe 'force' would be a better word than 'promote'.

Probation and Jails

The United States is the single largest jailer in the world. Many people just focus on the prison population and forget that nearly 5.1 million adults were under community supervision and millions upon millions are on sex offender lists, terrorist watch lists, and other heavy surveillance. –Chris Peper

Leave it to the

Leave it to the sensationalist media, lol. I can choke myself for a while and get a buzz too. Better outlaw hands.

If you want to make yourself useful, Fox

you should report on alcohol vs.cannabis. Start with the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. There is just no comparison between the two substances, and it ain't the legal one that's safer. A comprehensive look at the relative dangers of the two substances should leave people shaking their head in disbelief at the attempt to force people to use alcohol (or, in deference to Maxwood, tobackgo).
You also might want to ask the question why so many young people and other folks are so eager to get high, on alcohol or otherwise, which is the real issue.

Que the oportunistic

Que the oportunistic politician: "I have never heard of this, I have no idea if it is actually a problem, I have no idea if it is dangerous, I have never looked at the facts about it, I don't know where it comes from or what it is used for, but I would have absolutey NO PROBLEM with banning it!"

A New "Spice" in Town

You know, it's possible to get high off of capsaicin, which can be found in common black pepper, jalapenos, and such. Should we start banning Mexican and Thai food, too?

don't forget nitrous oxide

don't forget nitrous oxide in reddi whip cans. huffing glue or sharpie pens, choking yourself, marijuana imitators found on those "legal bud" websites, and on and on and on.

we can never ever stop people from getting high. ever. so stop trying you dumbass politicians...

Physical sensations and

Physical sensations and stimulating the nervous system is not the same as using psycho active sustances to experience alternate states of conscienceness which enhance the human experience.


The rumor that nutmeg could get you high was around at least 25 years ago and we tried it. Disappointment was the only result. To think that anyone in their right mind would even wasting expensive television air time on such a preposterous story is beyond moronic. This is part of the reason why television makes me sick - it's rife with population controlling bullshit that does nothing more than get people all hyped-up on ludicrous and outrageous notions.

This country would do well to put an end to that kind of sensationalistic crap. But no, that will never happen, and our once beautiful world will creep ever deeper into the realm of IDIOCRACY.





Bitch shut the fuck up

Bitch shut the fuck up

mustard seeds?

I was told mustard seeds would make you hallucinate if smoked.
Never tried it.

More Proof of the Stupidity of "Journalists"

As if we needed any more idiotic "news" from the likes of these morons! Yes, friends, nutmeg has been a cheap high since sailors and convicts discovered choking down a handful will give one an excruciatingly unpleasant buzz.

The stupidity of such pronouncements is beyond belief. I am reminded of the '60's when some wag claimed smoking banana peels would get you high. Thousands of naifs tried it and were suckered in by the hoax, giving MAD Magazine some ridiculously funny material. I am also reminded of the Monty Python sketch about mouse-like men confessing their cheese addictions, much like the precious little brat disguised for the camera. "The high that dare not squeak its name!"

However, nutmeg will, in fact, provide a low-order and painful high. And now scores of ignorant teens desperate for at least some pleasure in this sterile American life will be giving their over-protective parents one more excuse for shielding their precious spoiled little dummies from the dangerous (and inevitably fatal) world beyond their superficially neat, safe, plastic, soul-deadening environments.

I am reminded of the old saying, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

I also second the outraged response in all caps to the OUTLAWING OF EVERYTHING that can get you high, including self-asphyxiation and huffing gasoline and other solvents.

The natural world is chock-a-block full of potential psychedelics, especially of the DMT variety.

The painful lengths people will go to in order to change the brain are exacerbated by the prohibition of materials that are known to be relatively safe and useful . . . to the well-informed.

I do not recommend nutmeg to

I do not recommend nutmeg to anyone. It makes you feel like shit. Trust me I've tried it. Horrible stuff.

Drew B's picture

It's What's Underneath

It's not the nutmeg that can get you, it's the 3 shots of whiskey or bourbon mixed in the highly sugarized, cholesterol-laden egg nogg, that can knock you on your butt. :-)

I love Nutmeg....

The only thing that helps me sleep at night is warm milk w/ a little nutmeg sprinkle, when I don't have any weed, that is. Does this mean I have to give up to nutmeg too? Awww man, I give up. Thanks Fox News.

[email protected] ok

[email protected]
ok most of what people say about nutmeg is bullshit and it's almost always said by people who havn't tried it first hand or did not try it the right way. there has been only one case of death and it was an 8yr old who took too much. thats the only case srsli.
&&if you want to take nutmeg the right way then swallow about4tbs (not tsp) you will notice a difference within about 3 hrs and between 8-10hrs from consumed you'll be blazed.
if you have any comments feel free to email me.

When will people ever learn

When will people ever learn you cannot control what others do? The instant you set controls you create far more problems than the problem you think you are controlling. It would be absolutely funny if it were not so pathetic. I am so happy the drug war is being lost! It just befuddles me why these drug warriors think they are doing something good when infact they are making complete fools of themselves. It just goes beyond common sense comprehension these people insist on being complete idiots!

Malkavian's picture

Foucault reloaded

It's exactly like Foucault said in the seventies regarding sex: while its opponents seem sincere in their anti-sex efforts they also seem to encourage it at the same time.

It's a symbiosis.

And it's like when I tell you to NOT think of a polar bear .... then you're thinking of polar bears :)

It's actually true that the

It's actually true that the easiest way to explain the effects of nutmeg is comparing it to weed. They're just longer and far less enjoyable. You even get the red eyes.

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