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Obama Launches YouTube Forum on Legalizing Marijuana

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Once again, the President wants to know what you think about marijuana policy. His latest online voting forum is sponsored by YouTube, and you can submit your questions about marijuana legalization either on video or in writing.

Participants are asked to focus their questions on how legalization will impact the following areas:

Jobs & the Economy
Health care
Energy & Environment
Foreign Policy & National Security
Financial Reform
Government Reform

After looking around a bit, I've noticed that some internet trolls have been attempting to disrupt the dialogue by submitting questions that have nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana. Some of the categories include a number of non-marijuana-related questions, so please click over there and use your up and down votes to keep the conversation focused by making sure the marijuana questions stay at the top in each section.

With all the problems facing our nation, obsessively discussing marijuana legalization on the internet is more important than ever. After all, if people get sick of hearing about this, there's only one way to shut us up.

Update: Just kidding. I'm pretty sure the forum isn't intended to discuss marijuana legalization exclusively. But you'd almost think it was, considering how many people have questions for the President about why our marijuana laws haven't been fixed yet. I wonder how many more of these online votes we have to dominate before we get a straight answer.

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"if people get sick of hearing about this,one way to shut us up"

Peter McWilliams made that point in one of his books before the drug warriors stripped him of his cancer medicine, maybe killing him. Apparently there is in a parable somewhere in the Christian Bible where Jesus tells an old woman to keep bugging the judges until they finally give her justice, not out of any desire to be fair, but just so that she would stop bugging them. At least that's how I remember what he wrote.

Right after nominating Michele Bigotheart to head the DEA

he does this. After I sent Obama an "I'm am no longer a supporter" note about it, the thought occurred to me that maybe he was giving the evil witch and her supporters enough rope to hang themselves.That possibility looks more plausible today, but unless I'm just not Machiavellian enough to understand this, it's still a sickening appointment that I expect is going to do a lot of real damage to a lot of people who are already hurting.
I'll be sure to vote soon on that forum.

Hmm, I was somewhat faked out on this

which isn't hard to do. Maybe I can use it being 1 AM as an excuse. But it's still pretty interesting that he would do this, knowing what seems likely to result.

I tried to vote on our favorite issues

I signed in at YouTube (and even linked my YouTube and Google accounts) so I could vote on the questions, at the top of the page it showed me as signed in but when I tried to click a "thumbs up" on a question a banner appeared at the top of the questions which told me to sign in before I could vote or ask a question. So I repeated the whole procedure by closing the page and then reopening it, signing in yet again, still the same result. What the hell is up with that? Anyone else have that problem?

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


Nope. no trouble.

I saw all of the questions! There were actually too many to go through! I voted a few up, though.



I agree we have to keep this topic of legalization moving. I firmly believe the majority of this country wants legalization. The people who are uncertain are the ones who are uneducated about the plant. I am amazed at the recent changes occurring in states like California. It is time to let everyone know the benefits of cannabis. Why should a drug that is used medicinally be illegal?

why illegal?

The controlled Substance Act states the anything that is medicinally useful should not be classified as "class one". Sad thing is, diacetylmorphine and cannabis, both medicinally useful, are still classified as class one. That government agency, created by the act, is full of liars! Medical scientists also feel that ecstasy and others with a class one status, could also have a medical usefulness. But, we leave the cops in charge, telling us how to run it and not the scientists!

class one status of ecstasy

Israel, which is hardline on recreational cannabis use and alcohol supremacism, despite their growing alcohol problem, is more enlightened on medicinal use of ecstasy in treating Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Desire for getting their soldiers, and civilian victims of terrorism, the best care available has caused this one victory for science based policy.

legalization of marijuana

YES.....By far you should make it legal.There has not been one case where a person has died using pot,but when it comes to alcohol or cigs there are millions of deaths a year because of it ,but yet there legal.

thank you, this is what I

thank you, this is what I have ben saying for years.... weed has NEVER killed or caused death to anyone, we can not say this for all the legal things... thanks again


Jobs & Economy-YES! it will effect the jobs, when you are high you are slow and do not think right and in that case will not do your job correctly nor on time. Economy for who ever will be selling Marijuana will be happy as hell, the consumers will be broke, the drug dealers that we have selling weed right now will be left without a job and will look for another way to make money so where are they going to look?? Cocaine, meth, pills, etc. Then our crime rate will sure be out the ceiling you can be sure about that.

Energy-weed drains you all you going to be doing is sitting your ass on the couch watching TV with 3 hamburgers, 2 bag of chips, and a 2 liter coke. You will gain weight and be obese. Now doesn't America already have enough problems with obesity?

Education- affects on the functions of central nervous system and hinders the memory and movement of the user's brain-which when you would to study you will forget. Which also leads to your health

Health-yes marijuana is beneficial to the treatment of AIDS,cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain, but it does not cure it. And yes if it is subscribed by the doctor i totally agree in the use of marijuana but only in medical conditions.

Also think about the impact on your children. Because it seems to me that you who are for it ya'll do not care about your kids or anyone else yall are just selfish.

medical bud

weed is by far less harmful then many other legal substances... weed legalization will save the gov money on monitoring and controlling weed use and profit from taxes not to mention the jobs created and the practical applications like oils rope paper textiles the list is endless and so are the reasons to legalize this merical drug



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