I was at the drug store the other day,picking up my weekly legalized drugs and ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for a few years.We had been the friends of another friend and had never actually been close and as a result I was unaware of a few relevant and kind of shocking facts.In 1963,my friend was chosen,with her then husband to participate in a prescription dilaudid study.This was 1963,the british had their heroin maintenance program and in no other part of the world was it known that such a plan existed.Those were the rules.I won't go into all the regulations involved but I will say that the then federal health minister was involved as were the RCMP.The idea was that the regs were so restrictive and the people so hard core that the plan was doomed to fail.Monthly reports to the RCMP,the holding of a job the whole time.The feds evidently felt the chosen would fail miserably and that would be the end of that.Of course all 10 were a success of the highest order and when the project was closed all the3 results were buried never to see the light of day.Yes,Vancouver is once again playing with heroin maintenance and they will once again find that an addict can live a fairly normal life while on prescribed heroin or dilaudid.They have been aware of this for almost 50 years.Why a person like myself with clear medical need for an opiate pain killer can be given everything but heroin,or d morphine as we all know it is called puzzled me.I think I get it now.They do not want any proof on a long term basis that such is the case.I wish them all the best with their trial but the fact that the government has had ample proof since 1963 that addicts given prescribed narcotics and allowed to live like any other patient,none of this come in daily for injections crap,given a supply monthly and allowed to use whatever they felt they needed,could live like anyone else.Scared them so much that no one other than the participants has ever heard of it.It pissed me off so much I wanted to go public but was asked that names be withheld.I will,however,bet my life that this is true and actually happened.
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