The Government Conspiracy to Prevent Medical Marijuana Research

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It's impossible to rank in order of severity the numerous lies that have long formed the foundation of the federal government's position on medical marijuana. But one of the most calculated and audacious deceptions deployed in this debate is certainly the manufactured myth that insufficient evidence exists to demonstrate the drug's medical efficacy.

That's why this NYT article should be required reading for anyone in the habit of expressing opinions on the scientific merits of medical marijuana:

Marijuana is the only major drug for which the federal government controls the only legal research supply and for which the government requires a special scientific review.

But federal officials have repeatedly failed to act on marijuana research requests in a timely manner or have denied them, according to a 2007 ruling by an administrative law judge at the Drug Enforcement Administration.

What an impressively cynical and corrupt political strategy it is to literally block research while simultaneously citing the absence of said research as an excuse for prohibition. The whole situation is so maliciously dishonest that it's disturbing to think how many government agencies were complicit in manufacturing it.

Meanwhile, medical marijuana's enemies condemn state-level reforms by reflexively insisting that the ballot box is not the place to formulate health policy. Our response is pretty straightforward:

"The more it becomes clear to people that the federal government is blocking these studies, the more people are willing to defect by using politics instead of science to legalize medicinal uses at the state level," said Rick Doblin, executive director of a nonprofit group dedicated to researching psychedelics for medical uses.

We did what we had to do, and it reflects well on the American public that this issue has been so well understood despite a massive federal conspiracy to make it confusing.
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A true democracy doesn't need to ask permission from a government, when the people are the government. Our government is not legitimate, and needs to answer for why it demands our obedience. The debate for healthcare is so bizarre, why are people afraid of a government run program if we are a democracy? Are they afraid of a real democracy or do they know we don't have a democracy? I know it is a republic. Just stating that anyone who uses the propaganda of "fear the government" is telling you it isn't a democracy and should be told they are a liar for not supporting the constitution. Why lose our democracy to corporations have more power than a citizen? When money is free speech the one with the most money has the loudest voice.
Supreme Court Rips Up Campaign Finance Laws
It is no longer a conspiracy, it is the rule over us all. No two party system, just two parties that act like one, or with one purpose. Here is two ideas, 1. On an election ballot there shall be a lack of confidence vote (no candidate is accepted) if the populace so desire none of the candidates. 2. If less than a majority show up at the ballot box the vote shall not count. It will force the electorate to have better candidates and promote democracy. Promote science not superstition!

Uh, I hate to burst your daydream

But this is NOT a democracy, the uSofA is a Constitutional Republic. You are correct, however, that the government has no legitimate power to demand obediance of any unnconstitutional law. (Sixteenth American Jurisprudence 2d; SS: 256 & 257; (Pages: 547 & 177?) ... “No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to ...
And make no mistake, the laws concerning recreational drugs are absolutely unconstitutional (they are however, not the only unconstitutional laws and actions by our government).

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


It's so illogical that the government keeps pushing marinol. For crying out loud, it's 100% thc! If people are concerned about consumption of thc (which is what the prohibition of marijuana and medical marijuana implies), then why allow marinol and not the plant? It's like saying crack cocaine should be allowed but the coca plant should be prohibited.

It's simple

The answer to that is simple. The government can control price and supply of Marinol. It can not control the growing of plants which anyone with some seeds and know how can do. After all the government in partnership with the pharma companies are the biggest drug dealers of all.

ATF commits crime to catch criminals.
When the government commits crimes, it is called a sting, not a conspriracy. ATF using Big Tobacco cigarettes to catch terrorists, then gives proceeds to Big Tobacco to compensate them, tax free! ATF agents, undercover, would sell to minors, use Arabic language news papers to attract "terrorists", even going so far as opening a faux store in King George Va. called KG Wholesale.
"In the biggest and most recent prosecution, federal authorities charged 14 people in November with paying more than $8 million in cash, supplemented by guns and drugs, for 77 million cigarettes over the course of a year. Two are accused of paying an undercover agent posing as a hitman to kill a couple over missing cigarettes."
I have heard this a lot in news stories, every time someone hires a "hitman" it is more often a cop (news stories of preachers, wives, and husbands hiring hitman, example: Are all hitman cops? Are most "criminals" cops trying to catch criminals? Is the future of crime, criminals who are cops, trying to catch criminals posing as cops because the only crime is being orchestrated is by the cops posing as criminals? Mobius strip of law enforcement, we commit crimes to catch criminals, criminals are on the street, we need more funding, that funding pays for sting operations, we commit crimes to catch criminals... repeat. If we are allowed to grow are own cannabis plants to make medicine, clothes, and food, we wouldn't need law enforcement on the streets, and so ends the mobius strip of corruption and conspiracy.

Government Sponsored Crime

Obstructing scientific research on cannabis is more weird than stupid.

The stupid part is that the obstruction deprives medical science of useful knowledge that would benefit us all.

The weird part is that U.S. drug policy is unexplainable unless its focus is something different than the health reasons advertised.

Drug prohibition operates by drawing an arbitrary line in the sand that threatens the prosecution of those with the curiosity and the courage to step over the line, in effect, to recognize drug war absurdities and fallacies, even if it’s at their own legal peril.  As a honey pot trap, drug policy endangers those who think for themselves.  Perhaps not coincidently, people who think for themselves are the same people who tend to pose a political threat to tyrants and government-employed con-artists.

Prohibition is the real crime.  It has real victims, as opposed to the faked victimology offered by drug warriors about marijuana and other soft drugs.  Prohibition is not the first time a government has sponsored a crime.  It’s just one version of the concept.


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