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New Poll: 8 in 10 Americans Support Medical Marijuana

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Each time we ask the question, more people get it right:

With New Jersey this week poised to become the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana, 81 percent in this national ABC News/Washington Post poll support the idea, up from an already substantial 69 percent in 1997. Indeed the main complaint is with restrictions on access, as in the New Jersey law. [ABC]

Yes, the only controversy that remains with regards to medical marijuana is how best to distribute it. So here's my question: Will we see presidential hopefuls in the 2012 republican primaries still making fools of themselves by supporting a federal war on medical marijuana?

I'm honestly beginning to doubt that we will. Especially if this guy's on stage.
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Of course you...

will see the GOP candidates come out against some sort of a federal medical marijuana program.

They'll probably say something like how it is more big government while conveniently ignoring how much is currently spend prohibiting it.

Republicans opposing drug reform is about as safe a bet as banking on North Carolina and Duke making the NCAA tournament.


People who generalize are not always correct. I know of quite a few "republicans " that do not support the drug war. Get a life! Or at least start thinking before you type. Thing is, there are not a majority of republicans that think our way.


If you really think that any GOP candidate, outside Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, will be in support of any drug reform, then you must know something I don't know.

And I will attempt to get a life. After all, nothing says you don't have a life quite like making comments about potential GOP candidates in the 2012 presidential election.


My bad. I was thinking about people, who are republican. Not the big shots. The headline referred to the people and their, 8 in 10, stance.

Politically, this is officially a no-brainer

We're past the tipping point. Politicians can now be hero's for ending the madness that is prohibition.


Once Cali and Washington Legalize the Cannabis this November, dc politicians are going to be in a Bind. 2012 will see LEGAL CANNABIS Nationwide in the "USA". Bet the Farm on it.

Not exactly democracy in action

80% support for MMJ and only 14 states have allowed it, many of them with excessive restrictions. I think it's rare for such an overwhelming consensus not to be respected in a democracy, it's certainly disgusting.

Where is prohibition failing?

I never drank alcohol or took any drugs before the age of 21! If you can get the next generation to do that, it will be great. But, until that happens we must be cautious. We must remember, with black market drug dealers at their school, they could be more influenced by their peers. Legalize it and regulate and the kids' supplies of drugs will dwindle. Getting back to the state where the adults do adult only things and kids do not! A place where children are more educated about the TRUE DANGERS of drugs. And, most importantly, the dealers are eliminated from their lives. We should be concerned about raising that generation to be drug free. Until we do, we must think out a more rational way to treat people that are just doing something we don't like. Prison for addicts (the sick)? Not working well, either!

80% for real change

I'm eagerly waiting for the day when 80% of Americans stop voting for the Republicrats. Only then will we get REAL change we can live with.

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