States Don't Need Federal Permission to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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We've been over this before, but apparently it still hasn’t sunk in. This time, we have the Attorney General of Arkansas trying to claim that federal law prevents his state from protecting medical marijuana patients:
LITTLE ROCK — The state attorney general today rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana for medical use.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel cited numerous problems with the proposal submitted by Little Rock attorney John Wesley Hall, Jr., including that federal law would supersede a state drug amendment.

"I note as an initial matter that this description fails to acknowledge that your proposed measure cannot completely legalize marijuana in Arkansas for medical purposes because the drug remains illegal under federal law," the opinion said. [Arkansas News]
Really? Then what's all this I keep hearing about 13 states having these laws and the President telling DOJ not to raid the dispensaries? I'm pretty sure everyone knows how this works by now.

What a waste of breath it is to continue insisting that there's some sort of impregnable federal barrier that makes medical marijuana impossible. It's plainly wrong, and not even worthy of being debated. Anyone who says that is just a stubborn and desperate obstructionist who can't even come up with a single real reason to continue criminalizing patients.

I wonder how long it will take to bury this nonsense once and for all. What if Arkansas was the last state in the country with no legal protection for patients? Would their top prosecutor still insist that it can't be done? Come on. At some point you're gonna have to learn to live with medical marijuana, and fighting back against it is both cruel and pointless.
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The Tenth Amendment

State citizens must demand from their legislatures that they invoke the 10th Amendment regarding ALL unconstitutional laws coming out of DC, and they should begin with the legalization of marijuana and all other currently "illicit" drugs, and move on to nullification of the atrocious healthcare bill, cap and trade, illegal gun laws, any federal laws that criminalize activities that do not violate anyone else's unalienable rights, etc.!

The federal government was created by the people through their State governments, therefore the federal government answers to the State governments, not vice versa. I urge all who read here to go to and join the movement. If all organizations which fight for freedom do not join together, we are left with ineffective efforts, each organization, by itself, is too small and insignificant to succeed all alone. So join all of them, help out as you are able, encourage these organizations to work in concert toward the desired result and we WILL succeed in restoring freedom to the uSof A.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Two things

The feds rely mostly on local law enforcement to be the front line troops for federal laws. The feds don't actually have the means to do it otherwise. They take the biggest cases that emerge from the efforts of locals. So if locals don't do that for pot, the federal law loses a lot of meaning.

The primary coercive method the feds have to with state is money. If a state doesn't cooperate, congress can and does withhold federal funds for whatever will hurt the state the most. States almost always cave when that happens. If the feds hold back road or education money due to states legalizing pot, that going to be a problem.
If however states legalize by proposition or by amending their constitutions then it would be much harder for state legislatures to cave in.

Federal Law

........I don't support the Federal government who believe they are ABOVE the law. The federal law was formed by the people but for the wrong reasons. I want to start holding festivals all across the Country, for the legalization of marijuana and nobody can beat me in an arguement. I have been taking public speaking for 4 years and i'm ready to speak out in favor of our civil freedoms that have been taken away from us blatenly

Not really surprisng.

Look where he is from! Probably did not get the news about Obama's proclamation! LOL

Ok I have glaucoma and I

Ok I have glaucoma and I refuse to use the prescription eye drops because they have been found in lab tests to cause brain tumors!! My wife babysits for a living and one of her kid is a now six year old boy who has add. He has been taking medication for it since he was barley five. This medicine is like Meth!! So now we can't have medical Marijuana but for Gods sake we can give a Five Year Old Kid Meth!!! This is an outrage! And further more id like to know what I can do actively to help with this before the July 1st date! If any one has any info as to how and what I can do legally to get this thing done, like petitions and such please email me how and the steps needed to do this. I want to become an activist and fight and ultimately win!!! My email is ( [email protected] ) . P.S. Please give me some info on this, any would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. Jeremy Marion Huntsville, Ar

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