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Former Drug Czar Invents Awesome New Drug

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It's becoming more and more apparent that former UK drug policy advisor David Nutt is a really cool guy. First, he got in trouble for saying ecstasy is as safe as horseback riding, then he got fired for saying marijuana is safer than all sorts of things, and now look how he's spending his free time:

An alcohol substitute that gives the drinker the pleasant feelings of tipsiness without an unpleasant hangover, is being developed by researchers.

The team, led by drugs expert Professor David Nutt, has developed the drink using chemicals related to the sedative Valium.

It works on the nerves in a similar way to alcohol causing feelings of well-being and relaxation. [Daily Mail]

Well, I suppose I'd be interested in knowing a whole lot more about that. If this stuff does what they're saying, it could prove to be the greatest discovery of modern times:

The team is also working on an antidote pill that would mute the effects of the synthetic alcohol on the brain receptors, allowing drinkers to drive soon afterwards.

Dude, are you serious? It would be just delightful if the guy who got fired for failing to support the government's unhinged anti-drug agenda ended up saving lives on a massive scale. Can you even imagine what the Home Office would say if David Nutt won a Nobel Prize for inventing the cure for drunk driving?
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Here's hoping David Nutt visits California before November

His voice, along with his current work, would help reinforce the 'alcohol is much more dangerous' argument that is one of the pillars of the cannabis prohibition repeal movement. He's so to speak putting his money where his mouth is, which is what America needs to do regarding violent crime. Put their money, their heart and their laws where they belong, in fighting the crimes that we dread.


I've always thought that one side-bennie of axing Prohib would be the freeing of real medicinal chemists (instead of meth cooks) to find better recreational drugs. It shouldn't be that much trouble to blunt the bad effects of most of the common drugs or come up with new compounds which render them obsolete. Mankind will eventually get there anyway. It's too obvious.

You shouldn't refer to him

You shouldn't refer to him as "Drugs Czar".

He was actually the head of the body which reviews scientific evidence regarding various illegal substances, which the UK Govt is then supposed to take into account when making decisions into drugs policy.


And they ignored his advice! They made cannabis a higher class drug, like here in the US.

His government messed up!

I'll believe it...

... when I feel it.

Whatever happened to the Czars?

The originals? Oh, yeah..... What kind of bizarre person would adopt that title again?

Science vs. Prohibition

The British government should know that if they appoint a qualified scientist such as Dr. Nutt, such a person will conduct themselves strictly according to the truth, and if creative enough, will offer innovative solutions to drug use problems.  It’s what good scientists do.

By being who he is, Dr. Nutt and his scientific ilk threatens the entire prohibition economy.  Since its inception, prohibition has depended upon lies and primitive concepts of social control to sustain an economic growth that leverages a never-ending game of failure to solve designated problems.  Scientists have busted far too many con-games and con-artists to be welcomed as guests or witnesses at the frontlines of a government fraud.

In Britain, Dr. Nutt may not possess the same job description as a U.S. drug czar, but if Gil Kerlikowske ever gets tired of dealing with the domestic B.S., I don’t think any citizenship requirements prohibit Dr. Nutt from being named the next Director of the ONDCP.

The feds may also want to change ONDCP to Office of National Drug Policy (ONDP), since there’s no way they Control any illicit drug.


Office of National Drug Church Policy would keep the initials.

Office of National Drug Church Policy would keep the initials. ;-)

It's about controlling people and ideas not controlling drugs but simply removing Control from the name would make it even more euphemistic. And if I recall correctly Dr. Nutt isn't against controlling people. Doesn't he favor mandatory "vaccination" against cocaine?

Perhaps Dr. Nutt Should Remain in the Lab…

Dr. Nutt did indeed recommend that children get vaccinated against cocaine.  It’s implementation would be run under a standard government vaccination program.  The mandatory part of the plan poses a problem.

I think mandatory vaccination for illegal drugs invades privacy.  It presumes a person is likely to commit a health offense simply by experimenting with an altered state of consciousness.   For a victimless experiment in consciousness, there’s a sense that a punishment is being doled out for nothing, or for something that has not occurred, much like people being profiled and jailed before they do anything.

BTW, the Office of National Drug Church Policy would work as a good name.  They could change it to Office of National Drug Science Policy (ONDSP) if the feds ever adopt a non-moralizing Scientific view of psychotropic drugs.

drunk pill

Nice going on the invention. Could this be Huxley's soma from Brave New World? Of course, I'd like to try it for myself, but it doesn't sound like a breakthrough. The real innovation would be on the distribution level. The Russians have had this for years, and called it the "Martini pill" available to mucky-mucks, but the general populace got stuck with booze (Vodka monopoly?) This drug was mentioned years ago in the book Acid Dreams.

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