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Consider the Possibility That People Do Drugs Because They Enjoy It

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Pete Guither has a great post mocking the bizarre, yet common, observation that the drug problem would go away if everyone stopped taking drugs.

This is like saying "If everyone stopped having sex, we could eliminate STDs, abortions, and unwanted pregnancies." True, but absurd — not even worthy of a science fiction short story.

Indeed, anyone who complains that everybody should just stop taking drugs is basically admitting that they have no remotely reasonable ideas for dealing with the problems that result from drug use. We, on the other hand, have lots of ideas about that. And unlike the ridiculous strategy of trying to end all drug use, our plan for ending the drug war instead seems to be looking more realistic every day.
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Laws criminalizing drugs (use or transfer) are unconstitutional

Murder, stealing and perjury all violate someone's unalienable rights. Prostitution, use of drugs, gambling, etc., are all acts where all parties participating in the act are consenting -- therefore, no violation of rights; and if there is no violation of anyone's rights, it is not a Constitutionally authorized crime.

It is time we seriously examine our laws to see which ones are Constitutional (someone's rights are violated by the action, so the action is Constitutionally criminalized), and which laws are not (no one's unalienable rights are violated by the action which was criminalized). Those who are charged with an unconstitutional crime (engaging in the action, itself, does NOT violate anyone's unalienable rights) are having their unalienable rights violated by the unconstitutional law (and, therefore, by the government).

There should be no laws/statutes (State or federal) allowed in this country where the only person whose rights are violated by said law/statute are the defendant's. Such laws are patently unconstitutional, which makes them Constitutionally null and void -- "no person must obey and no court must enforce" unconstitutional laws.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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