Cop Wants His Job Back After Planning the Sting That Killed Rachel Hoffman

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The death of Rachel Hoffman in a botched drug sting was one of the most disturbing drug war outrages of 2008, and apparently the person most directly responsible for what happened thinks everyone's forgotten about it by now.

Former Tallahassee Police Officer Ryan Pender is fighting to get his job back after a botched drug sting cost a young police informant her life.

Pender's attorney claims there was a lack of policy in the buy/bust operations at TPD and Pender did what he was trained to do.

Pender - who recruited Hoffman and arranged the drug sting that evening - was fired in September, 2008 after an internal affairs review found that he violated nine department policies. [ " target="_blank">WCTV]

So Pender says he "did what he was trained to do," and internal affairs says he "violated nine department policies." Perhaps he was trained to violate those policies? Actually, that wouldn’t entirely surprise me, but it's still no excuse for Pender's participation in one of the most ridiculously ill-conceived drug operations that's ever been brought to light.

The great injustice here is not that Ryan Pender got fired for his role in this fatally flawed fiasco, but rather that he was the only person held accountable for it.
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Don't give it to him!

I don't think they should give him his job back. I mean, seriously! The fact that this guy is fighting to get his job back after screwing up royally.....that's just sad, and this guy needs help. Being able to let go gracefully is always a blessing, plain and simple. I hope this guy finds what he's looking for.


This is stupid, He does not deserve his job back. Seeing as he has been in the public eye for corruption, than people should vote not to let him have his badge back.


Maybe he is ready to talk about the way he was trained??!!

Proof of the police state that is arising?

Times Are Tough

Losing a job in the midst of the worst recession in 80-years is a serious matter.  Nine procedural violations can’t be ignored when the consequence is someone’s untimely death.  Pender won’t get his job or benefits back.

Ryan Pender is left with few options.  He should change his name.  And he can relocate.  When he reaches his new location, he will be in a better position to do what many chronically unemployed people do:  deal drugs.

He should do honest, unpleasant work the rest of his life

Cleaning out toilets seems about right. Even dealing drugs (to adults) would be an improvement on his previous work. Maybe he'll understand someday the gravity of what he did and what it caused. He's very lucky he's not rotting in jail where he belongs.

Cleaning toilets!?!

I know of many admirable people that clean toilets for a living.

I believe that he might be able to work at Fox News as a law enforcement analyst.....

didn't mean to put that work down in the slightest, toconnor

but it's not usually considered pleasant work so it's the kind of work Pender deserves to be doing, as penance for his reckless actions that caused a catastrophe. What he'd like to be doing is more along the lines you suggest.


I was inferring that he was not admirable enough to do that type of work.

I have not been impressed with the ability of Fox News to be "Fair and balanced."

how about if he cleaned out toilets in a jail?

Preferably as a resident, but I guess he'll have to commit another crime for that to happen. I was looking at it from the point of view that he should do useful work that he hates as penance for his deadly recklessness.

In jail.........OK!!

Amen!! We are on the same page.

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