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thank goodness for small favors

just when it looked like we were in for a fight on several really awful fronts our cowardly prime minister feeling the heat from a prisoner exchange scandal that just may have cost him his pet defense minister,prorogued parliament for the second time in a year.when you consider there were a whole lot of reporters looking up the records to see if it had even been done once before,this is a display of cowardice that every Canadian should be shaking their heads,i couldn't be happier.the senate was fighting tooth and nail to rip apart three bills that would make harry anslinger shake his head.there was the mandatory minimum thing,the no parole without taking drug treatment(it wasn't labeled that way but it was sure aimed at the lower end of the criminal subculture)and to top it all off they were said to be introducing a three strikes law this week.there you have three of the worst parts of the law in the states and our pm wanted to bring all three here in one big splash.the thing is they always have some mother who had a child butchered in the most disgusting way backing and being a signatory to these bills and they always assure everyone(as im sure your people did)that the bills will only affect the worst of the very worst of our criminals.then they slowly apply them to more and more people until stealing a can opener brings a life sentence.that actually happened when we had our habitual criminals act.that's one of the reasons it was ruled cruel and unusual punishment and dropped but our prime minister was just a miserable little snipe when all that happened and those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.harper didn't get us into afghanistan but he altered the mission into a combat mission in the hottest zone in the country and so far it has cost us close to 400 of our soldiers,5 just this week in one blast.that this government is taking credit for the fact that the banks here didn't collapse is a total joke when you consider it was the liberals who had to fight off conservative motions to bring our banking regulations into sync with the amerikans,their,now we have three months to see what will be left of these atrocities after the senate has another three months to rip the guts out of them.i have salome to try to sign on to and that would be a lifetime goal met.time,as we all know moves slowly and in mysterious ways.
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