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What ever happened to Marc Emery???

Article appearing under the heading:Upbeat Emery on way to jail.I was going to quote from the article but you might as well just look it up for yourself.Emery is still Emery and reading the article will make that apparent.Volume 43 number2193 December31/2009-January7/2010. Emery is still out on bail,which is just so strange for a guy that is supposed to be such a danger to life in the USA.With Harper proroguing parliament till march who knows when he will head south for whatever sentence can be worked out.The article is well worth reading as many issues are brought up that show just what a sleazy deal was arranged to have Emery charged in the US where his jail time will be something like 60-1825 times what it would have been had he been charged in Canada,where he was paying taxes every year he was in the seed business.Just another example of how our federal police act in collusion with American authorities to hijack our citisens and put them in American prisons when they can't or won't charge them here when it's so much more convenient to have them jailed in another country where drug laws are still draconian in comparison to our own.It is well known that the leadership of the RCMP are a bunch of foppish,incompetent and immoral creatures who don't even have the support of their own force,let alone the people of Canada.Then there's the government of Stephen Harper,a bunch of reform party zealots who hate everything Emery stands for.Their bill C 15 would have introduced mandatory minimum sentences in Canada for the first time,even as people in Amerika are beginning to realize what a mistake they are,filling prisons with men and women who would otherwise have been given far lesser sentences.This is not the worst of Harper's policy attempts which almost always seem to be aimed at marijuana and the people who smoke it.Harper is a throwback to the days when drug crimes were dealt with with as harsh a prison sentence as was possible.What came from those days is the situation we have today.Something to achieve in his addled mind.
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It's time for a new paradigm

and a new meme -- liberty and sovereignty for every individual! Let us envision the very public downfall of every authoritarian politician, government program, law and cop; and the rise of every libertarian/freedom principle. Collective consciousness will do the rest.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

me too

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada as i await the start of our heroin maintenance trial i have to agree.

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