Angry Man Says Potheads Should be Kicked in the Nuts

Via DrugWarRant, here's a video that I'm sure all of you will find entertaining. I didn't think it was possible to hate marijuana more than Michael Savage does, but of course it is:

As the debate over marijuana policy becomes increasingly mainstream, our opponents sound increasingly violent, reckless and insane.
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i think this steroid using

i think this steroid using idiot needs a swift hard extra point style kick in his nuts...if he has any left.

I literally ROFLed

I literally ROFLed

People like this IDIOT are a

People like this IDIOT are a big part of why we can't end the stupidity of the drug war, and it is still a war no matter what they want to call it. I am starting to think some one needs to start fighting back with the same vigor and equal force that the drug wariors are using up to and including force to teach these idiots that they should not keep spouting garbage just to keep their lucrative pay checks coming in or what ever reason the have for continuing the lies and half truths.

What A Brain-Dead Loudmouth!

Ok, let's see if I have this straight. A "good" parent should completely violate their child's privacy, destroying any possibility of having mutual trust in their relationship. Then, if they find their child is experimenting with drugs, the "good" parent should assault them, commiting an act of child abuse, in order to teach them the lesson that: "drugs are bad, but violence is good". This "man" has a very twisted idea of what constitutes love; one can only assume he was abused as a child. It would be in the world's best interest to ensure this "man" has no children. If he already has them, they should be removed from his presence because his behaviour suggests he believes it's right to abuse them. To be certain, the best course of action would be castration to remove any future possibility of him having children. Society needs to have zero tolerance when it comes to child abusers.

The lesson here kids is that alcohol and steroids shrivel your brain. Cannabis is far safer by comparison, unless you get caught.

his whole argument is based

his whole argument is based on lies and false assumptions. he thinks everyone who works for legalization is a dumbass pothead. he thinks that everyone is targeting kids. he thinks that tough love and hard punishment will work. he thinks weed is a horrible drug and that anyone who even would think otherwise is stupid and trying to get kids to smoke it. this is one aggressive and horrible person. i hope no one takes him seriously

Pot use bad, Child abuse okay

This video is just hilarious satire mocking "reefer madness" right?


This seems like it could have just been a well pulled off satire video. Which is sad because thats an accurate wacko portrayal

that made my day. its so

that made my day. its so hilariously sad.

I love it

Refuted claims, disproven theories, and aad hominem attacks. If that's all you got Theis, we ain't scared (thanks for the giggle wacko!). In fact, we're kinda hoping you actually TRY some of that bunk, instead of just running your yap like a punk. But since you were in the WWE, that's pretty much all you ever could be, isn't it?

Gosh, I shouldn't sink to its level, but I'm afraid it wouldn't understand any higher forms of communication.


I'm not sure if this guy is a comic genius or a pitiful hatemonger.

And then he drinks ...

I'll bet as soon as he got off camera, he went and had a couple of shots of his favorite alcoholic beverage.

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