Police Put Warning Signs in Front of Drug Houses (Um, Isn't That Free Advertising?)

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If you thought the cops had run out of dumb drug war ideas, you were so wrong:

BELLEVILLE -- The Belleville Police Department has a new tactic in fighting the drug trade in the city -- signs pointing out to the public houses and apartments where police say drugs are sold.

A sign placed outside an apartment building Wednesday at 322 W. H St. said in bold, red letters: "Warning! Drug House; Enter at your own risk." An arrow on the sign points to the building, and the address is attached to the bottom of the sign. [Belleville News Democrat]

Are you serious? It kinda sounds like they're saying it's ok to go in there if you're willing to accept the risk. But here's where it gets really ridiculous:

The police have only two signs, and when they use them at a location, it'll likely only be for a day, and only during daytime hours.

When asked whether he thinks the signs will advertise where people can buy drugs, Sax said that those buying the drugs probably already knew to get them there in the first place.

No, I don't think that's how it works. Criminals don't all automatically know each other. I might be smart enough not to go knocking on doors at designated drug houses, but I'm not addicted to crack. If there's actually someone actively selling drugs inside, you shouldn’t be advertising it, and if there isn't, you shouldn't be humiliating the families of drug offenders who've already been arrested or run out of town.

What I really don't get about any of this is why police would even consider putting up signs that make them look like incompetent idiots. Is it supposed to make anyone feel safer that the police know where the problem houses are, but can't seem to do anything about it other than put up temporary signs?

The irony here is that marking locations where drugs are sold and warning people to enter at their own risk isn't actually a bad idea at all. But if it's going to work, you have to begin by regulating these businesses.
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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign......

At what point are the police that posted the signs complicit with a criminal enterprise? Though they indicate that we shouldn't go in except at our own risk, couldn't I claim that they used reverse-psychology marketing to draw me into the house?

Another nail in the coffin of common ground

Oh good grief, if it was not so stupid, I would be laughing. I feel sorry for the cops who are actually working hard to roll back the 'drug war', such as those in LEAP, because all it takes is one or two fools to reinforce the 'us v them' situation.
I'm wondering, was this some kind of prank?


What points to the sheer stupidity of the "prank" is that it was seriously done! BY THE COPS! What better way for the people going to the house to know that they were also being observed by the cops. People on both sides don't show a lot of common sense, here!



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Wow, cops are stooping to simply pointing fingers now? Seems pretty silly. Did they okay this move with the citizens of the city before they executed it? Oh that's right, they don't answer to the citizens, only to themselves. LOL! What a bunch of morons!

Signs !

I can see the logic in this, twisted though it is lol, I assume they think by drawning attension to these places with warning signs its going to put people off, which is might !

But generally people who need drugs know its illegal anyway lol !

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