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Legalize Willie Nelson's Tour Bus

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I don't usually cover celebrity pot-bust stories, but the repeated harassment of Willie Nelson's tour bus is ridiculous and it needs to stop:

The strong odor of marijuana wafting from the window of a Willie Nelson tour bus led to six members of the country singer's entourage getting busted in Duplin County for possession of marijuana and three-fourths of a quart of moonshine, law enforcement officials said. [News Observer]

Seriously, if anyone has a problem with what a bunch of aging musicians do in their tour bus, then don't go in there. If these guys were a legitimate threat to public safety, it shouldn't take a probable cause search to catch them. If they'd run a Church choir off the highway wasted on shrooms and moonshine, that would be a different story, but they're super old and it's clear by now that they can be trusted.
To dispel any confusion, I propose federal legislation clarifying the right of Willie Nelson and his associates to do whatever they feel is necessary in order to have an awesome time. The smell of potent cannabis emanating from their tour bus should be interpreted as a sign that everything is fine.
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Willie and me

A few years back Willie played a very small venue here in Fort Myers. I knew the promoter and managed to end up on the bus. So, does that make ma an "associate"? That would be nice...especially if that federal legislation you're proposing becomes law!

Daniel Williams

A Man’s Bus is His Castle

The drug warriors just can't leave the celebrities alone.

Even as some states count down to the 2010 election when voters are expected to legalize marijuana, someone wants to enter the record books for sadistic pettiness by harassing a national icon like Willie Nelson and his tour group over something as trivial as pot.

No doubt the perpetrators of this insult to a great music legend will be able to read about themselves in the history books long after marijuana is legalized.  It’s a virtual guarantee history will have nothing good to say about the perpetrators of this nonsense.

Now that the damage is done, it might be appropriate if the monetary fine for the moonshine is greater than the fine for the marijuana.  Spotlighting the moonshine possession charge would send a better message to the children, or whatever.



Oh God! The world is coming to an end and the moral police need to bust someone for Pot and MOONSHINE. goosh! maybe someone made afew bucks so they could work. As our Govt. only cares about the fat cats from the major banks. Maybe spend more time and $$ going after the people that have messed up our economy instead.

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