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Medical Marijuana Has Nothing to do with Teenage Pot Smoking

The drug czar's shameful attempt to blame increased teenage pot use on the medical marijuana debate has already been ripped to confetti by almost every good drug policy writer on the web, but in case you haven't seen it, here he goes.

"We have been telling young people, particularly for the past couple years, that marijuana is medicine," the former Seattle police chief argued. "So it shouldn't be a great surprise to us that young people are now misperceiving the dangers or the risks around marijuana." [ABC News]

The very idea that debating the legalization of medical marijuana makes teens more inclined to indulge is just demonstrably false, but the absurdity of the accusation actually goes beyond that. Rather obviously, public pressure to protect patients was a reaction to deeply disturbing actions by federal agencies and pathetic intransigence by elected representatives with the power to uphold justice and compassion.

There would have been no debate about legalizing medical marijuana if you sick idiots had summoned the guts to do the right thing in the first place. We did indeed spend years working to educate the public about marijuana's medical value, and if we hadn't, patients might still be treated like common criminals everywhere in America. If even one person misunderstood our message about marijuana, the blame rests with those who obscured and obstructed the discussion for so long. We didn't want to spend 15 years making noise about this, but a staggering number of public officials abdicated their duty and forced us to take action again and again.

Teenagers looking for a buzz don't give a damn if it's medicine, but they do take note when the government gets caught lying about it at every turn. If these drug war scumbags want the attention of America's youth, maybe they should try saying something that isn't obvious bullshit for once.

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lying govt rotflmao

of course the govt. has posted outright lies. remember this is your brain on drugs,where they show a persons brain not on drugs, and the persons brain on drugs. i think it is widely known that the person who was supposedly on drugs was actually the brain scan of a 13 year old with mental retardation.

First off, to blame the

First off, to blame the increase in youth's partaking in pot, on just how medically beneficial marijuana has become, is ridicules. The people, like me, who go out and try to correct the governments wrong doings by telling the misinformed public about just how safe and effective this plant is, is why more kids are using it than any other drug and that's what the government is trying to stop, along with that whole wikileaks thing. but that's all it is, it's just the government, not wanting to admit they lied and that they were wrong. of course there are gonna be people who say we "as in the informed" are the ones to blame, because we are out there all the time telling people these so called lies, when in fact what we are saying is the truth, and nothing but the truth... seeing as how the government won't man up and instead keep wanting to make profit off of locking up these kids for using this "horrible" drug, and either giving them jail sentences or making them go through drug court and court referral. I've been busted, i've been through court referral, and i know how it all works. They convince you that your an addict, tell you to live sober, not even take prescription medications, and make you pay every month for their service, fines, fees and drug tests every month. they don't give 2 shits if you need help or not, they just want your money. and i for one, will never pay fines or fees or go through those asinine classes and meetings again... if i ever get busted again, i will tell them to shove those fees up their asses, and send me to jail... There is no point in locking pot users up or calling them an addict. I know this one guy who used to be my friend, until he got busted i think, and they put him through so much hell that he now has turned against pot, and despises anyone who uses it... why? because they told him it was wrong, illegal, and it would fuck up his entire future if he ever used it again, most likely.

stockholm syndrome

It's fucked up what they do to people like your friend. It's partly a type of "stockholm syndrome" ( in my opinion. It's also the same thing that happens to actual addicts. The ex addict is always the worst, because they conflate their newfound health with the stockholm syndrome. It's also the way society is built, "if you do drugs we'll treat you like shit, take away your freedom and tell you you're a disease to society; if you stop we'll give you back your dignity (partly), and you will be grateful."

Prohibitionists Believe Everything They Think

It’s bad enough when governments embrace highly questionable ideologies.  Rejecting all contradictory scientific evidence is even worse.  In fact, it’s Lysenkoism, defined as “the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.”  To fantasize a drug-free world around such a perverse ideology is simply pathological.

Flights from reality are never a good survival strategy.  In a jungle where reality bites, the wrong fantasy is likely to get people killed.

Thanks to the government’s endless river of drug war cash, instead of urban jungle survivalists, we have incompetent, authoritarian drug agents with guns and badges.  These drug agents are coddled in their nice, comfy, cushy government jobs in which far too few people expect anything from them, much less any accountability for the destruction prohibitionists inflict upon societies through their negligence and asinine assumptions.

If the prohibitionist thinks that cannabis consumption reduces people’s ability to play video games, they will simply state their ridiculous claim publicly, with no research or evidence to back it up.  They won’t even test their propaganda first on some unassuming cannabis consumer, who in any event will probably laugh in their faces at their ignorance.

It’s difficult to know what can be done about the prohibitionist once the drug war ends.  Cult deprogramming might be an option.  Re-education camps are a possibility.  It may be too late to prohibit the prohibitionist, to stop these idiots from once again doing damage to society.  In that case, prohibitionists may be forced to occupy the same jail cells they once reserved for their victims.


These drug warriors live in

These drug warriors live in another universe.  In their silly world, cannabis and its definition, along with real science that marijuana is relatively safe, are not happening.  Nearly 50% of the public thinks marijuana should be a legal, yet these warriors see reformers as whacked out druggies.  Children who are exposed to medical marijuana advertisements see it portrayed as accepted medicine for adults.  In the drug warriors feeble mind this is unacceptable and that kids should instead should be told unscientific propaganda that is not even in tune with popular belief. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling your children that marijuana is a plant from nature.  The government has made it illegal.  Although you see signs for medical marijuana, please stay away from this stuff.  When you are an adult, like we talked about gambling, you can decide about it then.

But in the sick drug warrior's mind children should be told that marijuana is a dangerous drug that is illegal period no questions!  You are not allowed to even consider that marijuana may be okay for adults.  For the drug warrior, keeping kids away from drugs is not some class room exercise, but rather a psycho-op scare sessions designed to put the fear of god into kids about drug use and consequences.

The drug czar and drug war are scams!  These con-artists want to blind kids from the truth so that can cram some agenda down their throats so that these drug warriors can maintain their job security.

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