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Feds Threaten Crackdown if Oakland Allows Large Marijuana Grows

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Here's another reminder that Obama's DOJ hasn't exactly forgotten about all that naughty medical marijuana commerce going on in California.

The Obama administration has warned Oakland over the licensing of four giant pot farms, saying the plan is in violation of state and federal law and could trigger multiple legal actions against the city.
Even though pot remains illegal under federal law, the Obama Administration has taken a hands-off approach to California's medical marijuana operators so long as they are in unambiguous compliance with state law.

However, after closely studying the Oakland plan some federal officials have concluded the ordinance violates state law because it treats pot farms as distinct business entities for tax purposes, thus severing the direct connection between cultivator and patient that underpins the legal standing of a medical marijuana collective or cooperative. [California Watch]

I'm sure Oakland officials are very appreciative that these federal prosecutors are helping them interpret and comply with their own state's laws under threat of federal prosecution. It is perfectly ridiculous that federal authorities spent years pretending California's medical marijuana didn't exist, only to now find themselves feigning concern for its integrity. And once violations of state law are alleged, as Obama's policy requires, the Feds are then free to bring down the hammer with the same blind recklessness that eroded all public support for federal medical marijuana enforcement in the first place.

It would be a real shame if Oakland rolls over on this, because you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to call DOJ's bluff when it comes to Holder's pledge to "vigorously enforce" federal law in medical marijuana states. Really, does anyone think Obama is going to prosecute the City of Oakland? I highly doubt it, and it will become necessary at some point to establish that fact if we intend to further reform marijuana policies in California or anywhere else.

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limp, pale, small. but potentially good

Another flaccid attempt to assert their nonexistent power over peaceful law abiding people.  The federal drug employment agency have so little public support. A part of me hopes that they do try to prosecute an entire state.

If they do, the case is likely to go up to the supreme court where the state will undoubtedly win.  Guess what that means!!!  WEED all round, weed for me, weed for you, and weed for everybody! 

Thank you Justice system, God bless America, God bless Cannabis,

F*ck th feds.

The Showdown

 This is the much needed showdown between States Rights and Federal Thuggery. There are 13 States that have made Medical Marijuana legal with a real mish-mash of that all means. Some States fully support the dispensary model while others struggle to control the who, what, where, why a person may open a dispensary.
 Oakland would be the idea place for supporters to rally and use as their preferred model. The revitalization of the area around Oaksterdamn and the amount of tax revenue the city enjoys could go a long way to bebunk much of the fear meme.

  It is way past time we held this issue up to a national  referendum and stop the prohibition.

Reschedule Marijuana and Hemp

Our government has become schitzoid on the subject of medical cannabis, with the DEA denying it is a medicine and the VA approving its' adjunct use in states that have legalized it.73% of the public approves of its' use as medicine. It is past time for the DEA to reschedule it so that research can continue as we are behind much of the planet when clinical trials are concerned.

I wonder if they've ever been

I wonder if they've ever been to Oakland. During riots. Over (usually) much more frivolous issues than this. I've never lived anywhere that the whole of downtown can be boarded up within 2 hours. Business owners are that good at it and ready for it here. 

A Showdown I'd Love To See

I'd really love to see this play out.  What could the DEA do?  Raid the city?  That would take a REALLY big SWAT team.  Arrest the city?  Or just arrest the elected officials who voted for this?  Knowing the feds, I'd bet they even come up with a way to seize the entire city under asset forfeiture.

Lawsuits are not the DEA's preferred plan of action. They can drag on for years, all the while dangerous drugs would be sold.  And they don't generate sensational headlines.  Nope.  This would call for a serious armed response, nothing less.  Lots of dogs getting shot and elderly people roughed up.  They could devote an entire episode of that DEA show to it.

Somebody should send this

Somebody should send this Holder and Obama an economics text book.  These morons can't be serious trying to bust people because they want to pay taxes.  These idiots should realize that if these growers are forced underground, only the criminals will get THE MONEY!  This Oakland thing is economic stimulus, green shoots, just what the country needs.  I hope Oakland fights back.  The Federal government is broke.  Make them spend more, and more and more money going after a failed policy.

Are drug cartels political donors?

Why oh why does our government fight so hard to maintain organized crime's monopoly on the cultivation and distribution of marijuana?  During the Prop 19 debate they briefly changed their tune, claimed cartels did not generate a lot of revenue from marijuana.  A few weeks after the election 20 tons of marijuana is found in an underground border tunnel.  I want my Obama campaign donations back.  I supposed Obama is better than McCain.  Not sure who I will vote for in 2012.  I'll probably write in Dennis Kucinich.  The answer to Sarah Palin's question: how is that hopey, changey thing working out for you?  Not so good...  At this rate, I don't really care if a Republican wins in 2012 since Obama will be furthering Republican policies regardless.  

Obama is not furthering GOP policies, instead

Electeds of both parties are furthering the agenda of the power elite, the agenda is neither Republican nor Democrat, it is warmongering, statist and authoritarian, and any candidate who is blessed by the press is going along with it.

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My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

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