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DEA Seeks Ebonics Translators to Decipher Black Peoples' Phone Conversations

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Ever since NAACP endorsed marijuana legalization in California, there's been a raging debate over whether the drug war targets black communities. Looks like the DEA just settled it.

ATLANTA  — Federal agents are seeking to hire Ebonics translators to help interpret wiretapped conversations involving targets of undercover drug investigations.

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently sent memos asking companies that provide translation services to help it find nine translators in the Southeast who are fluent in Ebonics, Special Agent Michael Sanders said Monday. [AP]

But don't get the wrong idea. This has nothing to do with the drug war being racist. They just need expert testimony to help win drug cases:

"You can maybe get a general idea of what they're saying, but you have to understand that this has to hold up in court," he said. "You need someone to say, 'I know what they mean when they say 'ballin' or 'pinching pennies.'"

Wait, is that drug slang? As dumb as all of this sounds, I'm beginning to envision a very real risk of the DEA bringing some jackass into court to randomly redefine words and incriminate people who could've been talking about anything. If they start asking for search warrants on the grounds that 'pinching pennies' means laundering money, that's a total nightmare and it's exactly the kind of crap we should probably expect from this.

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Look a here

Surely the "Drug War" isn`t going to go Racist`. Who in the Taxpay`ing hell, would fund this kind of madness? Is it the American Citizen?

funny as hell

Who ever you are that was funny as hell!!!!! WOW

Hilarious!  I think it speaks

Hilarious!  I think it speaks volumes that in today's society that movie would never be made.  Each culture wants to be recognized and treated equal, however; in America English is the language.  Not Spanish, not German, not Arabic and certainly not Ebonics.  When Americans finally stop with all the BS of racism then maybe we can focus on the issues at hand.  If you don't want to be treated differently based on certain segments then stop acting differently.  I am not saying we are all clones, but; we need to act as one country to further ourselves both individually and as a country.

And don't give me some line about slavery and all that.   Never, in all the books on slavery/history or anywhere else, do you read EBONICS in a single sentence. Nobody calling white people crackas, no christmas, no  "Cole me on the panny sty, and slap me down on da runny si"

No, I am not racist, I am AMERICAN and I speak English in a manner that my fellow AMERICAN can understand me.  If I am breaking the law then I deserve to be caught, I deserve to be punished.  It's called accountability and they should teach that right after ENGLISH class.

Unemployment, homelessness, child abuse, education standards and let us not forget the garbage going on in D.C. These are the issues that should be our focus.  We should stop with all the other crap and focus on our country.  Lock the borders, teach our children to have respect for themselves, their parents and authority.  Throw out anyone that hasn't followed the letter of the law to earn the right to be here and to hell with all these other countries.  We send money to everyone else for all their tragic events, but; who is helping us with ours?   Mexico isn't helping keep the drugs out... Columbia isn't stopping the manufacturing of the drugs, Afganistan - the world leader in opium production - isn't stopping anything. They all rely on the USA to come to the rescue and, quite frankly, I am tired of it.

Speaking of communication issues...

U sir are not helping in the least. Lock up the border? With what, a giant padlock? Your dream of a homogenous citizenry is never going to happen. U may as well go search for your own country to start, because the USA will never be what u demand, no matter how many rednecks go on shouting about it. Your limited understanding of what u take issue with is appallingly obvious. Please read more and speak less until you can add more to a discussion than idiocy that could only be construed as trolling. Good day.

just sounds racist to me

if ebonics is even a real languge which its not then i've mastered it. for being a white boy growing in a ghetto.but hey they are looking to hire some folks to translate shit i'll do it for em,for an honest paycheck for my not so honest work fucking up what they intended for me to do.  (agent noah what does He mean  by  I be ballin on the biggest slab,i bring that zipper of snowman bro?) it's simple he's just saying how he went and saw a chrismas movie last night,  agent smith; but isn't snowman a refernce to cocaine, agent noah umm noo that was so early 2000's now it means chrismas movies. humm that be nice to work for the DEA and just take a pay check while i single handlely cause the dea to keep back tracking and when ever i get caught fucking up their shit and they send me to trial i'll just be like what what i thought this was america not my fault they wanted to waste millions of dollars to be racist,i just did the public a favor by deciving these fucks who've deseve america you know tha land of the free brah


i want to apologize for my spelling and grammer being so poor,i dont check before i post comments, i just hope everybody understands it finds it a lil funny

kinda sounds like a cheech and chong movie...



 a comedy sketch like in living color or snl.


 Cole me on the panny sty, and slap me down on da runny si...

A Total act of desperation on

A Total act of desperation on the part of the DEA. And you know this is going to pass, the average American citizen will have to foot the bill & they will still be in the red as far as their arrest quota. Why you may ask, because the average dealer is smarter than most DEA agents. They will figure out another way of conducting their business, it's the fools on the corners that get caught not the man making the real chedda (pardon my ebonics... LOL)

Common Sense Translator

Guess they decided that a "common sense" translator would cost too much money.   Then again, if they started using common sense at one government entity, it might become contagious.   No way we could allow such a thing...  it would be good for the American public.

shweeet! where i apply

shweeet! where i apply at?????????

Ebonics ???? Pleaseeeeeeeeee

Im soo sick of this undercover racism, the "poe, poe" know damn well, they are going after everythang black and of color, white folk can continue to cook up" met", and upgrade their basement "met" labs and do there crank, with no interruption from the white racist cops of america,they will continue to turn a blind eye, and not care, cause they are getting kick backs themselfs, more power to ya, bigots!!!! Ebonics, yea, right....

That skit if from the Airplane

That skit is from the movie "Airplane" from the movies, that started either in the mid 70's early 80's ,I remember being about 30-35 years younger than i am now, and watching all of them and having the time of my life, i really like the guy with the white hair, i think his name was lesile something, and the women was the original "leave it to Beavers" mom, i use to watch her on tv as a kid everyday in black and white tv, colored tv wasnt invented yet, or maybe we couldnt afford it , with five girls and all.

That was Leslie Nielsen and

That was Leslie Nielsen and Barbara Billingsly and she was speaking "Jive".



If you think: "Ignorinze is blizz" then you must be an azz


            The bottom line is not that LEO's/Agencies are racist, they ALL HATE STUPID PEOPLE EQUALLY.  If you sound stupid, that does not in itself mean you are stupid, but you are extremely ignorant.  If you believe every defense attorney who comes up with a logical sounding defense, for example: 

“Your good people of the jury, my clients were on 9th st and MLK BLVD at the time of the alleged offense.  They were simply looking to “pinch pennies” on an “8 ball” so they didn’t have to pay the extra charges on their Boost mobile internet phone to place an order for one.  And ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that does not qualify as breaking the law.”

English is the official language of the US.  PERIOD.  That means that if you’re Hispanic, and you live in the US legally and want help from Law enforcement, you need to speak English.  Quit requesting a Spanish speaking officer.  They are extremely far and few between.  If you are BLACK and speak a native language such as Ethiopian and have legally moved to the US, you probably speak far better English (YOU DO) then the native BLACK people who think Ebonics is a real language (IT IS NOT).  It is a lazy person’s way out of clearly enunciating and to confuse others, who may be listening in the vicinity or in the case of the DEA, wiretaps.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out “pinchin pennies” and “8 ball” are code for something.  If you need an education on those terms, go on out to your local “hood” and ask the guy on the corner for one.  While you’re at it, keep a mental note as to ethnic background and proper “encoded English”.  Also keep in mind (if your comparing) an illegal alien (Hispanic person) or even a legal one, does make, and keep making attempts to speak ENGLISH, and if they can’t they say “no obla English”.  When was the last time you heard “Bra me ignoant n kant e-e-e-nun—c8 popry, pees fo give me”?

Before any of you de-dee-dee bleeding hearts accuse me of being racist, I HATE IGNORANT, STUPID PEOPLE too, this means in simple plain English if you can’t speak and enunciate clearly, then a TRANSLATOR should be called in.  A well qualified translator, not some Joe Noah, M&M “wanna be” who clearly doesn’t respect anything/anybody other then himself.  Who might be qualified you ask?  OH I don’t know, maybe the people who decipher coded transmissions, the people who figured out what the code meant.  DE-DEE-DEE. 

Most of you people have no idea how to prepare a case, nor the length of time it takes to prepare a case and surly do not have any idea the legal requirements involved.  You run your ignorant mouths before you determine what you can/can’t do (hence educating yourself through verified sources, not the internet).  Defense attorneys are paid to “act” and make up the best BS story they can once they know you’re guilty.  Don’t kid yourself; they know when you’re guilty, just like the people who arrested you.  So the moral of the story is:

Knowing is half the battle, and for most of the US Citizens (article writer included), don’t know (hence you lose!), and there for are not qualified to give their professional opinions. That’s why we have freedom of speech/press; it covers the ignorance gap and gives you the right to remain STUPID/IGNORANT.  Lucky you.

To all the DE-DEE-DEE’s, shut the hell up.

I thought pinchin' pennies

I thought pinchin' pennies was saving money? 

Oh that awful, awful burden of proof.  Let's let some "expert" determine what someone might have been talking about and the absurd length of their prison sentence.  Hey, as long as we're allowing the gubment to apply objective interpretations to something subjective, context based, and pretty much entirely unprovable, let's just go ahead and toss Rod Blagovich right into the can for the rest of his life.


Oh, right.  We're not going to do that because he's a rich white man that can afford to pay a team of lawyers that give half a shit about keeping him out of prison so that they can continue being paid.

Sounds like someone's coming

Sounds like someone's coming from the white... Er, right side of the thin blue line. Please, observe my response to "justplaintired" and apply it to yourself.

this is for BSneverstops

Yes u r a Racist, I repeat RACISTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if somebody doesnt agree with your ignorant stupid ass, you call them names, by the way, im coming down to your level. You sound light one of those "bottom feeding" lawyers. You know the ones, the ambulance chasing ones, like yourself, who couldnt win a case, if he was representing the POPE in rome. You forgot to mention, what about those white people in iowa and there "met" lab and met addictions??

whos going to translate "Hillbilly talk" a.k.a Redneck language

you going to need a translater for the hillbilly talk or redneck talk for all the white folk dealing and taking "Met", any takers?????

I believe it is spelled

I believe it is spelled "meth" Mrs. Madoff. Just saying. And I sort of need a translator for your comments.


But if a black man says the "no" word to Ebonics, and what if he was Bill Cosby, would that say something about this backward trend?  I support the DEA move, only I hope it doesn't get to become a large bureaucracy.

open conversation about (illicit) activities

Hey Americans, my husband is from England and back some time ago there was a thing called Cockney slang. It was designed so that those "in the know" could talk to each other, and those not in the know, cops, wouldn't know what they were saying. If you ever hear someone doing it right it is a blast to hear. Of course the bobbies eventually figured it out. It just happens that in this case it is an urban based slang spoken by some folks, black and white, that the cops aren't savvy to yet. 

This is for "Mrs. Bernie Madoff"

Humm.  I see that you really didn’t read the post.  If you had understood it, since it was clearly written, and I will quote exactly what I posted, since obviously you are putting words in the post that weren’t there.

“Before any of you de-dee-dee bleeding hearts accuse me of being racist, I HATE IGNORANT, STUPID PEOPLE too, this means in simple plain English if you can’t speak and enunciate clearly, then a TRANSLATOR should be called in.”

Last I checked “PEOPLE” pretty much covered EVERYBODY.  So thanks for proving my point and your obvious stupidity.  Note I said STUPIDITY, not ignorance.  To clarify that for you, people includes WHITES, NATIVE AMERICANS, JEWS, HISPANICS, ASIAINS, EUROPIANS, BLACKS/AFRO-AMRICANS (which ever term you prefer, which I didn’t list, and you know you use it) AND the plethora of PEOPLE/RACES that I didn’t list.

As for the bottom lawyer,  LOLOLOL  LMAO.  Isn’t that who you hired for your case?  No no, you had the judge assign a public defender, my bad.  It’s clear in your writing the anger and resentment against authority.  Look, EVERYBODY knows if your are following the Law then “Authority” shouldn’t scare you.  They don’t bother me.  EVERYBODY also knows that on occasion “Authority” clearly oversteps its bounds.  That in itself doesn’t make every LEO/Attorney a bad apple/dirt bag (again you would use a different term).  So do yourself a favor, get out of the drug business, get a real education (not street), get a real job (that requires more than standing on the corner) and don’t worry about the “Authorities”.  For the most part they DO, DO THE BEST THEY CAN WITH WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN.  Most of all, try worrying about yourself instead of the white redneck cooking meth.  If you can’t seem to ignore it, maybe you should do your civic duty and REPORT IT to the “AUTHORITIES”.  I know you won’t do that, due to the “code” but eventually they will get caught just like you.  And just like you, they will have the same resentment.

Peace out my brothers/sisters, I’m done here.

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