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Judge Orders Man to Write Report on Why Medical Marijuana is Bad

I guess it’s better than sending them to jail, but forcing offenders to draft political opinions smacks of drug war brainwashing.

GARDNVERVILLE, Nev.—A Nevada judge has issued a homework assignment in the form of an unusual sentence for a 25-year-old Sacramento man who sold marijuana to a police informant in a casino parking lot at Lake Tahoe.

District Judge Dave Gamble ordered Matthew Palazzolo to write a report on what the judge called the "nonsensical character" of California's medical marijuana law.

Gamble gave Palazzolo 90 days to complete the paper discussing his self-admitted realization that marijuana was a gateway drug that led him to use more powerful narcotics.

Palazzolo's attorney Derrick Lopez said the arrest and substance abuse treatment convinced his client he had a drug problem. [AP]

Well, it's a good thing they arrested him, otherwise he'd never have learned that doing drugs leads to problems like getting arrested. Of course, it's possible that Palazzolo had serious problems with drugs, but anyone who's arrested for a marijuana offense and tossed in front of a judge is liable to say something like that. No one goes in front of the judge and says they were selling pot to get money for fancy clothes.

So yeah, there are plenty of reports to be written about the "nonsensical character" of our marijuana laws, but California's policy of not arresting medical users isn't exactly where I'd begin.

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment—Violating the Eighth Amendment

It is cruel to force a rational human being to conjure up reasons why the laws against marijuana should exist.  For any reasonable person, the assignment would make their head explode.

What this sample of cruel and unusual punishment really demonstrates is that it’s not possible to use the coercive power of the state to force someone to be stupid.  Reason prevails over torture or threats of torture.  That’s why torture never works.  That’s why the drug war has failed.

Regarding the unusual aspects of this sentence, there is an enlightened judge who takes the unusual approach of sentencing young scofflaws to reading assignments and book reports.

I think that’s what is missing from the Nevada judge’s unusual sentence.  I think the best way to fulfill Judge Gamble’s essay assignment is first of all for Matthew Palazzolo to read Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal, in which Swift suggests the impoverished Irish feed their children to rich gentleman and ladies as a way of making money.  

Afterwards, Mr. Palazzolo could model his essay on Swift’s literary approach.  After all, the drug war really does eat its children.


How the cycle is perpetuated

They bust a kid for pot.They send him to court where he says all the right things,I'm sorry,I was an addict,I'll never do it again etc.The judge sends him to a rehab for 30,60,90 days and the kid probably can't wait to get away from all these losers so he can go home and smoke with his buddies.Meanwhile,he is now a statistic that shows that more people are in rehab for marijuana than all other drugs combined.Of course there are,the courts send them there.99% of the people in rehab for pot have no drug problem other than that they were arrested for possession.I don't want anyone to think my comment about losers was meant to put down people in rehab who need to be there.My daughter and the mother of my grandchildren is currently in rehab for cocaine "addiction".She was a sniffer and I don't think the cocaine was her real problem but that's personal and that's enough about that.Marijuana is not addictive and sending a person to rehab for a non existent problem is the way the government justifies their drug war.Meanwhile,addicts who might have a shot at quitting are sent straight to prison.I have been there and done that and once a person is placed in that environment it's all over.I can't say that I know of anyone who did time for drugs and got out and went on to live a clean life.It could be that I wouldn't know if it happened due to my lifestyle,but I knew most of the junkies in the pen and I saw them all when I was out because they used to buy drugs from me.Sending pot smokers to rehab is better than sending them to prison but it makes no sense unless you're trying to perpetuate a drug war with meaningless statistics.When the government isn't smuggling drugs into the country to pay for their fire fighting wars,they're sending kids to rehab to justify their drug war.It's a major fraud.

Sue this Judge Gamble from Nevada ,for denial of science...

Phony gambling is legal,yet precious cannabis is something your forced to "bear false witness" against your sacrament . They throw you to the LIONS if you don't give up all your rights-creedal beliefs. Slave ship AmeriKKKa.

Judge Orders Man to Write Report on Why Medical Marijuana is Bad

Good going Judge whoever you are....forcing someone to LIE.......

Tobacco products kill more people annually than all deaths from narcotics combined........

Marijuana is not a can't die from smoking too much of it.

If this Judge had a medical condition that only marijuana would help with.....he'd be smoking it.

anyone else find it funny....

Anyone else find it funny that the man is caught outside of a casino and the name of the judge is Gamble?  Not trying to make light of this situation, but you just cant make that shit up!

Freedom of Speech

Ok is it just me or is this a violation of Palazzolo's freedom of speech. To be forced to write a paper advocating someone else's opinion by the court system is unconstitutional and unjust. Basically the judge has stated either you write a paper saying you think what I want you to think, or I'll throw you in jail. This judge should be disbarred.

aside from slavery...

imho marijuana prohibition has been the greatest civil injustice in American history. anyone whos bullheaded enough to support mj prohibition should also have the stomach to watch some of the videos on the internet coming out of Mexico of the very slow, very gruesome, videos of the almost daily beheadings taking place there. after all, they are a direct result of prohibition ... (Blog Del Narco)

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