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A Trillion Drug War Dollars

Houston-area journalist Clarence Walker reflects on a trillion drug war dollars spent in: President Obama's New Drug War Strategy and the Low-Down on 'America's Trillion Dollar Dope Game'

How much is a trillion dollars worth to you?

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I feel like I just walked through a pile of shit; a really deep and long pile.  All those words; all that posturing and posing; in defense of a lie.  Seriously, does anyone actually believe that any government program would continue to be funded for 40 years if it consistently failed to meet its stated objectives?  Curbing drug use.  Give me a freakin' break.  As I refuse to believe that the leaders of the most powerful nation on Earth are idiots, I can only conclude that they think we are. 


I don't know if "rita" sincerely believes that the 40 year drug war has been effective.  That the "War on Drugs" "has failed to meet its stated objectives" is a benign understatement.  The "War on Drugs" has increased the profit margin for the dealers and cartels, contributed in substantial part to the 2.2 million persons incarcerated (the largest percentage of the population in the free world), significantly contributed to the increase in the bottom line of the private prison industry, caused an extremely sharp uptick in the incidents of police corruption across the nation and has NOT reduced the consumption of drugs in this country one bit.  Alcohol prohibition contributed to the creation of La Cosa Nostra in America in the 20's and 30's as has the drug prohibition contributed to the drug cartels and related drug warfare.  We are repeating history.


 You forgot to mention that we must not have learned anything from probation ! We must sue for peace , the country cannot keep fighting it's own people for a pile of lies that started the war in the first place. I'm sick of seeing this and the ruined lives around the world everyday. Sure we could find something for these people to do instead of hunt down and kill each other because of lies that were started a hundred years ago. This is the information age , lets use it to change the World.

motorcyclemessiah's picture

too true

i am so sick of the victimization of our drug laws i set my self up to be busted for manufacture of amphetamine .as the only way a poor man could challenge our drug laws my case is on 21st april parramatta court but my legal argument should see the fall of many countrys drug laws since many are based on British justice we can only hope .regards the messiah

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what a criminal waste of money.

the people putting up the money for this are the people most likely to be victims of this Nazi denial of mans god given free will ,how dare the state interfere in peoples choices to the extent that those that disagree with a basicaly stupid concept that drugs are bad ,are forced into lives of crime because of a corrupt class of parasites  that has sprung up to exploit them and they have the power and their victims have no political representation .but i am surprised that a black president has such enthusiasm for the continued exploitation of his own people .if i was black and living in the states i would be calling fro him to be tryed for treason for declaring a drug war on his own people.regards the motorcycle messiah.

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