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Gary Johnson Says Legalize Marijuana on MSNBC

If you want to legalize marijuana as badly as I do, it's time to start paying attention to Gary Johnson. This MSNBC interview is just a preview of the awesomeness that's going to happen when he runs for president in 2012.

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Legalize it for adults 21 & older

 Legal it for adults 21 & older. Prohibition has done nothing to prevent anyone who wants it to get it. Regulate it via legalization & destroy the main source of income for drug gangs. License the farming & sales. The criminals won't be able or willing to compete with the free market. Drug dealers don't pay taxes & they don't card for age.  The re-legalization of alcohol ended the carnage of prohibition's bootlegger wars, tainted product, & generated much needed taxes. The same will be true when cannabis is re-legalized for the 1st time since 1937. Bye bye bad guys.

Gary Johnson Rules

Gary Johnson is one of the only politicians out there who I feel comfortable supporting.  The guy is an oasis of rational thinking in a desert of political posturing.  Republicans who oppose the drug war are almost always more principled about it than weak-kneed Democrats who can't help but look at the issue from a purely paternalist viewpoint.  I'd still say that, overall, the Dems are more reform-friendly than the GOP -- but the Republicans could take the country by storm if they dropped their culture war baggage and started behaving more like Gary Johnson.  Unfortunately I still don't think they're at a tipping point there, and I don't expect Johnson to make much of a dent in the primaries.  For shame.

Trusting Gary

As governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson advocated an end to the drug war.  Now he only supports ending the prohibition against cannabis.  I imagine this is to allow him to better fit into his 2012 running suit, but it exposes a certain lack of conviction for the sake of sounding less extreme.  It would appear, however, that continuing to support the prohibition of all other drugs - and, therefore, the continuation of the drug war - is the more extreme position.


Let's not forget how we all got excited when Obama said he was going to change drug policy.  Once bitten, twice shy... 

Is he really "supporting" prohibition though?

First of all, if we're talking about the low hanging fruit of the drug war, cannabis is where it's at.  It is by far the most-used illicit substance, generating by far the most revenue.  It is also about as dangerous as coffee -- if that -- and yet accounts for the vast majority of drug arrests in this country.  In short, a world with legal cannabis and continued prohibition of other drugs, while not ideal, would be much better than our world today and would put a serious dent in all drug war ideology.

Secondly, is Johnson really actively supporting the continued prohibition of "hard" drugs, or is he simply prioritizing?  Public support for legalized heroin, cocaine, etc is south of 10% -- in other words, it ain't gonna happen any time soon.  So not only is cannabis legalization the most (or, essentially, the only) politically viable area of attack against the drug war, but it's an important development if people are ever going to start questioning the logic of prohibition as it relates to the more dangerous substances.

You could be right -- perhaps it's true that Johnson is a shape-shifting paternalist who has no real interest in freeing people from wrong-headed and immoral government intervention.  But I don't think that's the case; I think he's one of the brighter political stars out there for those of us who oppose drug prohibition, and is simply politically prioritizing his efforts.

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be assured

Be assured that Johnson is a legalizer. He is politically prioritizing his efforts, as Rhayader suggested. His history in this issue goes back to 1999, when he was the first sitting governor to talk about legalization. While he has not always been specific about how to handle the other drugs, it's been clear that he is basically a legalizer.

MSNBC is always full of shit

The people at MSNBS are full of shit. Plain and simple. All they're good at is spinning words around and making people sound like fascist goons; Socialist goons if you watch FAUX news. All the MSM outlets politicize every issue they touch instead of debating, which only benefits the "politicians" they critisize. If people keep on relying on MSNBC, FOX or CNN then forget it. At least MSNBC did one good thing, they kept Alex Jones in the fringes of the internets.

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They also put Gary Johnson on

They also put Gary Johnson on TV to talk about legalization -- a good thing.

MSNBC is about as good as you're gonna get on this issue


MSNBC is about as good as you're gonna get on this issue so far as cable news coverage goes...

although it really depends on who's show you're watching. The attitude /approach on this is different depending on the show and the Host(s) that day.

The morning shows are different than both the afternoon shows, and the evening shows. And as for the channel overall - MSNBC is probably the most open to MJ legalization. Hosts Willie Geist, Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygur, are your best bets for Morning/Daytime - and pretty much any of the Evening/Night hosts are (AFAIK) all fairly open to ending the war on drugs, MJ legalization or at the very least decriminalization & medical use.

CNN has a few folks there that seem open to the common sense view of  - 'Well, we may as well legalize and regulate it because we obviously can't stop people from using it',

Judge Napolitano in his show 'Freedom Watch' on the Fox Business Channel (it's on 3 times IIRC on once on Saturday & twice on Sunday = it's easiest to catch this online the next day or so afterwards). Anywho, he's Libertarian enough to be open to the same sort of logic, and the idea that it's no one else's place to say what an adult can ingest - if they choose to do so. It's the "Sovereignty of Body" line of thinking, that is a "live and let live" deal. Although, I often don't care for many of his other opinions/attitudes... but that stuff is easily skippable online.

Also on Fox Business is John Stossel who's often surprisingly reasonable - he also has libertarian views on Civil Liberties/Personal Freedom and he's against the Prohibition of basically everything you can think of  = pornography, marijuana, gambling, ticket scalping, prostitution, homosexual activity, and assisted suicide.

Still, though I hear ya... I can't stand the regular "Faux News", about a half the CNN folks, and a handful of the MSNBC crew.

If your awake early - you might check out Willie Geist on "Way Too Early" then "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

Dylan Ratigan, in the afternoon and then Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow in the evening. And of course (personally) I make time for the Daily Show & Colbert Report as well - gotta have a bit of levity thrown in there!

do it

Look if we(the u.s.) would legalize marijuana, we could generate billions of dollars. More than 60percent support legalizing it,so why is the government not listing. I say we the people should rise up, and tell the government what is is that we the people want, not what our elected officials what..

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