Crazy Man Leads Opposition to Marijuana Legalization in California

Bishop Ron Allen has been one of the loudest opponents of Prop 19. As this interview shows, he's also a raving paranoid nutjob who knows next to nothing about drug policy:

SSDP's Aaron Houston does a great job infusing some sanity into the conversation, but Allen's wild ranting and bizarre closing remarks completely stole the show.

When our opposition begins putting people like this on stage, you start to get the feeling that it's just a matter of time before they get swept up in some grand fiasco of their own making. The leaders of the anti-gay movement keep getting caught in awesome gay situations, and I can only imagine what some of these anti-drug zealots are up to when they're not busy trying to scare the crap out of everyone.

Although, I suppose it would be pretty hard to top this.

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Aaron Houston should tour around the country with this guy.

[email protected]  If I didn't know better, I would have thought this guy was parodying prohibitionist rhetoric on Comedy Central.  I imagine this outrageous rant would be jaw-dropping even for Calvina Fay. 


So funny my sides hurt

For a christian bishop,

For a christian bishop, dude sure is a ____.

Mr. Houston needs to remember to mention that children will be better protected when we legalize and regulate marijuana, just as with alcohol and tobacco.  We are the ones who care about children more, not the prohibitionists, and that is the simple truth backed up with facts.

obligatory seedy pot smoking on tv debate

There's a guy in the background smoking a joint. Is it David Borden? It looks a lot like him.

Has this guy even read the bible?

How can he even  begin to reconcile what he said with Gen. 1:29-31.  I think Tom Jefferson said it best, we hold these truths to be self-evident.  I guess that the bishop doesn't really believe that Jesus came to set the captives free.  He probably doesn't have a prison ministry either.

Well........That's that; The

Well........That's that; The Bishops arguments were so innovative and convincing that I cannot understand why all within hearing range do not immediately turn in their neighbors, parents and children or anyone else suspected of dabbling in the cauldron of evil that is "Marijuana"

Prohibitionists Are Out of Touch With Reality

Well, the bishop went into how all these different drugs have different effects.  I have experience with alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and marijuana.  Alcohol makes me feel bloated, caffeine makes me feel jittery, and cigarettes make me feel like I'm going to throw up.  What about marijuana?  It makes me feel like my whole body has been flushed with spiritual light.  I feel like I've got a soft, relaxing glow around me.  Why should that be illegal when the three legal alternatives make me feel ultimately like garbage?  It makes me think that the people who make drug policy WANT us to feel like a trash heap.  Why?  Marijuana flushes every kind of pain I have out of my body in just a few puffs.  To think I could be arrested and thrown in jail for that makes my heart race with fury.  I'm simply astounded by the degree of dissonance of reality between prohibitionists and marijuana proponents, and so many of the prohibitionists don't even have any personal experience with marijuana.  How can they be so vehement about their views in the truth of such obvious ignorance?  Furthermore, if they can't see that prohibition and a black market are at the root of violence in the drug trade, then their cognitive deficits should disqualify their opinions in any marijuana legalization debate.  Quite simply, they don't know what they're talking about.


Houston has it right. He always will. Bishop Allen needs to go work for Fox News, he would fit right in, and maybe him and Rush L-bag could take some legal pills and talk about "dope". The reason they call it dope is because people like that could not think of a better word. We already have laws that protect children, and sentences to accompany them. I think it is currently 4x the penalty for selling weed to a minor in my state.


what is really surprising is how a man of the cloth can be so ignorant and misinformed,I thought one of the roles of a man of god is to show compassion to your fellow man and to help the sick and dying to be compassionate and merciful.He has said in the past he was a former crack addict,well the way he rants and raves and carries on sounds like he is still strung out on something.It is easier for teens to get cannibas now then it would be if Prop 19 is passed,its the drug dealers on the black market who don't discriminate on age,they don;t care how old these kids are they sell to with full legalization we take that out of there hands and stop them from selling to kids

Ha Ha oh my gosh that bishop

Ha Ha oh my gosh that bishop doesnt know what he is talking about. stuttering and spitting out different drug names. he barely answered any of the questions. further proof the drug war doesnt have shit to back it up any more. i mean the drug war on cannabis. 


This guy has severe brain damage. We need to get him on every news channel. It's perplexing why anybody would think he'd make a good spokesman. Are things really this bad for the prohibs that this is all they've got?

Yes, I saw the wild,

Yes, I saw the wild, psychotic look in the bishop's eyes when he was trying to answer questions.  The legalization proponent was calm and obviously more thoughtful and intelligent.

Bishop Ron Allen Chatters Like an Angry Tree Squirrel

If the video is an example of the verbal delivery Ron Allen uses in his church sermons, it’s hard to believe he’s funded by church members.  There can’t be that many who choose to sit and suffer in his church pews.

If Bishop Allen is being funded by the drug cartels to defeat Prop 19, then the cartels need to re-examine their investment.  Allen’s senseless dialogue just doesn’t reach.


Can someone give me a clue to

Can someone give me a clue to explain how the inmates got to be in charge of the asylum? Seriously, it is totally baffling to me how a man like "Bishop" Allen is taken as anything other than a lunatic? Also, is his first name "Bishop", or is that supposed to be a title? If it's a title, who is it that conferred on him that status, or is he a self declared "bishop"?

Can someone give me a clue to

Duncan asked: Also, is his first name "Bishop", or is that supposed to be a title? If it's a title, who is it that conferred on him that status, or is he a self declared "bishop"?

Here are the emails I sent inquiring, under my real name and citing my academic credentials to the Bishop's website:

July 18, 2010: "Though I searched I was unable to find the resume for Dr. Allen ( per the website,, "Please Reference Resume"). Specifically I am looking for what educational institutions were attended, and from what denomination is Bishop Allen ordained. Thanks in advance for providing a link to this information."

I received no response.  On July 21 I followed up with this email:

"Sorry you haven't had a chance to respond to my inquiry. Specifically I am asking, what college and theological school did Dr. Bishop Allen attend, who awarded his doctoral degree (earned or honorary and if earned, the title of his doctoral dissertation), and the name of the ordaining body.

Thanks in advance for your response,"

On July 23 I received the following from one of his associates from his website:

"Bishop Allen's schedule has been very busy and I am in the proccess [sic] of handling your request.  Thank you for your patience and consideratioin [sic].

Best regards,"

He has been too busy weed warrioring to get back to me. Without disparaging his ministry to his congregation, when it comes to being a public policy maven he is obviously uneducated and shows a lack of commitment to the Gospel of Social Justice. Yet as I stated before, rather than getting angry at him, he should be encouraged. His crazy, ignorant ranting contrasted to the reasonableness of the anti-prohibitionists can only help.


Not only is he a lunatic,

Not only is he a lunatic, he's a liar. UK never tried legalizing all drugs, and as a matter of fact have some of the toughest laws in the EU.

Mexico did not legalize all drugs, they decriminalized small amounts for personal possession but you still have to get it from an illegal source. Decriminalization is the worst policy choice for a society available by leaps and bounds.

It is simply amazing thjat a bald faced, unashamed liar like "Bishop" Allen gets anyone paying attention except for the 'train wreck' appeal of his lunacy.

It seems I was able to answer my question above, he is a self anointed "bishop". What kind of hubris must a lunatic like "Bishop Allen" must suffer to be driven to declare himself a bishop.


A little more on point, the question of why sweetening cannabinoid edibles occurs is not being addressed. It's really very, very simple. Cannaibs tastes absolutely terrible, even when prepared by experienced producers. The reason why sweets, chocolate in particular, are historically the preferred food with which to deliver edible cannabis is because these foods do the best job of covering that nasty flavor.

There is no one that is actively trying to market cannabis edibles to the youth of America. It is simply absurd to claim that adults don't like sweets or stuff that tastes good.

undrgrndgirl's picture


it is a palatable way to get medically used cannabis into the patient...those with cancer and aids wasting syndromes have a difficult time eating and keeping food them something they enjoy eating like a cookie or brownie also gives a caloric boost...and i've heard (from cancer and aids patients) that chocolate also helps keep the food down...

i use cannabis for fibromyalgia and insomnia and find that eating gives me better relief...though personally i prefer savory to sweet and don't need the calories!

All good points!

I couldn't agree with you more! I can't believe Fox News puts him on, I have tried writing Fox about him and iI skillfully debunked every lie that spewed from out his lips! Probably fell on deaf ears though since I got no response And he is not the only idiot out there, I was watching fox news Tuesday morning and the cute lady had some DEA putz on. As I listened to his hat full of lies and tried not to regurgitate, The young lady says that she had done some research (not quite enough obviously cuz she let him have the last word with out a rebuttal) and that Portugal had legalized and not only did violence diminish but so did use! And he says arrogantly, Well, I'm in the business and those stated facts simply are not true... and she's like " Your the Professional"  and leaves it at that.... I wanted to throw the remote at my friggin flat screen!!!!

undrgrndgirl's picture

the "journalist"...

is a twit...and the bishop looks like he's on crack...

The Anti-Legalization camp as

The Anti-Legalization camp as of late has reminded me much of John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008, in which they continually change their narrative, desperately hoping to find something that will stick. They really pushed the "drugged driving" angle in the first half of the year with little success. Then there seemed to a concentrated effort to push the classic "think of the children" angle alongside the old gateway drug paranoia. Now the largest theme they have going seems to be: "well, yes, marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco, this is true, but do we really need ANOTHER legal mind altering substance?!" During all of this, the Pro-Legalization side has remained consistent in their logic and reasoning, we've had all our cards down from the get go, and many people who wouldn't have in the past are beginning to recognize our side as the more sensible one.

Consider the Source

A former crack addict comes out against marijuana. Whatever.

Hire the Bishop!

Prop 19 supporters would do well to hire this modern day Billy Sunday and encourage him  to give as many interviews as possible.

What segregationist Bull Connor inadvertently did to promote the cause or racial equality, Dr/Bishop Allen can do for the cause of marijuana legalization.

I don't want to know what

I don't want to know what this guy was like back when he was still on crack.
borden's picture

good one

Good one!

Bishop Ron Allen

Pervading nationalism imposes its dominion on man today in many different forms and with an aggressiveness that spares no one. The challenge that is already with us is the temptation to accept as true freedom what in reality is only a new form of slavery.
(Pope John Paul II)


I just could not have said it better myself....


This 'anchorwoman' clearly watches fox to learn how 'nespeople' behave.

The Reverend is totally misinformed and dosent even try to hide it...

Hypocrisy root of all evil

Bishop Allen is a good example of the warnings in the holy Bible about such men!They pretend to be men of God but we know better.They serve themselves first and leave destruction in there wake.Repent Bishop Allen and speak the truth.I salute Uncle Tom Allen for his true ties to extreme right wingers who have one consuming agenda to destroy Americas individual rights by the true men of God America founding fathers.God Bless America indeed!

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