How Can We Prevent Pot Growing in Our National Forests?

There is some seriously messed up stuff going down in the woods:

LOS ANGELES — A juvenile arrested for tending marijuana crops in California told investigators he had been forced to work for illegal pot growers to pay off his debt to an immigrant smuggler, authorities said Monday.

Ventura County sheriff's Sgt. Mike Horne said he was concerned such forced labor of young migrants could become a trend on marijuana plantations.

[Detective] Wagner said suspected growers often tell him they were picked up outside a day labor center or from a street corner and whisked into the forest with no idea where they were headed.

When they get to the grow site, usually in a remote location, they are unable to make their way back into town and have little choice except to look after the crop in hopes of getting paid at the end of the season, Wagner said.

"They are kind of stuck," he said. "They kind of are just dumped out there." [AP]

This is ridiculous. Just think for a second how crazy it is that people are being stranded in remote forests and forced to cultivate marijuana, and yet the people who actually want to grow marijuana on their own property aren't allowed to.

I just continue to be amazed that there remain so many among us who actually think we're handling the marijuana situation correctly. I mean, really, just look at what's going on here and tell me what it is about any of this that makes sense to you. The gangs are getting rich, the stoners are getting stoned, the cops are off in the woods with weed-whackers instead of solving crimes in our communities, and all of this persists despite the billions we've spent and the decades we've been fighting this war.

It's a lesson some people won't learn until after legalization takes effect and the hundreds of stupid prohibition problems that surround us finally begin to come unraveled for all to see.

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Legalization is the answer

 Legalizing marijuana for personal consumption is the solution to marijuana cultivation in our national forests. It is as simple as that. I live in our sierra nevada mountains and have never in my entire life witnessed nor even heard of legal crops being cultivated in our forests. I never heard of guerrilla growing of corn, cotton, or brussell sprouts let alone anyone being forced into tending those crops against their will. Regulators know precisely where to go to inspect legal crops for compliance with rules associated with legal crops such as pesticide use and types of pesticide that is being applied. They know exactly who is growing what, at least on a commercial scale, and precisely where they are growing it.

 The idiocy of prohibition is what has caused the vast majority of public issues concerning marijuana, its cultivation and use. With one simple change in the laws regarding marijuana, the legalization and regulation of the substance, the vast majority of issues associated with marijuana would almost completely disappear and practically overnight to boot. No gang or Mexican cartel has ever even tried to support their operation with any other legal crop. There are no black market corn cartels.

 Hopefully the insanity that is marijuana prohibition will finally come to an end and common sense can once again exert itself.

greenrushmovie's picture

Migrant Growers Story

We have been following several Northern California marijuana growers in an attempt to show that even with state guidelines, they are not safe.  In our documentary, "The Green Rush" one of our farmers hires migrant workers to tend his crops.  These workers, though undocumented have put themselves in a dangerous situation and often live in fear of deportation and worse, imprisonment.  Now, I am not defending the hiring of illegals, but the labor is cost effective and they live secretive lives already, so they are a good fit for a pot operation.

In the end, both the farm owners and workers get screwed because of greed and corruption.  Our film will give you an insight into this notoriously dangerous profession.  Aside from the migrant farm, we feature a Mom & Pop operation which includes their children, who have been around it all their lives.  The tension between NorCal locals and Mexican workers is thick.  With Mexican drug cartels tagged as the downfall of any strides we've made with California law, people want to categorize ALL Mexicans as cartel associates.  Like on many golf courses, orchards and vineyards, migrant work continues to be an affordable means of production.  This way of life and work has definitely been intertwined into all other fruit and vegetable production, it shouldn't be any different for marijuana.

Please watch our perspective on this very relevant topic.  The whole movie is available on HULU for free:

Decriminalizing Cannabis

Let's start by looking at this number $38.5 billion dollar a year industry and growing quickly.  Super seeding over tobacco, corn and wheat.  This means that the average broke joke farmer who use to grow crops like corn and wheat now cease to exist.  Now the farmer is out of money and nothing to show for it cuz our gov't shut him down cuz he cant grow crops.  Next step cultivate marijuana bring back money into the system, help out the people who are middle class and poor to get back on there feet creating a better life in the end while the wealthy people like Philip Morris multi billionaire guy who owns tobacco rights and farms could just step back for a little bit and let the other people catch up so that we act like one unit a team. 

     Unfortunately that's easier said then done, as time moves forward and California is clearly on this rise of legalization then we will have a tremendous success rate.  Bring back money into the system, not wasting it on unlawful arrests or paying these officers who try to uphold the law with a weed wacker.  What kinda crack is that?   As this industry continues to expand Hydroponics sales are skyrocketing through the roof, you see the dispensaries coming out of the wood works, Oakland city just OKed 100,000sqft indoor cannabis cultivation units, New Jersey just became part of the collective, Washington DC is now part of this medical marijuana program.  

    We have to continue to fight for what's right and that's our rights with the 9th and 10th amendments backing at our side we will continue to be strong.  Everything that is coming for the greater good of man kind and is now being finally seen on the horizon and the people of the Free states are done with non-credible gov't that we have with the republicans who have no idea what they are talking about and it's just really common sence that this should just happen 46% of the US says Yes go for it make it legal.   You tell me what is what.



Paying Off Debts

“…forced to work for illegal pot growers to pay off his debt to an immigrant smuggler….”

Of all the monsters that could fly out of Pandora’s Prohibition Box, the reintroduction of indentured servitude into the United States through the operation of national-forest-based marijuana plantations has got to be the weirdest, most unexpected critter of them all.


Forest Farming

Ya know... the US Forest Service is under the USDA. The 'A' is for *Agriculture*. The Feds already allow for agricultural use of public lands, and they even have something called the "National Agroforestry Center". There's a nice section there about "Forest Farming" as well.

Perhaps they should think about issuing permits to people and allow them to grow cannabis on public lands legally, so the activity can be regulated. How is it any different from growing ginseng or shitake mushrooms in the forest?

There really isn't anything unique about this problem. The Forest Service is suppose to help farmers live in harmony with the land -- not put them out of business. And there's nothing new about illegal immigrants working in agriculture.

How to stop Marijuana Grows in our Forest?

Fly over our Forests with Commercial Hemp Seeds and spread it into our forest and after a Decade you would stop out Door Grows in our Forests. The reason why  is that the Commercial Hemp(Cannabis) can't pollinate with (Cannabis) that you smoke. Plus it would stop the erosion of our Land's. So let's grow both and stop this shameful deceit. Let's stop Fighting one another and end this war on MARIJUANA and Commercial Hemp.

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