Banning Pot Didn't Work, So Let's Try Banning Bongs

Even as record numbers of Americans begin recognizing the profound stupidity of our marijuana laws, Florida legislators are still thrashing around in panicked desperation:

A bill passed Wednesday will make it illegal in Florida to sell the drug paraphernalia in most head shops.

The so-called "Bong Bill" passed by the Senate and then overwhelmingly passed 115-0 in the House now heads to Gov. Crist for final approval.

The bill prohibits the sale of the items by businesses that don't make at least 75 percent of their money from tobacco sales or make over 25 percent from sale of the prohibited items. [NBC]

So the Florida legislature's idea of fighting the drug war is to tell retailers they have to sell more tobacco. And the vote was unanimous, of course.
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Zero Comments??

So I just visited the NBCMiami page to read the original article and there are NO comments? Zero? 10 hours after the fact and noone voiced thier concern or support for this bill? Either the readers of that page are gutless or noone gives a shit one way or the other. Although some have "clicked" their outrage/support, none felt they could muster up the nads to speak...
Disclamer: No I didnt post. If they dont have the balls to defend thier HeadShops in FLA, Im not wasting my typing calories for them.

Thank you Florida!

My husband and I make bongs and other pipes, this law will at least double the price of our products. I will bet that our numbers will rise, as far as price, and pieces. Already we are up in shipments to neighboring states. I do think that eventually common sense might rise again, but in the meantime, we thank the lawmakers of Florida for making our products even more valuable. And doing it without us having to lift a finger.

This is funny... As if any

This is funny... As if any pot-smoker doesn't know at least a half-dozen or more ways to "MacGyver" themselves a home-made bong in 10 mins, maybe 30 mins tops - if it's fancy or you're trying to fashion a 'new design'.

In college we used to regularly joke about trying to make (improvised) "bong-building" an Olympic event!

Seriously, this is one of the most misguided, 'Pollyanna' laws I've seen in quite awhile. I foresee some really 'expensive tobacco' being sold in "package deals" with 'discount-priced bongs'... Call them, "Holiday Gift Packs", or something like that = silly law dodged.

They know you can make a

They know you can make a pipe out of an apple right? Whats next banning aluminum foil?

What services will Florida cut to pay to enforce this?

And to make up for the lost tax revenue from businesses that have to close or have reduced profits? They ain't the feds, they can't just put the bill on the tab. Now sales of bongs will be underground too, and the rebel image of weed enhanced. Way to go Florida pols, keep scapegoating cannabis users for the problems caused by alcohol, tobacco, and toxic side effect ridden pharmaceuticals, and keep collecting those campaign contributions from your killer drug profiteering buddies.
Damn these corrupt hypocrites, who have the gall to call themselves Christians and freedom loving Americans.

Florida might be one of the slowest states to make progress in, with all those older folks who are more likely to have little knowledge of cannabis and little interest in learning about it, and to not have a problem banning something they don't know much about, turning their fellow citizens into criminals and ruining many people's lives over something they don't know much about.

You'd think MMJ would have a lot of appeal to oldsters though. If they only knew how much unnecessary suffering they are shoving down their own throats and everybody else's...

FL resident

Well if Christ signs this I know who I WON'T be voting for in the senate election. Honestly, this is a BS attempt to get old people support. What is this going to do besides fuck over entrepreneurs? Oh no, I can't buy a bong in a store. If only there was some kind of magical world-wide network I could browse and shop for my products...hmmmmm. Oh well, guess I'll just stop blazing, NOT!



There are certain hard scientific facts that would support the Legalization, but the "orthodox" addiction medicine establishment, being anything but independent from tight DEA control, is not nearly as forthcoming with this information as it should be for scientific integrity. As opposed to alcohol and most controlled prescription drugs, marijuana use has not been associated with one single case of fatal overdose, marijuana does not have a documented physical withdrawal, and its addiction liability is only 3% compared with 10% for alcohol and around 20% for opiates, both legal (morphine) and illegal (heroin). Cannabis use has been shown to reduce the violent crime (Substance Abuse: A Comprehensive Textbook, 4-th Edition, page 267). After working for years with seriously drug-addicted patients in Philadelphia, PA, I understand the scientific fallacy of classifying cannabis in the same group with heroin and cocaine. The so-called "gateway drug" theory is by now completely discredited, but this scientific fact is not widely advertised or known. At the same time, the medicinal properties of marijuana plant are by now so clearly beyond dispute, that even the "opponents" are no longer fully comfortable in repeating the old nonsense that the plant has "no medical benefits". Between 74 and 81% of Americans support legalization of marijuana for at least medical use. I know that whatever decision people make in the end (and I hope it will be to legalize this natural medicinal plant), they should make it with all the facts at their disposal.
Perhaps the whole situation regarding the legalization of marijuana can be summarized by quoting a true expert whose dedication to scientific truth is stronger than any disinformation the "opponents" can possibly offer:

"Cannabis will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was penicillin in the 1940s. Like penicillin, herbal marijuana is remarkably nontoxic, has a wide range of therapeutic applications and would be quite inexpensive if it were legal". Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2006

Florida Invaded

You know prohibition is on its last legs when it uses voodoo to claim that the alleged evils of marijuana can be transferred to a lump of blown glass.  Officer, arrest that glass!

It’s too late.  Florida cannot win the drug war.  The invasion has begun.

Pot friendly boomers are retiring and hitting Florida’s beaches.  A new state flag with a giant cannabis sativa waving in the breeze will soon replace the palm tree in the Great Seal of the State of Florida.  (This makes far more sense than combining a palm with the existing Native American planting hemp seed and the indica plant in the foreground).

Even better, marijuana will be legal.  Old age in Florida will be much less of a bummer.


it happened in kansas

shit they basically banned glass and water pipes "bongs about 2 years ago in Kansas. I remember going into certain bars and people in the back saling their glass pieces, I loved it the prices where cheaper than when I had to buy them from head shops . But a year later head shops started carrying glass pipes and bongs again. So I really don't see this working in Florida at all.

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