Will Medical Marijuana Lead to Full Legalization?

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Robert Dupont is a liar and drug war profiteer who'll say anything to protect his racket. So there was nothing surprising about this Washington Post editorial, except the accidental admission that medical marijuana is awesome and everyone loves it:

Medical marijuana is a stalking-horse for legalization. This can be seen in California, where medical marijuana advocates have had great success and are pushing for full legalization.

Why have medical marijuana advocates been so successful? Because after more than a decade, the predictions of numbskulls like Robert Dupont never came true. Public support for marijuana reform has increased steadily following the emergence of dispensaries. Everyone can plainly see that nothing bad happened, and our current political climate now stands as a powerful testament to how wrong Robert Dupont has been about everything for many years.

If Robert Dupont thinks it serves his agenda to point out the success of medical marijuana, I'll be the last to complain about a major news outlet giving him space to do so.
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Please Vote "NO" on the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act

If the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 passes MMJ patients will be limited to 25' sq. to grow their medicine (difficult if they use edibles, tinctures, oils, etc., to grow enough in such a small space), the rights of medical cannabis patients won't be respected in their homes if they rent or lease (property owners/landlords will have the right to say "No!"), and patients won't be allowed access to medicinal cannabis products because we still be denied safe access to our medicine by the Federal government.

MMJ patients in places like the San Joaquin Valley here already faced huge discrimination as MMJ patients from the street dealers and the cops before the MMJ ID cards were issued and the dispensaries and so-called "collectives" opened their doors and challenged the laws in court, where we obviously lost any respect we may have earned as legal CA State MMJ ID card holders, even among our supposedly "intellectual" and/or "conservative" Fresno population.

This Initiative especially doesn't help legal CA MMJ patients if your local government (city and/or county) adopts a zoning ordinance that says to comply you must follow Federal laws, like here in Fresno, CA. And, No, Obama's "Bull..." "statement" supporting the rights of legal MMJ patients (a statement has no force of law) carries absolutely ZERO weight, either....so....???

If this well funded, "stoner" Initiative passes this November, legal MMJ patients in CA, especially here in the San Joaquin Valley, will be even more horribly discriminated against than we have over the past year or so since the State of California, through the County Health Departments." should continue to read "...have been issuing (for $107 per patient and $49 per Medi-Cal patient here in Fresno; much higher in many Counties)the State of California Medical Marijuana Patient ID cards, which we were told would be a legal MMJ patient's only recourse against arrest and prosecution by local law enforcement officials, but which have, in fact, only put legal MMJ patients in the "open eyes" of all who care to check State records.

I also think passage of such a "stoner bill" will draw even more Federal Government wrath down upon the heads of anyone caught with cannabis products in CA, especially legitimate and legal MMJ patients.

Please vote "NO" on the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010. Thank you.


Tommy Hawkins Jr.

The ultimate wisdom is knowing that you know nothing - Socrates

I don't live in CA

but if all you say is true, then CA MMJ patients might want to move to WA, where a much more lenient initiative is certain to make it to the ballot in November, and equally as likely to pass.

Of course, perhaps the much cooler and wetter climate in WA might not be as appealing as warm and sunny Fresno; and, also, native Washingtonians might not be all that welcoming since a majority of them have blamed the influx of former Californians for the ridiculously overpriced housing market, and for the equally ridiculous high real estate taxes that accompany that overpriced market. (There is some evidence that belief by Washingtonians is a valid belief, since the overpriced market lagged the influx of former residents of CA by a couple years, and the higher taxes by about the same.) So, maybe, the better choice might actually be to, instead, fight to get your proposed CA law to correct the faults you find with it, via your legislature or another initiative.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I smell a cop in our

I smell a cop in our midst....

Honestly, medical marijuana

Honestly, medical marijuana probably wouldn't be the " stalking-horse for legalization" if it weren't for such head-in-the-sand politicians who want to stymie ANY efforts to make it legitimately medically available.

People are coming to realize with dispensary raids and Supreme Courts upholding firings that legalization is the ONLY answer.

Lets just outlaw cigarettes

Lets just outlaw cigarettes and alchol and call it a day! Wake up people, pot doesn't kill. The others do!

You don't have to know

You don't have to know anything about the guy to know that he is a drug warrior. Just look at his last name, Dupont.

Please don't screw this up CA.

First off just let me say I do not want anyone to suffer. I hear all of your concerns and I am sympathetic. I want nothing more than to see this wonderful, healing plant made legal for all to use freely. However, I live in Indiana, where a cannabis seed can get you jail time. There is no medical marijuana law here. There is no decriminalization for small amounts either. There is jail if you are caught. We feel pain just like the rest of you. We like to relax after work with a bowl and try to regain some sanity lost from dealing with this crazy world. But, in doing so, we make of ourselves outlaws. They can ruin us. They can take our children, our homes, our livelihood all for smoking a 100% natural substance. We here in the midwest have long looked at CA, OR and WA as leaders in the legalization movement. You can believe the politicians in D.C. have as well. Tread lightly here CA and do this right in november. You can set a new presedent here for the entire U.S. or , you can royally screw it up for the rest of us.

MMJ Patient safety may ultimately require outright legalization

Patients have no business being on the front lines of ANY war. It's my opinion that without outright legalization, patients will continue to be at risk from both criminals seeking their medicine and (rogue) law enforcement.

While there may be some holes in the Tax and Regulate initiative, supporting the passage of H.R. 3939, "The Truth in Trials Act, and H.R. 2835, "The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act," would SOLVE these issues at the federal level.

Right now, both of these bills are sitting in Committee. Without public support these bills will likely never get out of Committee. Some members of Congress ACTUALLY understand the issue. If your rep. is a cosponsor, they need your thanks. However, if your rep. is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, they NEED to hear from folks.

For those worried about cities and counties using federal conflict with state laws as their excuse to arrest and harass, H.R. 3939 and H.R. 2835 would end this conflict. Then, the actions of rogue cops would be ILLEGAL by federal legislation.

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