Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don't Like it, Move to Canada)

If I didn't want legal marijuana in America, I'd be seriously unsettled by the existence of a national marijuana holiday that gets more press than Thanksgiving. The mere fact that multiple news organizations marked April 20th by conducting national polls on legalization is itself a profound statement about where we're headed, more so when you look at what those polls show:

*A national CBS poll found 44% support for legalization.

*A national AP/CNBC poll found that 56% believe marijuana should be treated the same or less strictly than alcohol.

*Another CBS poll found that 56% of Californians support legalization, as the issue heads to the ballot this Fall.

Maybe it won't happen this year or even the next, but it's just an indisputable fact that we're heading towards majority support for legalization. Those majorities could quickly move to end prohibition in many states, and there's little the opposition could say that hasn't been said a million times before. The American people have been subjected to decades of vicious anti-pot propaganda, and yet this is where we find ourselves.

If there was ever any doubt before, it should now be perfectly clear that those who've invested themselves in the political war on marijuana are fighting a losing battle. We'll soon be finding out who was right and who was wrong. The debate will be settled once and for all in the most logical way possible: letting adults buy marijuana at marijuana stores and seeing if our society gets destroyed.

Anyone who remains convinced that this can’t possibly work would be well advised to just wait it out. Let your apocalyptic theories speak for themselves once the law changes and if everything goes to hell, I'm sure you'll have a delightful time pointing that out to all of us. But don't waste your time and ours on an argument you're eventually going to lose anyway. If you're so worried about the children, go read them a book.
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Don't encourage the anti-pot

Don't encourage the anti-pot people to move to Canada, we don't want them either

Can't blame you, They're

Can't blame you, They're pretty unpleasant around here.

I'm not worried about....

I'm not worried about society going to hell once marijuana is legalized, what I'm really concerned about is that it will go to hell before it's legal, and even legalization won't be enough to fix the problems.

How much worse will Mexico get? How many more nonviolent Americans locked up? In how many more private prisons built? How many more dispensaries raided? How many more will lose their jobs?

Just HOW BAD does it have to get?

That said, I am an optimist :D People cannot forget the truth, and any lie they invent can be shut down just as effectively as all the past ones.

No one wants them, but

No one wants them, but cannabis is most illegal in communist and facist countries.
Perhaps the people who oppose the plant could move there, but then they would have to belive that marijuana will harm thier children more than a sadistic dictator!

Most of them already do

Most of them already do believe that.

The respectable stoner

The respectable stoner is someone who has a nice house, nice wife (stoner girls are less likely to engage in risky sex) nice yard with a fenced 5 by 5 garden that promotes 30 foot growth.

A respectable stoner does not use every day, has is neat and clean house, and promotes peace in the community.

A respectable stoner has deep respect for education, conservation, and family values.

Dude... You are not a stoner, just a cannabis consumer!

Stoner? People who use cannabis responsibly are consumers.

Get off your high horse

You show no respect to others in stating your little credo without the caveat that it is your opinion alone. You state it as if that's what EVERYONE KNOWS! Well, everyone does NOT agree.

I AM the nice wife who's a stoner in her own right and I smoke nearly everyday. I have a clean home, my yard is neater, more well kept, and more colorful than that of my neighbors; and it's a HELL of a lot bigger than most yards (2 acres). I promote peace EVERYWHERE, not only in my community.

I have a deep respect for self education, and a live and let live attitude. Someone who tells me how I SHOULD be living my life gets absolutely NO respect from me.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

....And your problem is?

Who is on a high horse? What are you saying? Are you talking about the last guy 'stoner' who smokes once in a while? Or you don't like the term: "cannabis consumer?" Your post is very confusing.

I don't see a problem consuming cannabis everyday. Although I think it is better to skip a few. And this approach can intensify the (here is a new term to get angry at?) "cannabis effect" on the mind and body. In other words, smoking everyday diminishes the effects as the body has had a chance to build up a tolerance.

Daily toke

I brought mj home with me from Vietnam over 40 years ago and she has been a friend of mine on a daily basis. 40 years ago just a few tokes was all that was needed for a nice glow...40 years later it still takes just a few tokes. Tell me again about tolerance. One of the wonders of this botanical herb is that there is very little tolerance build-up. Compare that to the evil, legal alcohol. Many of us could not tolerate the effects of booze in our lives so we simply made a choice. I believe this is what many American's are seeking in banishing prohibition, an alternative to the mind numbing, violence inducing effects of alcohol. Alcohol may have been fine for my mom and dad (and it was) and gramma and gramps, but having been raised and abused by these disfunctional boozers I want nothing to do with alcohol thank you. America absolutely needs a safer choice! By the way, 40+ years of regular use of cannabis use has caused me to work the same job for 38 years and never miss a day. It has had an effect on my health too, it has made me run 35 miles a week for almost 30 years and even be married to the same damned, wonderful woman for almost 30 years so beware America, you may not be ready for the consequences of the long term use of cannabis! You may turn out to be a better person!

My response was

to the post entitled "the responsible stoner".

"Cannabis consumer", as far as I am concerned, is a perfectly ok way to describe users.

And as long as I've been a nearly daily cannabis consumer, I have never needed more than a single bong load to get to my perfect level of mellow.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!



      Marijuana is bad for you, alcohol is bad for you, and cigarettes are bad for you. Who cares if one is worse than the other because they are all bad. Why do people want to legalize something that harms them. If people really wanted what was best for everyone they would be talking more about making alcohol illegal and nothing about legalizing marijuana.

Laws Against Marijuana Are Worse For You

Excuse me, but perhaps you have not thought about the consequences of your illogic. Did you know that America incarcerates more people than any other country on the planet? Do you think it is right to put nonviolent people in cages because they have a different idea of recreation that you do? Do you think everyone who disagrees with you belongs in a cage? Do you like the idea of law enforcement using drug laws as an excuse to tear apart families? Are you aware that it is literally impossible to overdose on cannabis? Cannabis doesn't kill anyone. Laws against cannabis kills.

Do you really advocate the government forcing you to live a healthy lifestyle and taking away people's freedom if they don't obey what the government deems healthy? Do you think you should really force people to live their lives based on what YOU think, or what they think themselves? Cannabis is far, far, far more healthy for you than are cigarettes or alcohol, or even McDonald's? Do you want to arrest little children who eat happy meals because they're not healthy?

You seriously have not thought this through. No intelligent, empathetic person can possibly advocate marijuana prohibition unless they are ignorant of all the facts. You don't know what you're talking about. Do you really want to move closer to fascism? Isn't America supposed to be the land of the free? How can you live with yourself advocating that innocent non-violent people should be locked in cages just because they choose to smoke a plant which nature has produced? Does nature not belong to everyone?

Think, man. You need to break out of the mindset that was manufactured for you through propaganda. Think for yourself.

this is deep, i agree with

this is deep, i agree with you about evey single word wrote in this statement.

lets all just smoke a fatty

ignorance is never blissful!

dreadlocks are bad for your hair folicles, sun is harmful to the skin....and driving a car? well thats just too dang dangerous, too! logging and coal mining and war is dangerous and harmful to us! do we outlaw those things as well?

or is it really none of anyones business?...the constitution that my forefathers fought and died so proudly for; does NOT say 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of things that arent bad for us'!!!!



Yeah they talked plenty about making alcohol illegal and they did, ever heard of prohibition? It created a new class of criminal and an underworld of trafficking booze just like drugs. Also whoever wanted to drink still drank. Marijuana is the number one drug in America by far ahead of cocaine, heroin, lsd, etc. Legalize it and tax it to take the money out of the dealer's hands and put that money to work for the law abiding citizen.

The Truth Hurts

Legal Drug companies make Billions per year. You think the people who make Xanax or Prosac are going to just let people grow their own medicine without a fight?

Illegal Drug cartels make Billions per year. Do you think the bankers that take the cash, then use fractional reserve lending to exponentially multiply it are going to let people just grow their own money with out a fight?

Sadly, it does not matter how many studies or polls or whatever comes out showing that 99% of people favor legalization. Its less than 1% of the worlds population that controls the vast majority of the worlds wealth. Legalization of marijuana greatly reduces the wealth of a select few elites, therefore, it will not happen.

Will legalization help people? Save tax payers money? Make society a better place? Yes of course it will, but unfortunately, the only real concern with marijuana is the same one that has been there for our whole lives:


Eventually, our elected

Eventually, our elected representatives will comprehend the potential money from taxes on this little plant. Not everybody will "grow their own".
The potential for creating income for our never-ending governmental expenditures well surface, and those same people who wanted to save our souls, will find a new goal!

reply to mr pessimistic

yea cause i totally grow all my own tobacco and roll all my own cigarettes. arent you kinda forgetting that america is all about convenience where you go out and buy shit cause you dont have to make it. id rather go buy from somewhere i KNOW im going to get quality stuff for a certain price and its there all the time rather than getting all dirty and fucking around with a bunch of crap in the HOPE that i MAYBE will end up with something worth smoking

reply to the reply of mr. pessimistic.

You are all mixed up my friend. "Mr. Pessimism" is actually optimistic about the very thing you are. He is saying that not everyone will grow their own, so it will be beneficial to regulate and tax the weed. So stoners like you can go and buy a product someone else took pride in producing. But wouldn't you rather sow your own seeds, watch them grow and clip their flowers yourself? Don't be a lazy shit, get a little dirty and reap the benefits of a homegrown plant. Ya dig?



Slight flaw in your great

Slight flaw in your great theory my friend. Alot of people are over looking the "x" factor in all of this and that is TIME. People are only getting older and our younger generaration will be in charge of this all, and if you know anything about our youth, it is more open minded then our past. Those rich elite your speaking of will shortly be WEEDED out by our younger generation and there thoughts will show how the country and world should be ran. Your theory will be correct but for a very short ammount of time. It will be legal. By the way those elite as you call them, i call them the scum that has mad this world the way it is "welcome to the machine" pink flyod

Amen. I totally agree with

Amen. I totally agree with you. I've been debating this topic with a friend for the last week or so. He's proved me wrong, but when it comes down to money-wise, I win. Weed is not going to be and will not be legalize.

  Wrong.  The best way to

  Wrong.  The best way to 'make money' of of weed would be to fully legalize it.  The amount coming in from taxes would be insane.  You're talking gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, weed stores, restaurants etc etc....   By only selling marijuana through the pharmacy, they would be severely limiting their potential income.  Weed is not a pill.  We don't need the medicine companies to do all the hard work for for us; that is, extracting the chemical and creating a pill out of it ( without killing people... ).  Weed will be legalized and then regulated around the same level at alcohol....   


  Wrong.  The best way to

  Wrong.  The best way to 'make money' of of weed would be to fully legalize it.  The amount coming in from taxes would be insane.  You're talking gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, weed stores, restaurants etc etc....   By only selling marijuana through the pharmacy, they would be severely limiting their potential income.  Weed is not a pill.  We don't need the medicine companies to do all the hard work for for us; that is, extracting the chemical and creating a pill out of it ( without killing people... ).  Weed will be legalized and then regulated around the same level of alcohol....   


anyone who respects the rights of others is respectable

am far as I'm concerned. Does "respectable stoner" also think the respectable drinker doesn't drink every day?

need to tighten up on my proofreading, don't I?

sorry about that.

Well how will they make

Well how will they make money on it if all the users are locked up and coincidentally cant use it?


I don't think they have enough prisons to lock up all of the users! The present assault is to try deter users by putting their cohorts in prison for twenty years! They still think they can scare cannabis users into abstinence. They are just fooling themselves!

How is the "well how will they make" persons post not spam?

Seriously? "all the users locked up?" spam and epic fail

borden's picture

fail, yes, but not spam

The comment is an "epic fail," yes -- a failure of realism and logic -- but not spam. It's only spam if it's here for commercial purposes or has been posted in huge numbers of places, probably by an automated system.

I think it's good for us to have comments like that show up -- it gives us the opportunity to show how poorly thought out the reasoning behind prohibition really is.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

That important demographic.....

If the ladies need more convincing, please bring up the research performed on Cannabidiol. It is becoming more and more interesting when it comes to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
Fems need to be on board for this movement.



yea the tests on menstrual pain and fibro mialgae..(or however its spelled) is very interesting and provides quite a few feminine incentives

The safest substance on the planet!

Cannabis is the only medicinal and/or intoxicating substance for which there is no readily consumable dose that will make one unconscious, convulsive, comatose or dead. The ONLY ONE! That alone is more than sufficient reason to justify full legalization.

Prohibition is tyranny.

56%-42% support California poll question to "legalize" cannabis

From other poll results, it seems likely support would have been even stronger (!) if the poll had used the phrase "legalize, regulate, and tax", which is what voters will be hearing about and seeing on the ballot. Unless Californians lose their nerve, they are going to make world history in November.

Regarding the gender gap, I think many currently opposed women would vote in favor if they can be reassured it would not be bad for kids. We've got 6 months and many good arguments to work with. I'll only make one point now (well, that was the plan, need to get back to work!).
If people are very anxious to curb underage use of illegal drugs (including illegal for kids alcohol if it's really the kids they are worried about), they should attack this problem directly through severe, but not mandatory, penalties for making drugs available to kids (I'd only want to see those severe penalties applied if severe harm was done or it was a dangerously chronic or defiant offense).
If they want to make a devastating attack on the black market that loves to sell to kids they'll support this initiative, which authorizes counties in California to set up a legal distribution system to tax cannabis (better be reasonable, counties!) and to sell it to adults at regulated locations.

Regarding folks who are very concerned with underage use of cannabis but not so concerned with underage use of alcohol: If someone really feels this way, 10 minutes fairly researching alcohol vs. cannabis online should be sufficient for them to convince themselves they have been misled on the relative dangers of the two substances. If they don't have a computer, there is the library, librarians are usually happy to show people how to use a computer to find information online.

It's April. Where's my garden, dude? Stop messing with my personal garden. You've got more than enough real criminals terrorizing the community to keep you busy, could you please focus on them, instead of spacing out into a bizarre, unworthy, very counterproductive, and unaffordable war on people who prefer cannabis to killer alcohol?

Whether marijuana does any harm is only one of the questions

to be considered before deciding whether it should be legal (reply to "marijuana will not be legal" post). Other questions are: How much harm, and to whom, and is it enough to justify making all cannabis users criminals over, in a country supposedly dedicated to liberty? Does it also have benefits? Does it provide a safer alternative to the legal drug alcohol which unlike marijuana is notorious for causing so much death and serious injury, including fetal alcohol syndrome and child molestation? How much money does prohibition cost us in lost taxes, lost economic activity, and wasted enforcement efforts? Alcohol supremacism over cannabis results in tens of millions of people having contempt for the indisputably hypocritical law and being a lot more interested in avoiding law enforcement than cooperating with it - what effect does that have on efforts to fight real crime? How does cannabis prohibition affect drug education, doesn't it send a very loud and very clear and very inaccurate message that cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol? What do supporters of cannabis prohibition think of the carnage in Mexico? Do they know that cannabis provides the majority of the cartels' profits and power? What do prohibs think of the trashing of U.S. national parks and forests and private lands by illegal grow ops that are an inevitable result of prohibition?
No one has the gall anymore to claim cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol. Indeed, California prohibs and their group anti-calm CALM are trying to use the destructive behavior of alcohol abusers as a key reason for why we need to keep pounding on cannabis users.

This is what the deal is. It

This is what the deal is. It doesnt matter if marijauna is legal or not. People smoke it anywase. The goverment WILL NEVER get rid of weed and the war on this "drug". Why throw away so much time and so much freakin money on something they will neverrrrr stop. Its so frustrating. Weed is not bad. Theres nothing wrong with it! They say its a schedule 3 drug or whatever becuase it gets abused......WTF i know when my friends drink they just dont drink a beer. They drink cases of that poison. Then they wake up feeling like total ass. I dont get america...i dont like our goverment. Were not a free country

And btw, have you ever watched intervention on A&E? You always see alcoholics. ALWAYS. Ive seen a lady chugging MOUTHWASH because her family would not buy her any alcohol. But ive yet to see addicted to weed because you fucking cant get addicted and you surely will not die from it.



yeah fuck the government


tru that bro

aright so this is how it all

aright so this is how it all is marijuana weed bud was studied more closely back in the 1930's for the first time and they basically didnt know shit they just didnt like the side affects and there studies were not done with the technology we have today jesus christ i mean i have a urine test tell me how much thc exactly was in my system but anyways people just went on with propaganda about how weed is BAD it makes you DANGEROUS and all the shit that scientists came up with in the 19 30's to the 70's was just bullshit and almost just completely random ... for example all the different diseases that you can get from weed but really now i remember even seeing on the news how a women lived like 25 years after the doctor told her she was gonna die she said it was because she was smoking weed everyday THE NUMBER ONE DUMBASS STUDY BY A SCIENTIST IS MARIJUANA JOINT SMOKING IS THE SAME AS 2.5 TO 5 CIGARETTES BUT WEED IS ROLLED BY USSS MANNNN WE EVEN SOMETIMES GROW IT ARE SELVES CIGARETTES CONTAIN SO MUCH SHIT TO MAKE YOU FEEL THAT ADDICTION AND ALSO JUST PROBABLY RANDOM SHIT 

This is what the deal is.

This is what the deal is. It

by PANTERA101 (not verified), April 29, 2010, 10:42pm

This is what the deal is. It doesnt matter if marijauna is legal or not. People smoke it anywase. The goverment WILL NEVER get rid of weed and the war on this "drug". Why throw away so much time and so much freakin money on something they will neverrrrr stop. Its so frustrating. Weed is not bad. Theres nothing wrong with it! They say its a schedule 3 drug or whatever becuase it gets abused......WTF i know when my friends drink they just dont drink a beer. They drink cases of that poison. Then they wake up feeling like total ass. I dont get america...i dont like our goverment. Were not a free country

And btw, have you ever watched intervention on A&E? You always see alcoholics. ALWAYS. Ive seen a lady chugging MOUTHWASH because her family would not buy her any alcohol. But ive yet to see addicted to weed because you fucking cant get addicted and you surely will not die from it.



fuck the government

fuck the government

fuck the government

fuck the government

Amen my dude. For a substance

Amen my dude. For a substance that the government chooses to spend so much tax money on by attempting to eliminate it, they should probably do a little research on it. It is impossible to overdose on, become physically dependant on, and there are literally no long term side effects in any case, period. The government refuses to even study a substance that has been proven to kill cancer cells. They would rather spread the misconception that it kills brain cells.

George Washington grew

George Washington grew marijuana!! what has happened to our land of the free? Everywhere that american money is spent, his face, and the faces of our "fearless" leaders from the past are seen and respected!! The question is, how much longer will "We The People" have to wait before marijuana is nothing more than a plant!!! No one dies from overdose. You don't lose control of your normal functions. You wont become violent. It' a money issue, and it's sad!! because it is a weed, it grows anywhere so the U. S. Government will not be able to totally have control over the plant, because it has become "cash" in this country! By far, the highest re-sold commodity in the country!! Our kids will forget what a recession is! Our economic standpoints would be drastically changed!! Power will shift, which is the ultimate reason marijuana was ever made illegal in the first place!!  GREED!!!!!


It's going to happen

It's just a matter of time until we see full legalization, in 2011 we see that support for legalization is at an all time high of 46% of Americans up from just 16% in 1990. I believe part of this, or possibly the main cause for this is the older generations are slowly dying off or losing power while the younger generations are slowly getting old enough to make that choice. With every year that passes that number will go up we will be seeing the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use probably within the next few years. If you're saying it's un-American or that only idiots do it then let me name just a few people who would disagree how about our founding fathers how about Albert Einstein who's pipe upon further analysis recently was found to contain Cannabis remnants how about Carl Sagan. Ultimately it does way less harm than any other "Legal" Substance. Americans are so paranoid that they won't even allow the growing of hemp plants that have been genetically altered to have almost no THC thus you can't get high from them. Yes there is money involved in it through greed, yes we're being lied to, and NO WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER! Peace.




Its only a matter of time.. BUT how long is this going to take!!! ??

Reasons it should be legal all though of by a 17 year old Stoner

i think with the advances in technology that the word will get out there that marijuana is just a relaxant less harmful than alcohol i personally do both and am responsible with weed but not alcohol. that is cause your judgment is altered when drinking. I have done some stupid stuff while drunk but never while high that right there is the reason marijuana should be legalized. The Federal Government should take there heads out there ass and decrease the innocent people who just want to smoke a plant to relive there daily stress by sitting down and smoking a bowl, but no they get thrown in jail with rapists murders and other criminals just cause they smoke a plant. I think that is corrupt and insensible by our  government. Its pretty sad when i know more than one cop that smokes weed they all think there above the law but W/E there Hippocrates and don't stop actual crime and they know it there just pusses.  You can also decrease DUI involved deaths, increase the survival rate of all cancer patients, replace a lot prescription drugs that a lot of people abuse,sell and OD on every day but that seems to be ok to our government. But marijuana is still illegal even though it has great medical benefits, is natural not man made, also you cant possibly OD on it cause you would fall asleep before that ever happened. But no our federal government has its head so far up there ass they cant see the benefits it would give our economy if they made it legal or for god sakes just decriminalize it.  i have been born into a marijuana smoking family and now i smoke marijuana and none of us have ever gotten arrested for any marijuana related reason but my dad has had 3 DUI's and have crashed 2 new cars cause alcohol. now if you still think that alcohol should be our relaxant you have no common sense or you one of those straight edge anti everything person that probably has a lot of money and can buy whatever they want and are addicted to shopping or something stupid and think everyone in the world is the same way. Reality check for you anti-everything people some people have stress in there life and life isn't handed to them on a silver platter some people who have problems in life need a relaxant.   I in fact have been smoking weed since I've been 12 and now I'm 17 and i feel great I'm never going to stop either. and yes i smoke weed for recreational reasons (sometimes for anxiety issues) and i think that everyone should or at least try it before you discriminate it cause it is natural and has little harmful side effects like tar build up in your lungs but if you use vaporizers or eat edibles there are virtually no harmful effects. but the good effects overbalance the bad effects so much it dosnt even matter if your a causal smoker. Have you heard of the prescription Adderall Rittalin. those are all basicly meth in a pill and you can get that in any state. HMMM isn't it weird we would basically let our children smoke meth by just taking that pill but yet marinol the THC pill is not legal in every state. So thats like saying that meth is ok but a plant isnt. ANYWAY im rambiling now and i could go on for ever on this subject but the point to my comment is to make more people aware of the benifits of weed and  its real potential not just focus on the lies. I want my children to look as marijuana like we look at all the natural beauty of the world and . its just a plant that got a bad rep from anti-Marijuana activists and Richard Nixon and all those stupid videos like refer madness. 


Lets make a stands in 2012 if everyone that wants to legalize marijuana protest on april 20 2012. where ever they can in large groups and support in legalizing marijuana for billions of dollars in revenue and taxes thousands of jobs. get America out of debt  and would decrease the war on drugs and save billions of dollars on the wars.. and less people locked u.............. please pass this on for i ll be in dc on 4/20/12 to show that legal marijuana can help our ecconmy out of the debt... if you are intresed in signing my protest email me at [email protected]   pleas make the stand for our rights as americans

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