Teachers for Marijuana Legalization

More of this please:

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten thinks it's high time marijuana is legalized.

Weingarten - head of the American Federation of Teachers and former president of New York's United Federation of Teachers - came out in support of a California proposition to legalize pot for personal use.

While advocates of legalization have applauded Weingarten, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America blasted her stance.

"Legalizing marijuana would just add another substance, along with alcohol, to the menu of intoxicants that are already too available - and harmful - to kids," said Partnership spokeswoman Josie Feliz. "It's hard for us to look on legalization as a positive." [NYDailyNews]

This "adding another substance to the list" argument just kills me every time. It's such a classic prohibitionist fantasy to pretend as though marijuana is just a theoretical concept, the dangerous risks of which remain entirely unknown thanks to prohibition. Please, oh please, can we legalize marijuana so I can finally give it a try?

The longer folks like the Partnership for a Drug-free America continue spouting such nonsense, the more we can expect to hear from prominent educators like Randi Weingarten who aren't buying it anymore.
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Average American is too stupid

Unfortunately, the average American is too stupid to see the absurdity of the Partnership's statement. They read the statement and go, "OMG! How true! The kids! What will happen to my pretty Polly when she can get weed at the store!?!"


Partnership for what??

All we need to do to figure out what the Partnership, really stands for, is to look at exactly who these people stand up for. How about, breweries,booze makers of all kinds, law enforcement, prison guards, and oh yes, the drug cartels, street dealers, and even the Taliban. Remember drugs were outlawed because of lies, not facts. And until we the citizens, stand up to the liars, call out the hypocrits, demand our stupid ass "offricials" do their job. Either control drugs by stopping all drugs from coming onto our soil, or get your heads out of your collective asses, and legalize and tax and decide to face reality. Drugs are here, been here for ever, ain't going anywhere anytime soon. So next time you see an ad for anything to do with PFDFA. Call your local TV station and bitch.

Check out Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

They're at efsdp.org

Of course they would say

Of course they would say that, what the hell are they going to do if drugs are legalized? They'd have to get real jobs.

Used to get funding form the

Used to get funding form the Big 3. Now it mostly Pharma. Form Wiki: "From 1997 it has discontinued any direct fiscal association with tobacco and alcohol suppliers, although it still receives donations from pharmaceutical companies"["1]

Big Pharma, Tobacco, Booze Corps stand to loose a great deal...

....it's no big secret anymore.

Those Big 3 won't be able to maintain their profits for very long.

Wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Marijuana got me off of useless and addictive pharmaceuticals (which primarily treat symptoms of illness and disease - instead of the underlying cause - typical of "western medicine").

I've never really liked alcohol (hard lick or even beer) - it's like liquid lobotomy for me, no thanks.

I do smoke tobacco - but I'm a lightweight - 4-6 handrolled filter-less cigarettes a day, sometimes even less. Would eventually like to quit altogther - problem is, not enough weed.

Amen to that my brother.

Amen to that my brother.

This "We've got enough problems w/alcohol" line drives me crazy

Damn right have enough problems with alcohol, all you have to do is read the news to see the more dramatic of those problems. Forcing people to use alcohol to get high when they prefer weed is supposed to help with that??? Making cannabis users pay for those sins of alcohol users is sick and diseased nonsense and utterly pathetic justice.
No real Christian would go anywhere near such slimy hypocrisy, nor would any freedom loving American. And it's impossible for me to imagine a real scientist supporting alcohol supremacism over cannabis, the scientific evidence that alcohol has a relationship to violence that cannabis just does not have is irrefutable.
So go have another drink of your favorite drug, Partnership to Promote Alcohol and Black Market Related Violence and the Prison-Industrial Complex in an Alcohol-centric Flamingly Hypocritical Morally/Financially Bankrupt America.

Criminal Mercantilism

"adding another substance to the list" = TRANSLATE = Criminal Mercantilism (Market Protection) for pharmaceuticals and Virginia Dope (adulterated misbranded cigarettes).

Looks like correctional

Looks like correctional staff unions and teacher's unions are diametrically opposed on legislation.
More youngsters in juvie = more overcrowding subsidies & overtime pay.
More youngsters in schools = more money for education & raises.
It's a sad tug-of-war, with our youth being used for rope. But surely enough Americans realize the benefits of school over prison? What would you want for your kid if they got caught smoking a joint?

edit of above

duh whoops, above I meant to write "...diametrically opposed on legalization..."

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