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Dr. Drew Endorses Planting Evidence on Drug Users to Get Them Locked Up

Celebrity addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky is someone I used to respect as a teenager. Too bad he sold-out and became a dangerous quack who'll say anything to make headlines:

While Lindsay Lohan continues to party until the wee hours of the morning, and her family and friends grow increasingly concerned for her, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who is not treating Lohan, has some candid advice for the people closest to her.

The board certified addiction specialist tells, "If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested. I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail. I would then go to the judge  and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety program." [Radar]

You see, Dr. Drew is really concerned about her safety:

"I absolutely wish no harm to her, but I just have a feeling that something awful is going to happen to her, like she is going to lose a limb. I hope Lindsay gets help before something terrible happens."

Something terrible? Like getting framed for a carload of drugs by your own family!? Maybe they don't cover this in medical school, Dr. Drew, but you should really make yourself aware of the fact that many people have been accidentally shot by drug cops, sexually assaulted in jail, and otherwise mercilessly screwed over by the criminal justice system in ways that you and your massive ego don't have the luxury of predicting.

Planting drugs on anyone is a serious crime that could go wrong in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Anyone who endorses screwing around like this has no business practicing medicine, parenthood or friendship. You can get people killed with this sort of idiocy, and as much as it would reveal about the stupidity of the war on drugs, "Hollywood Starlet Shot in Face by SWAT Team" is a story no drug policy blogger wants to write.

There is a real drug war going on in America and the men and women who come to save you from your "illness" don't wear white coats; they come in body armor bearing machine guns with the safety off. So when you sell Beverly Hills addiction therapy as pop-culture entertainment media, you forget that those same rules don't apply in Ohio and any parent taking Dr. Drew's reckless advice is putting their family in the drug war's deadly crossfire.

When drug cops start making their own rules, it's time to take away their badge and gun. When celebrity addiction doctors do the same, it's time to take away their license and, more importantly, their microphone.
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"When celebrity addiction

"When celebrity addiction doctors do the same, it's time to take away their license and, more importantly, their microphone."

While I agree with the sentiment here, the principle, I do not. The thing that this country is supposed to be great about is that you can say whatever you want even if it's stupid and wrong. I have also lost respect for Dr. Drew due to this and a few other matters. However, he was not actually giving professional advice, so anything said there is protected, much the same way Dave Ramsey and Bill Handel (see their advice disclaimers).

Again, I agree with your sentiment that Dr. Drew should STFU regarding the kind of advice he solicited, but to advocate removing anyone's pulpit is too much.

After all, many, but not I, have similar sentiments about your site.

Anyhow, I enjoy this site immensely and keep up the great work!

Why not Remove Dr. Pinsky?

Sure everyone has the right to say what they want. But as was mentioned in the case of Lou Dobbs, only certain people have pulpits. Someone who gives recless advice to listeners that includes committing a felony, does not deserve to have a paid listening post. Does that mean that the people who run Dr. Drew's network realize how outrageous this is? probably not.

The best for this stupid advice not being relevant to a professional status may be that he does not give this advice as a doctor, and doesn't deserve to lose his license. ..BUT sn't his status as a doctor what gives him the claim to have a forum? So why should he be kep on?


I agree we shouldn't censor anybody. But that statement can't be taken out of context. With his license and his "microphone" he actually told people to commit a crime. This site is controversial in that people think it is telling you how to get away with crimes and generally supporting drug related crime. But those beliefs are supported by anecdotal evidence whereas Dr. Drew, operating with or without a license, actually gave advice as a specialist to commit a crime. Advice that would incite crime is not protected speech and I don't think it should be since this advice if taken seriously can have a negative side affect on all the parties involved. Now most professionals I know would love to avoid the involvement law enforcement since a situation involving more parties is harder to resolve. What if she is "cured" in a year instead of three? Are we going to continue to pay the country to enforce their policy on her?

All because of a guy with a microphone and a license. Without one or the other he is moot. But I would recommend not an action of law but an action of the free market. A board of professionals who see him as hurting their profession could take away his license, and we've already seen media personalities and professional athletes loose their podium to a sour public opinion. No drug blogger wants to write that story sure, but I don't think any journalist wants to write that story.

He's not board certified in California!

File a complaint against him here for his abusive attitude toward patients:

G 55092
License Type:
Physician and Surgeon
Address of Record: 2050 HUNTINGTON DR STE D
Address of Record County: LOS ANGELES
License Status:
License Renewed & Current
Public Record Action(s):
No Public Record Actions available
Original Issue Date: June 26, 1985
Expiration Date: September 30, 2010
Year Graduated: 1984
ctivities In Medicine: PATIENT CARE - 1 TO 9 HOURS
Primary Practice Location Zip Code: 91030
Board Certification(s): No board certifications identified
Primary Practice Area(s): INTERNAL MEDICINE
Secondary Practice Area(s): OTHER MEDICAL PRACTICE
Post Graduate Training Years: 4 YEARS
Ethnic Background: Declined to Disclose
Foreign Language(s): Declined to Disclose
Gender: Declined to Disclose

Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is recommending this strategy based on the kind of punishment that lindsey lohan is likely to receive. As a member of the wealthy, privileged class (and a celebrity), she's likely to get some kind of forced rehab program, not real jail time. It's the poor and the working class (and particularly minorities) who get the shaft end of the stick in the drug war.

Dr. Drew

I'm glad Dr. Drew is getting the flak he deserves. He once told thousands of kids listening to his show that LSD was a "neuro-toxin". I wrote him an email asking which study he was citing. He never responded. Amazing that an M.D. would say this with no studies to back him up.

Dr. Shrew's "Expertise"

Given this bit of ignorant piffle, it's no surprise that anyone who sees this guy as a "drug expert" has got to be out to lunch. I have also heard him advise mandatory "rehab" for someone with a "marijuana habit." It's as if all the know-nothing self-appointed "experts" since the 60's, with their BS warnings about "drug effects," have coalesced into this smarmy little talking head. If he mattered at all, it might be cause for concern, but his is just another grunt of a Pig in the Wilderness.

Dr. Drew

I agree with you. LSD is not that bad in fact !!

Free Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Lohan must be eternally grateful she doesn’t have someone like Dr. Drew Pinsky for a father.  That would be cause for disowning him.

Dr. Drew’s unprofessional response has revealed his criminal mind.  His motives are questionable.  Is his fixation on Lindsay a romantic attraction?  Does his wife know?  Since Dr. Drew is essentially a smalltime actor and showman, his career may be the only reason Lindsay Lohan has not filed stalking charges against him.

Dr. Drew has openly admitted that his “goal was always to be part of pop culture and relevant to young people, to interact with the people they hold in high esteem.”  That’s his claim to fame—picking on celebrities.  Unfortunately, his focus on Lindsay Lohan makes him a mere paparazzo with a medical degree.  Society would be better served if he went back to practicing real medicine.


Has he ever heard of the Hippocratic oath?

"First, do no harm..."

-- Aaron Houston

QUOTE: "Dr. Drew Pinsky is

QUOTE: "Dr. Drew Pinsky is someone I used to respect as a teenager. Too bad he sold-out and became a dangerous quack who'll say anything to make headlines:"

So.... in other words he was cool when he was teaching you how to have underaged sex, but not cool when he's trying to get people to stop taking deadly drugs?

You may not be a teenager but it sounds like you still have some growing up to do.

I guess I shouldn't expect much from a writer who thinks drugs should be legal.

No let's just keep drugs

No let's just keep drugs illegal it's done such a great job so far...give me a break drugs should be legal, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH", you really think there should be victimless crimes that send our fellow Americans to prisons (sometimes longer then murders and rapist) where US tax payers can feed them and house them, what about their families that are forced to get on welfare we get to feed them also, you are fool it's thinking like this that is destroying our country, but I'm sure you will never change your mind; not smart enough!!! I guess if it's legal you'll smoke crack; right? Because that's what you think right we'll all go out and become crack heads; well guess what? I won't, I’ll never smoke crack or shoot up or do LSD, by can't someone else? How is that going to affect me what they do in their house?, now if they’re in a park or in any public place arrest them; same is we do with alcohol, make sense yet? Didn’t think so!!! See crime should still be punishable we won’t just let people rob or steal; shoot the price will drop so low that they can afford it...what someone does in their house that's not effecting someone's civil liberties IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! That’s what this country was built on!! Why can't you understand that?!! Please go to LEAP.CC and watch the videos and learn.. please see all sides before you make your mind up on this issue, we are losing the civil war called the "War on Drugs" tearing this country apart making second class citizens out of people that now can't get a job because of something they did when they were young; a drug conviction is a LIFE SENTANCE!! most people use drugs when their young then naturally grow out of that phase but if they get caught they get labeled because of people like you think they are nothing but criminals that don't deserve a chance yet others like a couple of US presidents do it when their young quit as they grow up and move on with their lives image the lives of those presidents if they got caught,; how much their lives would have changed if they had a criminal drug record, Am I getting anywhere yet? No I didn't think so................

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