Oxycontin to heroin and spread the gang culture around

Word from the pharmaceutical industry yesterday was that in response to complaints that there was too much abuse going on with the drug Oxycontin,the drug would be altered so that it would be harder to crush and dissolve making injection and inhalation harder to do.There was no word as to what this meant or how this would be accomplished.My experience with the drug industry would indicate that this will probably lead to an upswing in abscesses and other such problems and then a switch to heroin,as that is the only drug that is strong enough to replace something as strong as oxycontin,which is meant to dissolve at a slow rate.In another brain cramp of a move the Abbotsford police,after suffering 8 homicides last year have collected a list of over 300 people they deem to be gangsters and drug traffickers.Their plan is to visit each and every person on that list and in a move that mirrors the Vancouver police gang squad,tell them to get out of town.I guess the plan is to spread the gang problem around so that Abbotsford doesn't look so bad in the media.I have no idea who comes up with these ideas but the way that the drug trade has been spread around the country proves it's working.Look out for a UN or Red Scorpion gang member in your town soon.You will know them by the proliferation of surveillance equipment around the property and the occasional drive by shooting.You may be able to pick up on a cheap SUV or other high end vehicle if you don't mind a few bullet holes in the bodywork.This is the kind of thinking that I have watched for the past 40 years.The results are quite obvious,you just have to look at the proliferation of drug abuse and the increasing numbers of young people who can't tell the difference between marijuana and drugs like oxycontin.You can lay the blame for this at the door of the ONDCP and their ever increasing attacks on marijuana while ignoring the pill parties that the young people have been throwing for years.Until drug prohibition is over and we can deal in a realistic way with all intoxicants,the problems will remain the same.Fortunately,the wealthy can afford treatment.
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