Fighting for Legalization Isn't Enough. You Need to Know Your Rights.

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As the debate over marijuana legalization rages on and U.S. drug policy draws more public scrutiny than ever before, the arrests and injustices just keep adding up. We can debate the law until we're blue in the face, and we should, but it's equally essential that every American understand the terms of engagement in a battle that catches peaceful people in its crossfire each and every day.

It is because so few of us truly understand our basic rights that police are able to trample them so routinely. But it's also the haunting thought of that knock at the door, and the uncertainty of how to respond, that prevents so many among us from ever coming out of the closet and lending their voices to the debate. Fear and intimidation are the vital instruments without which the war on drugs would have been banished to the bowels of history long ago.

If you haven't yet seen the new Flex Your Rights video 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, please take this opportunity to do so, and please share it with the people you care about. It won't end the drug war, but it might help you get a better night's sleep. And you deserve that.

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Nice video. Just wanted to

Nice video.

Just wanted to say, I count myself among the 30% of Republicans that support decriminalizing. I'm not a single issue voter though, and even if I were, the Democrats as a whole are only marginally better on the issue of Marijuana.

Marijuana is, in my opinion, destructive to the people who smoke it. I won't get into it, but I know people personally who are quite fine when they don't have pot, but if they get their hands on some, seem to enter a downward spiral. But that's their choice. The people using Marijuana should be the ones dealing with the negative consequences, not innocent people along the border.

I'd prefer a world where it didn't exist. At lest not in the extremely powerful concentrated from it now is.

I don't think Heroine or cocaine should be legalized. They are simply too addictive, and once people start, they cannot make a rational decision on whether to continue or not.

ALL drugs should be "legal"

including heroin and cocaine, because no human being has a legitimate right to tell any adult human being what s/he may ingest for pleasure, sustenance, or medicine. And no person, group of people, or government has a legitimate power to arrest, fine or incarcerate any human being for what s/he ingests, period.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Well then you live in the

Well then you live in the wrong century my friend.

We just got a new Soda tax, New York might outlaw salt. They already have outlawed Foi Grass and trans fats.

We're moving in the direction of greater control and nanny state regulations, where each citizen is treated like a child with no power to make an informed decision. Say what you want about the Repubs, but at least they weren't trying to control what we eat as well, or force us to quit smoking by running us into the poor house.

A tax is far from a

A tax is far from a prohibition. "Might outlaw" - even if they do you will still be able to get it just like the trans-fats you might want - although perhaps not in restaurants. Foi Grass is cruelty to innocent Geese.

There's a big difference between these minor infringements and prohibiting something at the point of a gun.

another opinion and myth correction

I'm a professional, have a mortgage, a family, pay my taxes, volunteer at my daughter's school, care for my elderly parents. And I smoke pot, once or twice a week and could give you about 25 examples of other people I know with similar profiles who also smoke pot and lead active, healthy, dynamic lives. It is also only my opinion, but harm from marijuana use is grossly overblown. Also, not my opinion, but a fact that alcohol has caused vastly more suffering and death, yet we accept it as a part of the culture and a glass of wine with dinner is looked upon as a nice thing.

And just wanted to correct the above myth about the "extremely powerful concentrated" pot - there has always been powerful pot available. I've smoked for 40 years, and so I'm not quite sure where this myth comes from.

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