Confusing Legalization With Prohibition

No matter how hard you struggle to explain the basics of the black market drug economy to supporters of the drug war, they stare blankly back at you. Yet, the instant you propose legalization, they will predict the creation of a massive criminal empire, as though it never existed before:

For starters, California will become a legitimate shipping and marketing point for the deadly weed. Such legalization will spur many entrepreneurs in California to invest in marijuana production and distribution because of the big money to be generated. An oversupply of marijuana will force some of these legalized pot cartels to set their sights on other states as their customers, even though it is illegal in those states, as in Alabama.

Secondly, the crimes associated with marijuana use and efforts to dominate the market will flood not only California, but the surrounding states. [Montgomery Advertiser]

If all of this sounds familiar, that's because it happened already. But it happened under prohibition, not legalization. It's as if our opponents have literally stolen all of our talking points and are now incoherently parading them around in a strange cynical attempt to confuse everyone. I guess that's not the worst strategy to deploy in a debate you've been losing for more than a decade.
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Yes, the "1984" ishly named CALM is also a good example

of them trying to steal our arguments, as baldly as they have been stealing our rights. A name right up there with "war is peace".

One of the key arguments for legalizing cannabis is that people act far more calmly under its influence than they do UI alcohol. So you wanna talk calm, CALM? Good. We'd love to talk calm and alcohol vs. cannabis, but don't go demagoguing on us, like claiming a driver testing positive on a post-automobile crash piss test means that they were under the influence of cannabis at the time of the crash. That's a filthy lie, and we won't let you get away with it any more.
We don't have to lie to come up with a long list of ways that alcohol is FAR more likely to kill and maim than cannabis is, including the often forgotten, incurable fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

I wouldn't be surprised if they dump the name CALM. It's like hanging a big red target on themselves that says "ridicule me", and signs from their opponents that say "CALM = Cartels Against Legalization of Marijuana".

Buy American

Legalization opponents fear abrupt changes.  Faced with the inevitability of legalization and regulation, they imagine all kinds of chaos, and unfortunately, they tend to believe their own hype.

They think pilots, surgeons and other professionals—people who are already under restrictions pertaining to alcohol consumption prior to flights, surgeries and so forth—are going to rush out and toke up on November 3.  It won’t happen.

Marijuana is available everywhere by those who want it.  Marijuana won’t pose a problem after legalization because it doesn’t pose a real problem now, despite its easy availability.  The problem is prohibition, as Scott says, not cannabis.


Fear is all they have

Current day prohibitionists sell fear; it's all they have.

Who cares what those hateful people say

Most american like me always thought that Pot would be legal anyday - now here at the HQ - we caught on to the fact that those hateful folks are in charge of billions of dollars - I can run down to the corner and buy beer from a 15 yearold kid - In federal prison anywhere - MAX or USP a pack of real Cig's cost 500.00 - now if you can't stop drugs in a MAX prison - how are you going to stop them in the freeworld? So the crooks who are taking all that money from TAX payers are starting to sweat - the money pit is going to be uncovered - "The National Criminal Justice Commission" by senator web of VA has those crooks sweating the truth that will be told to "Joe the plummers" And there will not be a safe place to hide - trillions of dollars - 39 million plus arrested - Factorys with fences - Heck George Bush owns the prison stores - They have been cashing in for years in the name of the Killer weed - Some good weed might help calm those crazy ass people down - If Osama Bin ladin was a american there would be a reward - those nut job would fight over who was gonna turn him in - HQ

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