Drug Cartels Are Terrified of Marijuana Legalization, Part 2

Steve Chapman had an awesome piece last week that sent drug war nutjob Cliff Kincaid over the edge yet again:

"Mexico is the biggest supplier of cannabis to the United States," he writes. "Control of that market is one of the things that Mexican drug cartels are willing to kill for. Legalizing weed in this country would be their worst nightmare. Why? Because it would offer Americans a legitimate supply of the stuff."

What he fails to realize is the fact that the Mexican drug cartels have already infiltrated the U.S. and are growing the "stuff" in the United States. Hence, legalization could have the effect of making these criminals into "legitimate" businessmen.

Ed Brayton has a good response:

The obvious answer is: so what? Yes, it could make those currently peddling an illegal product into a legitimate company selling a legal product, just as ending prohibition allowed some bootlegging operations to become legit businesses (though more likely the distribution would be done by already existing companies, most likely tobacco companies). But the question is, why is this a bad thing?

Has Kincaid not noticed that having legitimate businesses competing on the basis of quality, service and advertising is a hell of a lot better than having rival gangs compete for territory through mass violence?

Right on, but I would take things a step further though and refuse to concede that cartel bosses would even made able to make that transition. Yes, the marijuana industry would go legit, but that doesn't mean we have to patronize or give business permits to anyone on an international most-wanted list. The genius of legalization is that we get to decide who our marijuana comes from.
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We'd fight for our children.

Every government report proves that the prohibition *isn't* preventing millions of Americans from smoking marijuana.

Our taxes fund the prohibition, the prohibition funds the cartels, the cartels murder children as young as six to protect their drug smuggling routes into the U.S.

If we would fight to protect our own children then we MUST also fight to protect these children! All of us must ask our legislators to sponsor bills to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults.

Thank You!

Thank you for your brave and truly patriotic actions! Could you please write an article on why police are terrified of marijuana legalization?

Marijuana legalization

I just don't understand the problem with legalizing a weed which has been on this earth for thousands of years, was used for making a variety of items besides rope (hemp being the strongest material than any other man or naturally made "fabric," } and can be taxed and regulated by the same government that seems to have no problems with alcohol and tobacco. We seem to have no problem bailing out banks and businesses without any real plan to truly eliminate or significantly reduce our deficit. It would seem to me that given the demand and obvious need as an organic alternative to taking "pills for this, and pills for that medical ailment, " it would be easy to see the blessings of marijuana just for purely dollars and cents to pay for things like health care and social security reform. I would also point out how the legal "drugs," like tobacco and alcohol are a cause for the rising costs of health care. The tobacco is a well founded cause of lung cancer and other respiratory problems and alcohol can cause medical and social economic problems from drunk driving like paralysis and long term care for those persons who don't die from auto accidents or gunshot wounds, not to mention liver failure. It really isn't rocket science to see the great benefit that marijuana legalization would provide to those who choose to use it or not. We could certainly stop building prisons to house and care for first time non-violent drug offenders using marijuana. It could also reduce costs of law enforcement specifically aimed at marijuana importation and grow operations and use the savings to go towards fighting the drug wars and violence associated with methamphetamine and other very dangerous drugs. I can't believe that our greatest generation that fought World War II to provide such a great quality of life and opportunities for our citizens just to see our country proud to be #1 in prison building and drop to a lower level spent on education, health care and things that really count. "Nuff said!"


Why, do the "prohibitionists", continue without anyone calling them out, for supporting an ongoing criminal enterprise? Protecting our children? How, by making sure that "DRUGS", are available on every street in every city and town in America? While not bothering with IDs. Or is it that they think, our "officials" cannot control drugs as well as the criminals currently do? There must be some reason that otherwise good and smart people, want to keep criminals in charge of a multi-billion dollar industry, that is here to stay. And are these the same folks, who refuse to understand, there will never be a victory in the "war on drugs"? Do they still believe, that some "official" might come up with a new idea that will, finally turn the corner and make "drugs disappear" as if by magic? And of course no taxes will be collected on these muti-billion dollar transactions. You see, if we are in bed with the current suppliers, lets just admit it, however, if not, then lets do the right thing. Make our phoney "officials", take control, legalize, tax and regulate. The current system does not work for anyone except the Cartels, street gangs, and even the Taliban. Oh yes and the prison industrail complex, also needs to keep "prohibition". As we have watched the great forty year failure, I ask, do you view the results as being worth over a trillion dollars already spent? Drugs are with us more than ever, cheaper, more potent, and regulated by the criminals. They decide who sells and to whom, when and where. They decide prices, and purity, and they hire some person who make a bit of money, but sheilds them from the law. Not a good way to run a business or a country.

Never should have been illegal in the first place

The Drug War is a total failure and was doomed since it's inception. The entire prohibitionist mentality (marijuana more specifically) is shrouded in myths and misconceptions that have been continuously disproven over and over again by the scientific community, both in the private and governmental sectors. Many of these myths and misconception are still being propagated over and over again by the prohibitionists - for what purpose? Profit? Political status? Control?

It's insane.

It's gotta stop.

Aside from the stupid Drug War there are even more equally dangerous things going on within this country (like the even more stupid War on Terrorism) that are working in conjuntion with each other - that are going to rip this country to pieces and before too long - I'd say within the 10 years (if things continue as the have) - which is going to destroy this country from the bottom up and the U.S.A. will be no more.

If marijuana become legal, I

If marijuana become legal, I doubt that the cartels would even matter anymore. People could then grow it easily and cheaply. There are enough mom and pop American farmers who can meet demand with their already existing farm lands that have suffered to Big Ag. This could give American farmers a real boost.

Once the supply chain is flooded with legal USA grown; I can't see the cartel competing by growing their product in a wild forest. Legalizing pot will be easily taken over by legitimate business models. And expose REAL criminals who murder and steal for a living. When was the last time you went down to Circle K to buy a six pack and found the store a dangerous den of criminals?

Legalize pot and you would stop the criminal cartel cash cow. Then the DEA and other government agencies can focus 100% of their time and resources going after these criminals, instead of busting pot smokers and bootlegger hippies.

legal, II

Previous poster is correct about mom and pop growers, further: there's a ton of info on line about growing and the moment legality permits it, Ganja Witnesses will spread out worldwide showing everyone who'd even slightly like to know how to do it. This sudden eruption of volunteerism is something the prohibs aren't anticipating; they have bought all the lies about unmotivated dopers etc.

Two-For-One Special

Legalization and regulation will eliminate two criminal groups:  cartels and prohibitionists.


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