Has Jay Leno Ever Heard of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Here's Jay Leno and Bill Maher discussing the effort to legalize marijuana in California:

Of course, it's a win just to have these kinds of conversations on The Tonight Show, and you can't look for perfect messaging from entertainers. But seriously, what the hell was Leno talking about with this:

Leno: Well, here's my thing, here's my thing. California, they spend all this money trying to get things on ballots. But federal law trumps state law.

Maher: Oh, Jay you're such a buzzkill.

Leno: Well, it's true. No matter what the state says, the federal government goes "sorry, it's a federal law. You lose."

Really, Jay? I wonder how far you'd have to walk from your studio in Los Angeles to find a dispensary selling marijuana in violation of federal law. Come on, man. We've moved way beyond that nonsense, and you don't have to be constitutional scholar to understand that state-level marijuana policies can be reformed dramatically by popular vote. All you have to do is read the LA Times any day of the week.

If the drug czar doesn’t even know what the hell the feds would do about this, I can't fathom why Jay Leno thinks he's got it figured out.
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wow bill mahar really sucks

wow bill mahar really sucks at this. when jay starts talking about the advertising, bill should have just said, "i'd rather see billboards with advertisements rather than allow the drug cartels to continue to control and continue to kill people". OR better yet "when it's in a legal market we can control when where and how it is advertised and it takes control from cartels that slaughter thousands"

Yeah WTF Maher

Yeah seriously, he had such a great opportunity to shut down this petty arbitrary objection to "selling it". Hell, people basically can grow it in their back yards and smoke it as-is. If the money isn't addressed the problems do not go away. Instead Leno throws some nonsense out there and the audience claps. Really disappointing myopic"buzzkill" and "just let us get stoned" crap from Maher.


Leno is a comedy guy. He is still regurgitating what he was spoon fed as an ignorant child. He is awkward and his show is stale. I'm just waiting for Conan to get his show going.

Leno has been anti-pot for a

Leno has been anti-pot for a long time. If he continues spouting off this nonsense as we get closer to November, there needs to be a concerted campaign against his show.


I never knew Leno was anti

I never knew Leno was anti pot. I always enjoyed his show. But now I have lost all respect for him. Ignorant big chinned old fart! Nice way to shun your audience a-hole.

Johnny Carson was Funnier than Jay Leno

Leno once ridiculed former Czech leader Václav Havel, a leader of the Czech Velvet Revolution, because Havel was a fan of Frank Zappa.  Leno didn’t get any laughs for that bit of bad humor.  However, Leno’s right-wing tendencies do not stop him from cashing in on marijuana humor at everyone else’s expense.  His pot jokes nearly always get a big laugh from his studio audience.

Frank Zappa was funnier than Leno.  Of drugs, Zappa said:  “A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.”

    • Real Frank Zappa Book (1990) by Zappa with Peter Occhiogrosso

Johnny Carson was funnier than Jay Leno.   Carson made no pretense about his fondness for cannabis.  The network actually had to tell Carson to tone it down on the pot jokes.  Leno doesn’t face the same pot joke problem because his jokes are dorky, and because he says he’s anti-marijuana.



"Really, Jay? I wonder how far you'd have to walk from your studio in Los Angeles to find a dispensary selling marijuana in violation of federal law. Come on, man."

That same dispensary might get raided by the Feds or maybe it already has.

Jay Leno you are being a bad boy, and a silly one

Is it the alcohol affecting your judgement?


First: Leno is in favor of decriminalization, so he's not saying something he agrees with.
Second: Leno's right, that's EXACTLY what feds are doing. Even after Obama said no more raids would be done, the DEA kept going.
What are you talking about???


i saw a comment on cannabis culture about the interview and decided i didn't like my last comment, coz if the feds want to enforce their laws then theyll do it. the commenter on cannabis culture reminded me that since federal controlled substance laws not part of the constitution (altho i think its unconstitutional) that state officials don't have to enforce it. duh. woops. also leno called it a "sin tax" and listed some other things, saying he doesnt support legalization, just decriminilization, because he doesnt want to make money off of something he doesnt like which i find absolutely RIDICULOUS!

If he's for decriminalization, big deal

Decriminalization is a relatively minor improvement. It won't do anything to reduce the murderous power of the drug gangs, or the ruinous prices that cannabis users have to pay which is the main penalty most users have to endure, or the difficulty of finding sometimes + lack of choice among product (for example getting stuck with weed that's good for relaxing when you need weed that's good for working).
The DEA has had to sharply rein in their MMJ raiding, so they haven't "kept going" in anything like the way they want to. Fed law may trump state law, but only if the Feds choose to push the point, they don't have to. If they choose not to comment on the initiative in California until the results are in, as Kerlilowske has said, that seems to be a sign of their lack of fervor regarding cannabis legalizaton, and their awareness that their political base tends to favor legalization. I think a Republican drug czar would almost certainly have had a nasty response, trying to intimidate California voters into voting no.
Leno may be technically right in what he said but it doesn't have anywhere near the overriding case closed political significance he gave it.
By refusing to recognize that cannabis users deserve full equality with users of killer alcohol, he is being a bigot and a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do, is his motto. He is being a bad boy and he needs to have his face rubbed in it. Go have another drink of your favorite drug, Leno, hypocrisy flavored alcohol.

Jay Said.....

"Build something. Make a product!" Where do you think all that cannabis comes from, Jay? A Wheaties Box???

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