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Since When do Rockstars Know Anything About Drugs?

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Sting's call for an end to the war on drugs is getting some good press, and it sounds like the drug warriors aren't too pleased about it:

"Sting should stick to singing and not meddle in matters he doesn't understand. We do not need pop stars coming out and making irresponsible statements like that," said a spokesperson for DARE, which teaches schoolchildren about the dangers of drug use. [Daily News & Analysis]

How classy. I think it's pretty telling that Sting, an A-list international celebrity, was proud to associate himself with this cause, while the DARE spokesperson who chides him for it chose to do so anonymously. It's obvious who is more embarrassed by their viewpoint.

Note to anti-drug zealots: if your argument sounds ridiculous even to you, to such an extent that you don't even want your name attached to it, then just don't talk to the media. I know it sucks to see the political climate changing before your eyes. I know you can’t bear the thought that mainstream entertainers can now come out against the drug war and get nothing but positive press. But your stupid ideas are what got you into this mess in the first place, so opening your mouth right now isn't going help at all.

DARE's only accomplishment here was to erase any doubt about whether Sting's announcement is a big deal.
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Yet DARE and other drug-warrior types are more than happy to prop up a celebrity who speaks out in favor of the drug war. Apparently celebrities are intelligent people until they say something intelligent.


I too wholeheartedly support String in his call to legalise cannabis. I am a mother of 18 year old twins living in one of the most drug infested areas in the world, and can tell you horror stories that you don't want to hear! Rehabs, everything missing, stolen, money just disappearing, the lying, losing everything but our very souls, continual threat, heartache and unbearable saddness, not to mention the friends who just got too tired of hearing your same old sad stories (decided your husband was a much better bet!!!!), or family who just can't bear to have that family member around, yuch! Just too easy to score the hard and party drugs, the dealers are being allowed to invade our towns hot spots where the young crowd hang out, everyone can spot who they are, even a stupid old fogey like me! When I was in my teens, cannabis was never the cause of crime and we certainly never lived in fear and horror like we do now! I go one further, kill the bastards who are dealing in hard drugs, bring back the death penalty, for those that murder, rape, sodomise, sell hard drugs, etc. Leave the Rastas alone, they are not the people crippling our country! Leave them to make music like Sting!

It's possible...

It's possible that the Dare representative was fictitious, and the writer was saving time rather than calling someone...

to anonymous

-Brandon W

I can't understand how you can say "kill the bastards who are dealing in hard drugs". Do you realize how many vacant pharmacy, doctor, and government jobs there would be to fill then? Most of what you call "hard drugs" were created by these very folks, and you seem to lean towards the thought pattern of "killing" people who end up selling these criminalized hard drugs as a way of making ends meet. If you give someone an easy way to make money who has nothing to lose, then why wouldn't they sell? Does this make them an axe murderer, or a victim of failed policy?

They are not forcing people to buy, believe me, they don't need to. they exist because there is a demand, and if there wasn't the market would die. simple economics.

Please get off the hate train, the opposition already has those seats filled.

To legalise it

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I dealt heroin to support my habit for 35 years and the only people trying the death penalty were the other dopers who wanted my stash.I am now on an opiate for spinal destruction and aside from the pain that the allowed opiates leave me in,I get by alright.It's not the drugs that are the problem it's the prohibition that causes the horror you describe.People should be allowed to put in their bodies anything as long as they do no harm to others.If drugs,all drugs were available through prescription,people would either find treatment or just use till they die.The current system is what causes the conditions you describe.I hope your call to put people to death because they are in the grip of something stronger than they are is just frustration and not real hatred of people who are in need of support.All drugs are different and should be dealt with accordingly.As long as we are stuck in a prohibition mode the gangsters will have their way.The longer this prohibition lasts the worse the problem becomes.Killing addicts is just plain sick and in my day we wouldn't buy from a non user.Like I said,the longer this prohibition lasts the worse the problem gets.

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